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Mind of Ubertopia

“My darling little genius, and the mind that all of our stars aspire to be. Where would he be without the advocacy of those who care for him?” — Preme Benevliarch Nirosatl

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  • Strength-5
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-5
  • Endurance-5
  • Agility-5
  • Luck-2

Age: Unknown
Size: 5 ft tall
Species: Unidolencia

Job: Uni Admin
Likes: Research, Making Progress, Intellectualism, Off-Planet Trips, Anything Stimulating, Potatoes
Dislikes: Unfinished Projects, Distractions, Insufficiency, Grant Applications
Notable contributions: Prolific academic and experimental scientist. The admin of unidolencian scientific pursuits.

[Careful] Neutral trait
"If you do not need access to the data, you will not have it. That's final."
[Private] Neutral trait
"She says what occurs behind closed doors is the business of the parties that lie behind them."
[Expansive] Positive trait
"0null, 1mainframe, 2hostwalk, 3errand, 4evac, 5goodfire"
[Willpower] Positive trait
"I have been through worse than any you could do, and as such I shall remain."
[Social Escape] Negative trait
"I fully understand your motives, but I have other things I must attend to..."
[Emotional Dysregulation] Negative trait
[Those who are visiting Zhiliatt's labs and data centers are reminded that when the rare chance to interact with him comes up, it's best to not.]
[Augmented] Mystery trait
"You should know that to reach intellectual perfection you must be willing to sacrifice the little things. Like your kidneys."

Original Creator: LoverIan

Physical Description

Describing Zhiliatt without directly referencing his augments is considered to be a nigh impossible task. The man is little more than a chubby torso of muted twilight and rosy colors, and a head with calculating icy eyes. He lacks the mandible plates, horns, and butterfly shaped goat-ears his species are known for. In place of those are a docking port for a nutrient mask and a chitin beard, neural access ports, and the flaps beside his head converted into sensorium disks. If he is not in a wheelchair or other mobility aide he is likely in one of his augment suits.

The most common augment suit he's ever seen in is easily phrased as like that of a massive serpent robed in wires and tubed-arms. These "serpents" are actually a pair of augments as the first elongates Zhiliatt's body to that like a koulev's, which then slots into an aquarium-like tank on the main serpent's body. The purpose of this setup is said to allow Zhiliatt to move about buildings without a mobility aid, and to have direct nueral access to data and files while working, respectively.

The next most common is a wall-walking capable arachnid-like mech resembling that of a traditional unidolencian body. Despite the various insets and overlays put onto the chassis, the flourishes and draped fabric, the man it is meant to host only looks like an aberration.

The other three augments are seen only every couple hundred years, and are described as ostrich-like combat mechs.


Despite being of the Ubertopia Trio this unidolencian is often considered to be very secretive, and actively avoids having to deal with people. When one can reach him for contact he often stutters, avoids eye contact, and repeatedly asks a series of questions throughout the conversation despite any attempt to distract him or steer the talk. Those who get him to answer questions have stated that he holds the preme benevliarch in very high standings, but anonymous testimonials claim that he is jumping at his own shadow due to her.

Within his work-like Zhiliatt is known for the way he can unpredictably change the work environment. At times research will stagnate for days or weeks, and without any warning he will enter a fervor and often complete the project. Some have remarked that this is laziness, and others have stated that he's just trying to make it a dramatic tale for the history books. This behavior is seen in his personal life, as he's been known to completely avoid any contact outside of his work until it comes time for a mandatory event. During those events he is seen in one of his rarer augments, and while in yet another fixated state this is the rare time he is social.

It's believed that when Zhiliatt eventually comes under too much stress he books a private crew so that he may go to ReHab and continue his research despite being sequestered away for his own health. Rarely these trips stray off course, and those who have spoken to him have stated that he seemed to be running away from something unavoidable.

His brothers have gone on record various times with various remarks about his professional and social life, but the end result is that they adore their brother and wish he'd take care of himself.


Just before the dawn of the nirosatl era of uni history there was a bill proposed by the later to be leader. Still just after her days as a marine biologist she had formed an activist organization to aid the poor and orphaned members of ubertopia, and she came formally to the conclusion that there would not be a true solution until someone was bold enough to put it forward. As a result the Children of Ubertopia Act was formed, and it led to her rise in bureaucratic circles.

The act was successful enough that by the time her first term as preme benevliarch was underway the program was reaching it's "conclusion" due to the populations it was made for having been fully integrated into prime society. As part of cutting the finish line's ribbon Nirosatl elected to adopt the last orphan child within the program herself. This baby was said to be an almost holy symbol of a new age being born, and it became the focus of the news circuits.

Shortly after the formal adoption had taken place Nirosatl suffered misfortune as the vehicle carrying the nanny and promised child entered a fatal collision. Grief struck her, but the cabinet's scientists came forward with the request to use the blood samples taken for testing from the child in the first cloning the people of Ubertopia hab obtained. She relented and accepted under the promise that the child's true potential would be realized.

Three infants were born to Nirosatl the following year, and the people of Ubertopia rejoiced. Eroletl, Hoketz, and Zhiliatt. Each rapidly developed their talents in the respective fields they would come to be known by, and every moment of their lives only heightened the loyalty of the people to their benevliarch. As a result by the time they were maturing the leader of Ubertopia had been elected to her lifetime term. Zhiliatt eventually requested to study abroad, and he toured the academies and universities among the stars. He eventually returned with a fully-fledged plan to support his home planet, and it was spelled out in the word "cybernetics".

Zhiliatt's operation was a full success, and after the recovery period he'd begun to lock himself into the labs. The early period was met with skepticism and critiques alike, but each slowly died to a whisper as the singular planet's quality of life increased with everytime his lab had published a new paper. Soon he'd file the patent on the unidolencian immortality, and sealed his place among the planet's current triad.

The dynamo of ubertopia had reached such lofty heights, but only later would it come out that due to how deeply he embraced the projects that he'd plagued himself with fatigue. This resulted in him collapsing at a public gala, and needing to be taken to ReHab on suspicion that his habits would prove fatal. The first of the brothers to have truly fallen from grace the planet fell into a pre-emptive mourning. While he did return to the public stage he had become a changed person, and would no longer entertain public appearances until absolutely necessary.

Within the following century Zhiliatt had to take his next trip to ReHab, but his ship never arrived. Fear for pirates having organized to take over uni space ran amuck, and while it wasn't for another decade that it was discovered his crew had left uni space entirely that his fate was discovered. The fully details were never made public but it seems everytime he has left the friendly space of his home-planet the mind of ubertopia finds himself succumbing to his fatigue, or assassinated by foreign agents.

Like all of the Ubertopian Administrators, Zhiliatt is cloned upon death and given the memories of his past bodies.




• Zhiliatt is the least likely of the Ubertopia Triad to be seen offworld, but is the most likely to die during his offworld trips.

• Those who try the documentaries that have been made on the mind of ubertopia often remark how the actual footage of him seems to depict someone in deep mourning. The respective directors and staff that have worked on these movies aren't sure where that interpretation comes from, although when re-watching the same film they come to the same conclusion. Longtime fans of Zhiliat have come forward everytime the subject enters public forum to remind everyone that this is called "sadboy syndrome", and that people need to stop projecting on the nerdboy.

• Zhiliatt is strangely enough known to enjoy potatoes, and any other "tuber" plant.

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