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The Street Performer / Music Incarnate

“I'm... pretty sure he didn't mean to turn that kid into an accordian. Hopefully.” — Unsettled pedestrian

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  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-6
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-5
  • Agility-3
  • Luck-7

Age: Unknown
Size: 9' ft tall
Species: Unknown

Job: Street Performer
Likes: Song requests, Fans, The outdoors
Dislikes: Violence, White noise, Being forgotten
Notable contributions: W.R.K.'s anomalous nature has given them the image of extreme danger, and has been set by most as a K.O.S. target.

[Musician] Neutral trait
This trait is similar to [Artist], however, a character with this trait specializes in musical talent rather than creating visual art.
[Humorous] Neutral trait
This character has a humorous personality and likes to joke and play around with others. In most cases their japes are harmless, though they are not necessarily funny and can really try the patience of those less easily amused.
[Photographic Memory] Positive trait
This character has been remembering everything since the very start of their memories. They can recall incredibly fine details from things that happened years ago and they can almost instantly memorize anything they see or witness.
[Psychic Powers] Positive trait
This character has a general psychic power trait which means they may have one or more psychic powers. Due to this being a general trait, most characters with it have not mastered any powers but know more than one. If they have mastered any powers, they use that as their trait.
[Daredevil] Negative trait
This character actively attempts to do dangerous stunts. When they see a fire, they run into it to try and save people, even though they are totally untrained. They weighed the pros and cons, and are FULLY aware of the danger they're putting themselves through. This puts them in the line of danger far more often.
[Easily Agitated] Negative trait
This character is easily agitated and if not given space they can burst into pure anger.
[Misplaced] Mystery trait
You're not from around here, are you?
[Everywhere] Mystery trait
See me once, see me everywhere.

Original Creator: MysteryManOswald

Physical Description

W.R.K. is a towering figure, with a small torso and incredibly long, thick limbs. Their body is entirely covered in brown feathers, save for their hands, feet, and possibly their face. Their hands almost aren't hands; having instead large, flexible claws. They wear a light pink button-up shirt, a massive pair of plaid pants, and oversized loafers. Their head sports a single, twisted horn protruding from the left side of their head, and they wear a mask that very loosely resembles a goat, and a trilby with "W.R.K." plastered on it. W.R.K. seems to be able to modify their height in sync with their mood.


Upon first encounter, W.R.K. acts calmly and quietly, usually playing an instrument if they appeared outside. When otherwise unprovoked, they can be found performing an "act", which is usually just them attempting some abnormal trick while playing multiple instruments at once. They are naturally in a relaxed state, responding to the world with carefree words and actions.

Once a person gets to know W.R.K., however, it becomes evident that they are rather unstable. With the right words, usually something insulting music, W.R.K. can almost instantly lapse into a state of anger or even rage, easily willing to tear apart anyone that gets on their bad side. Amongst other things, W.R.K. is actually an abbreviated amalgam of the multiple names given by the entity, Washboard Rhythm King. Other names included The Rhythm King, Whiteboard, Blank Slate, The Street Bard, and James, to list a few.


The true origin of W.R.K. is unknown, as some evidence suggests that they don't actually exist. Most would believe that if it wasn't for the multiple "mishaps" caused by W.R.K., including multiple cases of disappearances caused by their sudden apparitions, and for the very clear evidence of their existence, as they commonly appear in well-populated areas.


Master Musician: W.R.K. has a plethora of strange, anomalous abilities, including:

Short-distance teleportation.

Mild space-bending only for the use of amplifying their "acts". Has never been seen in any other case.

Ability to pull any object from nowhere. In almost all cases, these have been musical instruments.

Ability to construct musical instruments from literally anything.

Due to the destructive side effects of these abilities, it is advised to avoid W.R.K. at all costs.


• When asked about their name on a first encounter, W.R.K. will always respond with "You tell me." After this, they will instead respond with one of the aforementioned names.

• Apparently, their favorite instrument is a ukulele.

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