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Lyriix Katzpaw

President Of Nukotii / Lyriieneth's successor

Lyriix Katzpaw
“Yes uh that's me- Mx. President, What's uh... What's up?” — Lyriix after being approached at a karaoke bar.

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  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-8
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-2
  • Agility-3
  • Luck-0

Age: 35 years
Size: 6 ft tall, 1 ft long
Species: Illusorii

Job: President
Likes: Karaoke, Pastels, Animals, Glitter pens, Fashion
Dislikes: Sheet music, The mess from glitter, Spicy food
Notable contributions: Runs the illusorii government, also is supposedly descended from Lyriieneth. Has established sanctuaries for animals and people

[Singer] Neutral trait
This trait is similar to [Artist], however, a character with this trait specializes in musical talent rather than creating visual art.
[Stylish] Neutral trait
This character has an affinity for fashion, and will often have a large wardrobe. They have a tendency to change their clothes often and put together outfits they find appropriate for their situation.
[Fidgity] Neutral trait
This character will unconsciously fidget when bored, nervous, under stress, or for some other reason. This can range anywhere from tapping their fingers/claws/other such appendage, to looking around frantically, to chewing on their lip or biting their nails/claws/other.
[Chick Magnet] Positive trait
This character attracts a lot of birds to them of various shapes, sizes, and sentience levels. This character is really for the birds!
[Compassionate] Positive trait
This character is not only considerate of others, but is also very understanding of other's issues. This person is good at seeing things from other's points of view and seeing how people's issues would make them feel. Others may want to talk to this character about their problems as they will understand, and may feel bad for them and try to comfort them. However, their sensitive side means it may be easier to hurt this character's feelings.
[Perfectionist] Negative trait
Characters with this trait may never start something, never finish it, or constantly pick up and put down projects all in fear of them not turning out perfect. They may stress out if they ever consider something to not be done right, whether it be their own or someone else's work. If possible, they may try to "fix" anything they come across in order to make it perfect.
[Anxiety] Negative trait
This character is easily stressed and prone to panicking in situations that become too much for them. Depending on the type of character they may shut down, become aggressive, break down, act irrational, or become lost and flighty. It may get so bad that panicking becomes the norm for this character.

Original Creator: Dr9com9ge

Physical Description

Lyriix is a tall and lanky individual. They could easily be spotted in a crowd of other illusorii due to this. It's been said their posture during meetings and other public appearances are perfectly straight and tall but stiff. Though in more casual outings they are much less concerned with their posture and even slouches.

Their shell is pale plastic with pink cheek decals. On the back of the shell is a pair of wings, which are purely cosmetic but capable of movement due to the hollow structure allowing a tentacle to be strung through it.

Their tentacles are pastel-colored and alternate between blue, pink, and yellow. The blue portion of these tentacles has sparkles on them to resemble a stylized night sky. The tentacles are shaped similarly to voluminous curly hair and may occasionally be holding a glitter pen or two.

Many of their outfits have wing themes. Wings and feathers are associated with Lyriieneth who is supposedly their ancestor.

Their usual outfit consists of a purple tailcoat with wing-shaped details, worn over a frilly blouse with striped pantaloons and low heeled boots. On particularly sunny days they wear a large sun hat with several buttons and brooches pinned to the tri-colored ribbon wrapped around it.


Those who have met personally Lyriix describe them as friendly and energetic. They never seem to be able to sit still. Usually, they will be shifting around their tentacles or rocking back and forth on their feet when left idle and often gesticulating when speaking. They will make a conscious effort to not move as much when in important meetings, public appearances, and speeches, Being noticeably stiffer during these events.

Lyriix is very fond of nature and animals and is passionate about them, being even livelier when the topic is brought up. They will bring up fun facts about their planet's fauna whenever they can. Their favorite out of the many creatures is surprisingly the screegull. Despite their reputation of being murderous and fiendish among the general illusorii populous, Lyriix often speaks of how gulls aren't as bad as they seem and that they can be quite intelligent and loyal. They also have two pet serrasa gulls named Fiji and Indus, whom they have taught how to sing a few songs.

Another thing Lyriix is fond of is singing, specifically karaoke. It is where they are most confident in their skills and will open up and be quite chatty between songs. Though they can sing well they are not the best at playing instruments, often getting confused with notes and chords and how to hold the instrument. Most think this previously stated fact does not matter all too much but as illusorii tradition with their leaders goes is that they usually learn how to play the lyre as Lyriieneth did. Lyriix looks up to Lyriieneth and is reportedly quite embarrassed they cannot play the lyre at all.

Lyriix is notoriously a perfectionist. They hide away working on whatever plans and projects they have until they think it's good enough for the public eye. Though they will bring others in to ask what has been described by their secretary as "Far too many questions in one breath."


Lyriix had been elected president of Nukotii due to their liveliness and compassionate nature towards both fauna and other people compared to the other candidates.

Lyriix's life prior to being elected according to them was "Not that interesting" when asked. Apparently, they had changed their name several times during their childhood and early adolescence until they had eventually settled on keeping their given name, Lyriix Katzpaw. Their reasoning behind the sporadic name changes in the past according to them is due to feeling like they did not deserve to be named after the beloved deity.

Though they have stated that they're doing okay and to not worry.

Other than that Lyriix has established several sanctuaries across the planet for both animals and people. Though more controversially a center for those who had been turned into ugly truths, as many believe that those individuals are far too gone to save.

Lyriix has defended their decision to create the center. As they believe there must be a way to rehabilitate the ugly truths due to the recent discoveries that the ugly truths still have conscious thought.




• Lyriix has many captured creatures that live with them aside from their serrasa gulls. Most of these creatures are rescues and have medical conditions causing them to be retired from battling or abandoned altogether.

• Lyriix cannot handle spicy food and has cried when trying to eat mildly spicy chips. This moment has to their dismay, been immortalized due to a few photos online.

• Some illusorii have taken it upon themselves to make karaoke night an unofficial holiday due to Lyriix's love of it. Lyriix has stated that they really do not need to do that and is a little embarrassed.

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