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Debbie Downie

President Sad-sack

Debbie Downie
“Make O'clair O'kay, again.” — Debbie's campaign slogan

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  • Strength-4
  • Intelligence-8
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-4
  • Agility-4
  • Luck-2

Age: 30 years
Size: 5'4" ft tall
Species: Oomn

Job: President of the oomn
Likes: Cleanliness, Rules, Harmony, Carrot Cake
Dislikes: Isolation, Disorder, Social Malaise, Jokes about her dad
Notable contributions: Leader of the oomn, head of the "Acceptability" party, ensures the oomn don't stay too closed off.

[Diligent] Positive trait
This character is commonly hard-working and is unlikely to fail most of their tasks. This character is also careful with their work and makes less mistakes than most.
[Tidy] Positive trait
This character keeps things in order. As long as this character is around, objects are less likely to go to waste or be stolen, and if they do they will be noticed right away.
[Selfless] Positive trait
This character is likely to know when things are going wrong with anyone they're protecting / anyone on their team. A protective character will defend them whenever possible. Endurance obtains a slight raise when the protective trait is active.
[Patient] Neutral trait
This character is willing to wait things out or is less affected by aggression. This character tends to be a tad more tolerant of others but not by much, even this character has their limit on what they'll be able to take.
[Honest] Neutral trait
This character cannot bring themselves to mislead others, and will try not to keep secrets from fellow crew. Most will appreciate their honesty, but it can anger others or even land them in trouble if they aren't careful.
[Debbie Downer] Negative trait
The glass is always half empty for this character. This charater looks at the negative side of just about everything. This character tends to voice, or at least allude to their pessimistic thoughts. This action can erode morale over time and in rare cases even cause others to gain [Pessimistic]. Sometimes goes hand in hand with [Despondent].
[Often Stressed] Negative trait
This character is easily overworked or overstressed. They can be prone to emotional breakdowns or other events depending on how they cope.
[Clean Freak] Negative trait
This character is obsessed with being clean and will refuse to do dirty jobs. If they do get dirty somehow, they will suffer a sanity loss. This character will also keep their living environment as clean as they're able, and can get frustrated if it's dirtied up.

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

Deborah "Debbie" Downie is a most decidedly average example of an oomn. She has a generally "wasted" countenance that makes empathic beings want to take care of her, or at least get her a sandwich, as she looks like she hasn't had food in a while and probably should be fed.

She is rather thin, though not especially so from the average oomn. More accurately she displays her figure better than most oomn, by wearing clothes which generally fit her, and are at least somewhat well kept. Said attire mainly consists of professional looking suits and blouses, mainly in shades of black or gray, though she has a fondness for purple and yellow accessories to "Spice things up."

Her skin is a pale ashy gray and somewhat flakey presumably due to an incredibly minor skin condition. As noted she has a somewhat "sickly" physicality typical of oomn, perhaps somewhat exasperated due to the stress of her position.

She has a head of long black hair on her head, flecked with gray, which is typically styled in "professional" looking curls. Her eyes are lilac, and would be described by most as "tired and sad" looking. Notably, unlike most oomn Debbie doesn't cover the lower half of her face, revealing her unhealthily gaunt features.


Debbie is a devoted and diligent lady. She is tidy and professional sort with a knack for organization and cleanliness. Indeed she has a tendency to get rather upset when things aren't in "their proper place", although this tends to be drowned out by her typically oomnish sense of resignation, resulting in her quietly seething about it more often than not.

She indeed, has a tendency to quietly sulk, and get into pessimistic moods. She has a habit of waxing morosely about the seemingly futility and pointlessness of her obligations or goals. Nevertheless she diligently perseveres, whether due to some sense of obligation or idealism is unclear.

Debbie in fact, has a habit of poor self-care, and while it is not atypical of oomn to be unconcerned about their own selves, she often takes it to rather dangerous extremes. It is tremendously difficult to get her to do something as simple as take a break, or well deserved vacation, "There's always more to do" she insists whenever pressed about it.

"If I don't do it, then noone else will."


Deborah Downie was born the youngest child and only daughter of a noted oomnish hotel mogul. From a young age she felt apart from most oomnish children. Even setting aside the class difference, Debbie felt a greater sense of social responsibility than most oomnish children her age, or indeed, most oomn.

Most oomn having a bad habit of simply wasting away until someone else took charge of the problem, or didn't, it didn't really matter to them either way. Debbie was not satisfied by what she considered "dangerous social decay", and so took interest in community work from a young age.

At the age of sixteen she became student council president, and was noted for performing well outside the expected duties and obligations of the office, simply because nobody with the proper level of authority cared to stop her.

All throughout this early period she preached her piece on "acceptability" a vaguely defined, but cautiously hopeful ideology focused mainly on maintaining a certain level of basic civility.

Eventually, after graduating, she entered into local politics. Serving a stint as a member of the district council. It was at this point she decided that the only sensible thing to do at this point was run for president. This was a somewhat unprecedented occasion, as traditionally a new president wasn't elected until the old president died, due to no oomn generally feeling inclined to oppose them.

Debbie did not agree with this sentiment, and ran against incumbent president Stockholm of the "Resignation" party, the mainstream party of oomnish politics for years at that point. Against Debbie's message of quiet hope and a return to a small level of self-respect, the Resignation party had no defense.

Some theorize that President Stockholm was simply looking for an excuse to retire, but nevertheless he dropped out of the race, citing that there was simply no point continuing.

And thus after a, purely formal, rest of the election term, Debbie was sworn in as president of the oomn. A position she's held ever since.




• Debbie once spent a consecutive 149 days, 17 hours, 9 minutes, and 44 seconds working without rest before she finally collapsed due to exhaustion. Her doctors have advised her to never do this ever again or else she might not wake up the next time.

• It has been rumored that President Debbie has been in a illicit relationship with a certain supermodel. Tabloids being what they are, this should be taken with a grain of salt. Besides, where would she find the time.

• Debbie is thoroughly tired of jokes about her father, and while she won't get overly hostile, she will "freeze out" anyone who still thinks those kinds of jokes are amusing to her.

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