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Eren van Erent

The Bat-in-the-Beehive

Eren van Erent
“All I ever wanted to be was a beekeeper...” — Eren

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  • Strength-4
  • Intelligence-5
  • Charisma-4
  • Endurance-2
  • Agility-8
  • Luck-5

Age: 255 years
Size: 5'6" ft tall
Species: Vampwelf

Job: Patriarch of House Erent
Likes: Bees, Tea, A quiet life, Flowers
Dislikes: The weight of his name, The sign of Dragons, Fate
Notable contributions: Leader on what was formerly one of the most vaunted vampwelf houses, and currently possessor of one of the most important pieces of vampwelf history.

[Passionate about Bees] Positive trait
The character has a strong passion for some area. They might know more about this stuff than others, or may perform better on tasks relating to this topic than someone else with equivalent traits and skills.
[Insulated] Positive trait
This character is immune to extreme cold.
[Getaway] Positive trait
This character always seems to slip away at the last moment. Whenever they are in a group, they automatically escape if they try.
[Storyteller] Neutral trait
This character could spend hours telling stories. These stories range from personal life stories, to myths, to even things like gossip.
[Fair] Neutral trait
This character holds justice very dear to them. They may go out of their way to make things fair or that justice is served. Their sense of justice may not always be law based or effective to them.
[Humble] Neutral trait
This character may enjoy complements, but they tend to make themselves out to not deserving as much credit. Unconsciously or not, this character might let someone else take credit for their work. This trait also makes sure they are never to boastful or proud.
[Coward] Negative trait
This character will always try to back down from a fight, though they will still act in self-defense if they don't have a choice. If forced into dangerous situations, they will suffer morale loss, and will be more inclined than most to abandon their crewmates.
[Destiny] Mystery trait
You can't fight it...

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

An average and unassuming vampwelf. He's of average height and has a healthy build for a vampwelf of his standing. His hair is dark gray, with flecks of silver before its time, and cut into a short smart trim that tends to be rather tussled and unkempt. He is often referred as "Youthful of face" and "handsome", but these features are lined by stress and fatigue.

He is bedecked in the finery one would expect the patriarch of House Erent to be. He is stands resplendent in a suit of yellows and blacks, and adorned with the imagery of insects, particularly bees. Most notably a fine half-cape adorned with his personal symbol, a gleeful honeybee, set amongst a field of white-pedals.

On occasion he is seen in a different outfit entirely, one that resembles what most would consider a beekeeper's uniform, cast out of simple leathers, and adorned with some personal iconagraphy.


A quiet and reserved vampwelf of impeccable social grace. Eren is, contrary to most vampwelf, and overall nice guy and generally fond of others, be they vampwelf or not. He is not taken to the self-styled superiority of his peers, and generally sees himself as no more intrinsically better than any other being in the universe.

Certainly he might be richer but that does not make him any better. For certain he might be more handsome, though he'd never say himself, but that makes him no more worthwhile. Some would theorize his attitude was not genuinely one of humility, but rather one of shame, shame over his lack of "leaderliness" and bravery. While it is certainly true he's considered to be lacking in "traditional vampwelf virtues", he is nonetheless a sincerely altruistic man.

Indeed he was renowned for chafing under the structures and strictures of vampwelf high society. Taking every opportunity to escape into more "common" activities. He overall felt more comfortable amonst whom his peers would sneer at being "commoners" and "indigents". Amongst such contexts, with a lack of expectation or pretense, he is a much more genial and expressive person, sharing vividly of his heart with all who will listen.

The greatest of his passions, of course, is that which he has with bees. One wonders what about them enamors him so, for he loves them to a degree that their absence has been known to cause him great consternation. Often when he ruled in Transylvaar, he would sneak off to indulge in what had been impressed upon him as a forbidden desire. Now, free of such institutions, He expresses his love freely, and generously.


At the age of nine, it is written, a young Eren was stung in the face by a bee. Contrary to most expectations this did not engender in the young bat, a lifelong fear of bees, but rather quite the opposite. From that moment on Eren was reputedly enamored by bees, and desired nothing more than to love and be amongst them.

Unfortunately for Eren, he was the eldest son of the Patriarch of House Erent, and thus history had different plans for him. As his father, Aaron vann Erent, would frequently greet his son with "Beekeeping is a common bat's vocation, and you my boy are no common bat." Repeatedly his father, mother, tutors, and a cavalcade of courtiers, attempted to impress this notion into Eren, and for a time it seemed like they had succeeded.

There is, it must be understood, no tale of woe, conspiracy, or war that marked the end of Aaron vann Erent, and Eren's subsequent ascension to the head of his house. Eren was marked as a competent, but vacant ruler during these times. While he did his ablest to see to the needs of House Erent, all who knew him these days note he did so with little enthusiasm, and was found away from court as often as he could accomplish.

These days of ennui would drag for the young duke until providence would find its way into young Eren's life, in the form of a happy little apidee. Fortune struck that the peak of Eren's ennui happened to coincide, most expectantly, with the touring of the apidee's Idol Queen throughout all the major regions of known space. Most of the "respectable" Lords of Transylvaar rejected her outright, but then she came to Eren. While Eren has at this point all but smothered his enthusiasm for bees, the flightful, fanciful, saccharine mannerisms of Queen Bae and her entourage struck against these long dormant feelings, and thus Eren was inspired to allow to play.

Eren was reported as looking the happiest he had ever been that day. Nobody is fully certain what transpired afterward, but when the house awoke the next morning afterward, Eren had vanished. Not a single hair of hide of the young Duke was to be found in all the expansive halls and room of Castle Errant. After searching for over a fortnight for their Errant Erent, they all gave up, and accepted that perhaps the young Duke was in a far better place.

A place where he could do all the things he had always wanted to Do. Away from the rigor and the intensity of his affluent lifestyle and the expectations of his name.


Keeper of the Crown: Long ago, it is recorded, the first Eren vann Erent, the right hand of the Blood King of the vampwelf, was handed on the Blood King's death bed, the Crown, with the grim prophecy that one day the true inheritor of it would come for it, and House Erent would be called to task over it. Reportedly, when he left, Eren brought the Crown with him, assuming it ever really existed, as it was certainly not found in Castle Errant after he left.


• Some people believe that Eren did something sordid, with the Idol Queen Bae when she visited on that fateful day. Both deny it, but rumors persist that Eren harbors a not entirely platonic affection for Queen Bae. Tabloids will publish anything.

• Eren is a not a man known to be dour or broody, but there is one subject that inspires in him a profound dread: Discussions of the King's Crown. Seemingly on account for the grim prophecy that accompanies it, Eren is known to sooner discuss scathing tales of his life than discuss the crown.

• Eren doesn't miss much about Transylvaar, as he was remarked as putting it: "I don't miss the lying, I don't miss the pointless struggling, I don't miss the plotting or the backstabbing... but I do miss, the lilies in the spring."

"The easiest place to hide is the place everyone would expect you to go, because after all, you're supposed to be so much more clever than that, right?"

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