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Legate of Life

The Boss / Micro Manager

Legate of Life
“Nothing to do with the Limbo gods, wiseass.” — Life's overworked P.A.

Art by, Blackwing24

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Emblem by Anon
  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-8
  • Charisma-7
  • Endurance-4
  • Agility-4
  • Luck-5

Age: 71 years
Size: 5'3 ft tall
Species: Metima

Job: Legate of Life, Chief Administrator of the Legacy
Likes: Complaining, Beepy
Dislikes: The Hierarchy, Being let down, Unchangeable systems
Notable contributions: Species leader of the metima, manages bureacracy and supply across the whole society.

[Enjoys Social Media] Neutral trait
This character enjoys whatever X is. While characters can like anything without having it as a trait, with this trait X is slightly more likely to pop up or be a starting item for the character.
[Semi-famous] Neutral trait
This character is slightly famous for being a leadin figure of a relatively insular species. This character may get small gifts rarely but most of the time people will just recognize them. When on the Metima homeplanet of Tiberius, this trait is replaced by [Famous]. Everyone there knows who the Legate is
[High Senses] Positive trait
This character has fantastic X senses or has high senses in general.
[Multi-Tasker] Positive trait
This character is able to handle doing multiple tasks at the same time, and remembering exact instructions for them. Characters with this trait will generally prefer to handle multiple things at once.
[Hard Working] Positive trait
This character is commonly hard-working and is unlikely to fail most of their tasks. This character is also careful with their work and makes less mistakes than most.
[Debate Me!] Negative trait
This character is more likely to have verbal arguments with everyone around them, including crewmates.
[Ruthless] Negative trait
A more extreme version of [Pragmatic]. Where a pragmatic person would save 100 lives over one loved one, having done the math and weighed the odds, the ruthless person would be willing to sacrifice 100 lives to get rid of one person. This generally applies to politics, too.

Original Creator: Space Dorf

Physical Description

Life, like the rest of the Legates, is typically seen wearing her ornate ceremonial armour, the undersuit and helmet of which are by long tradition never publicly removed. As with the others, she even eats and drinks in this suit, and it will remain this way until her eventual death and funeral. The black technological form-fitting undersuit covers her whole body, hiding her unusual purple-scaled skin in its entirety. While this genetic difference would typically disqualify her from roles in much of the appearance-stratified metima society, the Legacy is known to often operate under different guidelines.

Standing 5'3, quite short for a metima, Life cuts a distinctive figure apart from her two sister Legates. Her armour is rounded and bubbly, made of shining-smooth blue material attached to the common undersuit. Where the other ceremonial armours are covered in fine gold detailing and patterns, Life bears no such adornment and more closely resembles functional modern armours than the outdated and fanciful antique designs of the others. The armour is studded with dozens of round blue lenses, most concealing cameras for a fully expanded view despite the restrictive helmet. Twin head fins above an unusual double-lens eyepiece complete her look, much less jagged and more approachable than the legate's peers.

The exact reason for this divergent design is not clear even today. Beyond certain baseless speculations, the closest thing to an answer is that at some point in the past the suit was more like its sister pairs, but a scornful past Legate ordered it stripped of its ornaments and modified to its current state. Whatever the truth, the Legate of Life has never commented on the situation - if she even knows why some distant predecessor chose this different design.


Life is the most publicly accessible and outgoing of the three rulers of the Legacy, often described as being "chill" or "laid back" compared to the other two despite the magnitude of her leading position. This is due to how she delegates paperwork and other non-executive tasks to her small legion of assistants, leaving extra time left in her day. This time is used for important government tasks, such as bothering other celebrities and world leaders online, posting video logs and general updates. These updates frequently include the official pet of her position, "Beepy". What exactly Beepy is varies greatly according to Legates' personal tastes, and there have been hundreds over the centuries, each one being simply replaced with a different pet when it passes away. The current Legate Life, Valedictra, adores her Beepy, no matter what it might be (Typically a terrifying barely-tame monster or unstable capture creature sourced by dubious means), and followers of her official Tweeper account are liable to be barraged by a deluge of its photographs.

This public "fun" face of Life is, while not a falsehood, not fully representative of her true colours. While it is easy to dismiss her lack of responses to many online provocations, she is perhaps less laid-back than uncaring of these, saving her energies for what she believes to be important topics or fights. Outside of online interactions, Life can be much more direct, seeing nothing wrong with burying the people she believes to be holding her back - figuratively or literally. According to a prior statement by her, her whimsical interests and dislikes are largely a result of youthful idealism sourced by the realities of fighting to her lofty position through the cut-throat politics of the Prelate classes. She is notable both for being the only Legate publicly partial to the notails as an entity despite frequent tirades against individual members, and her dim view of people who do not follow up on initial promises.

While Life argues often and shallowly, she has much less restraint when arguing with the Hierarchs of the Metima Hierarchy. Despite their nominal position as the leaders of her faith, her and her sisters have a longstanding history of being political foes that a traditional rivalry from centuries upon centuries before the current Legates and Council of Hierarchs. She is known to engage in long and heated public arguments over all kinds of issues, both spiritual and secular in nature, like which arm of the estranged metima government deserves to be in charge of the species. These disagreements often continue for several sleepless days, and have been known to elevate into real-world consequences and leave the senior Legate in foul tempers with diplomatic repercussions.


The Legate of Life holds the most well known position of the three Legacy leaders, having possibly the most important job of each of them. She is in charge of the logistics and running of day-to-day life of the metima, commanding the legion of bureaucrats, administrators, and technicians who work around the clock to keep the beleaguered state from ever teetering into a total collapse. While she holds no official authority over her compatriots, she is frequently the one who proclaims their joint decisions, travels across the universe to meet important dignitaries of other species, and in practice has perhaps the most ability to make changes to both the Legacy and Hierarchy in emergencies. Public perception has very firmly come down on the side saying that the real ruler of the Legacy is certainly her.

Before ascending to her current position, Legate Life was Prelate Cassia Tertius, one of the senior underlings and career politicians beneath the Legates. The Legate does not typically like to talk much about her past, saying she's private about that era of her life, and sometimes contradicts herself on things that occurred. The most notable verified event from the time before her ascension was the assassination attempt made against her at her selection ceremony, which she later laughed off as "Just people being mad like always".




• Life's coworkers recently took away her tweeper account after she bet a foreign leader 500,000p they were "Too chicken" to blow up the metima homeplanet after an online argument.

• Like all Legates, Life is simply referred to by her title or its shortened form. A Legate's name is only appended in cases where distinctions between past and current Legates are important. This tradition is said to be because originally the position of Legate was considered to be an interchangeable servant of the people before it attained its current status.

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