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Last Necromancer / Abossmination

“Oh, you came all this way, just to see dear old me? I'm touched. Really, I am.

You came to fight? Well, then I only have one thing left to say to such a rude fellow.

Perish.” — Jander

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  • Strength-10
  • Intelligence-9
  • Charisma-3
  • Endurance-20
  • Agility-8
  • Luck-10

Age: Unknown / At least 1300 years
Size: 7 ft tall
Species: Abomination

Job: Businessman, Necromancer
Likes: Undeath, Profits
Dislikes: Other necromancers, Notails, People who break into his house with holy swords of fire
Notable contributions: Allegedly the last of the original Necromancers.

[Strangely Graceful] Neutral trait
Even when Jander's strangling a guy live on the internet for ruining his shirt, there's just something about the way he moves.
[Talkative] Neutral trait
This character has a tendency to talk forever, and say some really interesting things.
[Changed] Positive trait
This character has been changed for the statistically better.
[Killer] Negative trait
This character has no compunction about killing, and will murder anyone in the way of his destiny to re-establish undeath and rule the universe.
[Hunted] Negative trait
An individual or organization are attempting to track this individual down. This might take the form of a single tracker, or a widespread alert to all law enforcement in civilized space. The character may have to engage in constant entanglements of a surprisingly violent nature
[Timed Hits] Ability trait
This character is capable of scoring multiple hits in a combo if timed correctly to the beat of background music playing during a fight. Base hits during combat will be less damaging, but well-timed long combos can more than make up for this.
[Abomination] Mystery trait
Well, aren't you special?
[Necromancer] Mystery trait
He heard her call, he knew her ways, her music till the end of days

Original Creator: Dorf/Space Dwarf

Physical Description

Jander is a strange being, seemingly made of disparate parts mashed together into a single dark red body. While there is nothing unusual about his body as a whole, being a seemingly normal humanoid with a tail, no individual piece of it is quite right.

The tail has geometric scars zig-zagging across it and metal protrusions, his yellowed eyes are more triangular than they seem they should, and his hands are gnarled, each finger apparently a resized digit from a different individual. His ears are gnawed and torn, but when one is improper enough to closely examine them, it becomes apparent that they simply grew into the damaged shape, not scarred at all. Jander's hair is smooth and long, flowing dramatically down past his waist, and yet it is somehow unmistakeably the hair of a corpse. On his face, he wears a mask of bone, melding unpleasantly with his jaw in a mouth full of grinning razor-sharp teeth.


A smooth talking, proud, and overall high-energy businessman, Jander is not exactly what you would imagine from an abominable necromancer, returned to haunt the living along with his army of the dead. Instead of wearing menacing robes, brewing evil potions, and living in a dark tower of skeletons, Jander dons power suits, cooks up business deals, and lives in a penthouse office apartment. Full of skeletons. He's made it clear over the years that he views that past era as nothing. Something to be remembered perhaps. But gone. The future is here, it's him, and it's buying out your company.

When interacting with Jander, always be careful. His value for life is almost non-existent, and he has been known to kill for as little as a scuff on a suit. Jander feels this way due to his skills of necromancy - when one is able to bring back the dead, their life holds little meaning to you. Those he kills, whether outright murder or in self-defence against the many who wish to stamp out necromancy once and for all, are almost always resurrected by his necromantic powers, and given a simple choice. Be shooed out the door into a world that wants their new abominable existence to be exterminated, or work for him. His company DeadCorp is largely staffed by these undying victims, providing a killer saving on retirement benefits...

If Jander has a weakness, it's orbital bombardment. But if he has another weakness, it's his own pride. He has a horror of being denied, and is notable for looking about to see if anyone saw what he did whenever he does something he believes to be notable. Occasionally even the various do-gooders who break into his home are allowed to run free after being defeated, so they can spread the word of just how good at unlife he is.


Jander's story is begun in the era of necromancy, before the universe realised what an awful idea it was to bring back the dead. According to him, there was an occraft user of this magic, devilishly handsome of course, one who wanted to be the greatest necromancer of all. Then the extinction war came. The young occraft was, as so many were, killed in the battles, annihilated. After the battle he met his death in was over, the necromancers were so busy raising the dead that they simply cast their spells on a pile of the dead, one that contained our occraft.

Everything melted into one pile, from which emerged a single figure - Jander. The memories of the occraft mingled with the personality and experiences of all the other dead, creating a brand new being, one of limitless ambition.

It should be made clear here that everything above is sourced solely from Jander himself, and is vigorously denied by his associates, his own company, and most governments. They cite multiple concerns such as lack of any evidence, the extermination of the occraft by notails, doubts about the long-term stability of abominations composed from so many beings, and that there is no account whatsoever of this event even in the necromancers' own records. But it is a good story.


Infinity Combo: Every time Jander hits an attack with [Timed Hits] , his attacks become more and more damaging as he moves in perfect time to the beat. Solo adventurers should beware the fate of being choked out in his unnaturally-strong grasp


• It is advisable to not call his account of his past a lie to his face, unless one wishes to be immediately strangled to death and made to do his taxes for the rest of time.

• One reason Jander is thought to have been so successful in surviving the purges of necromancy since the undead wars is that rather than spreading the art, he and his company have long tried to supress anyone else practicing it. He takes his self-appointed title of "The last of the necromancers" very seriously, and is willing to destroy anyone who gets in his way.

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