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Sister N-833

“Life is dark and horrible and full of venom, but that's alright, because we're here today, and our Mama's have blessed us with the vibrancy to endure it all.” — Melysee

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  • Strength-4
  • Intelligence-8
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-4
  • Agility-8
  • Luck-6

Age: 20 years
Size: 4'6 ft tall
Species: Apitail

Job: Religious Leader
Likes: The Mother Bees, Her moms, Red Licorice, Butterscotch, "Circus Peanuts"
Dislikes: The Limbo Gods, Most other Religions, Black Licorice, Coffee Sweets, Toffee
Notable contributions: Hybrid Religious leader of the apidee, notably firey preacher of sometimes incongrues religious messages that alternatively vacillate between "Peace & Love" and "War & Hate".

[Excitable] Neutral trait
This character gets excited easier than others.
[Childish] Neutral trait
This character is very childish. Although this can be seen as cute sometimes, it can also be very annoying.
[Superstitious] Neutral trait
This character is more likely to believe in myths, ghosts, and old traditions relating to them. They may have a tradition they follow and may refuse to do certain things that may cause a bad omen to appear, or give them bad luck.
[Perceptive] Positive trait
This character notices things far quicker than most other types of characters. They are more likely to make observations about hidden passageways or certain special objects. They overall make better judgements than others.
[Commanding] Positive trait
This character is a natural-born leader. Crewmates and strangers alike will feel compelled to follow their command, even if they are otherwise unwilling to work together.
[Adaptive] Positive trait
This character is more able to survive in an unfavorable environment, given time. This character is able to handle radical changes without folding under pressure.
[Pushy] Negative trait
This character is used to getting their way by any means necessary, even if it means having to pressure or manhandle others into doing what they want.
[Dramatic] Negative trait
This character is likely to overreact to a situation even if the situation is not major. This character likely sees issues as bigger than they are and commonly frightens others.

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

Melysee is an apitail, an apidee notail hybrid. What she looks more like depends on who you ask really, some people would describe her as a "Really Short, really odd, notail". While others would instead describe her as a "Really tall, uncomfortably intense, apidee".

In practical terms, she more or less resembles a rather short notail, being over a foot taller than the average apidee. She has six limbs, two notailish arms, and two notailish legs, in-between which are two somewhat apideeish arms, which she usually keeps concealed. Each of these limbs -and most of her body below the neck- are covered in a thin, flexible carapace, like an apidee.

She has a quartet of large, bee-like wings coming out of her back. Despite assumptions to the contrary, Melysee is still not too heavy to be carried aloft by her delicate, gossamer wings.

Her skin tone is dark, and she has a very apideeish face, with two large golden eyes, and a wide mouth filled with sharp bitey teeth. Atop her head she has a mop of short black hair which is usually left unstyled, and often unkempt. Parts of her face and neck are encroached upon by her carapace, and she occasionally has to break them off.

She has a pair of antenna that resemble a cross between a notail's and an apidee's, curving back, before bending forward and ending in little yellow "boppers". On her forehead she has a yellow marking resembling a broken crown, or possibly the letter "N".

She is usually seen wearing attire "inspired" by a nun's habit, consisting of a black long sleeved dress that ends at about her mid-thigh. She wears garters which attach to her thigh-high black and gold striped stockings, and wears a pair of cuffed gold ankle boots. In the course of her duties she completes the ensemble with suitably nunnish headwear, and a pair of large white sunglasses.

On occasion she is seen wearing a black notail-style mask. It is in the shape of bear, and has a gold coloured toothy grin, as well as a pair of lenses styled after her sunglasses. While donning the mask she usually ends her sentences in ">8D" in the style of notails.


Melysee is regarded by most people who encounter as rather intense and energetic, traits to be expected given her twin lineages. Most of the time she's an excitable and frenetic individual, enthusiastically sharing the finer, nicer, elements of her faith with anyone within earshot.

Indeed most people find it difficult to get a word in edgewise with her because she'll be too busy talking about her favored subjects, mainly The Mother bees, only occasionally pausing to allow their impromptu conversation partner to comment. She naturally prefers large gathering to individual discussions, mainly for the reduction of expectation in a back-and-forth, as she does seem to revel in monopolizing the conversation.

Outside of her religious zeal, she's generally considered by many to be... immature. This is not unexpected of an apidee, but for someone who's part notail it can put many off. She enjoys sweet things, and cute things, and has a distinct lack of patience on "adult" subjects outside of her religion. Melysee usually expects her way, and can often be found complaining rather childishly if she doesn't get it, as infrequent as that is given her position.

Around notails her mood generally changes in a way most would describe as "dark". It's unclear why this is exactly, as she's not known to have a poor relationship with her notail parent. Nevertheless when in the company of notails, she generally changes, mainly in her outlook on faith. Her peppy, enthusiastic oration on the love of The Mother Bees, shifts to a ranting screed on the horrors produced by "Those Other gods" mainly the Limbo gods, but also any other god besides The Mother bees.

Worse still she often stays this way for weeks at a time even after she's left the company of notails, bringing her darkened perspective to the otherwise blissful apidee. Apidee being what they are, messages of gloom and doom are largely ineffectual, and certainly don't take in the amount of time she's like that around them.


Melysee was born under entirely ordinary circumstances to what most would regard as the "most unusual romantic pairing ever": A notail and an apidee. For the first few years of her life she lived an unassuming, normal life, on apidaria. While she was never truly "Otherised" or excluded, she nevertheless felt apart from apidee. She was taller, and more focused, and often found herself frustrated by other apidee.

The main solace for these nascent feelings, came in the apidee's oft neglected religious association. The apidee's faith, preached an all-inclusive message of love, albeit from a distinctly apideeish perspective. Melysee was drawn to it for reasons she did not fully understand, but even then she loved it, more so than many apidee, and took to it with zeal. Such as it was, Melysee lived happily, never concerned for much, in her little life.

And then her apidee parent died.

Apidee, as it known, do not live very long, and Melysee was barely old enough to fully process what had even happened. Her notail parent, being a notail, was also decidedly unprepared to deal with this situation emotionally, and thus elected to take the two of them to live on a notail planet.

Life on that planet was very much the opposite of her life on apidaria. Unlike apidee, who were often only dimly aware at best that Melysee was a hybrid, the notails were acutely aware of this fact, and made no hesitation to ensure she was aware of it as well. She struggled greatly with this, Her notail parent advised her to keep quiet about her discomfort "Because it will only make them resent you more UvU." And so she quietly bottled her ire.

This set of scenarios changed quickly when she met a curious N-class natural born.

They were a strange sort, unlike most N-classes, and indeed, most notails, this N-class did not preach a message of Hatred, but a message of Love. The two became very close, and while they still didn't fully feel a part of notail society, they were able to tolerate it for the sake of their new companionship. Things proceeded in this manner for a while, and Melysee thought she could go on like this for a while.

Alas this was not meant to be.

One day, her notail companion's parents sent their child into the woods, as is customary for young notails, even natural borns. Every so often, she would ask adult notails if they could tell her about them, but beyond telling her to see if they were still alive or not, they were terribly unhelpful. One day though, she checked on her friend, and they were gone. While no one could tell her what had happened, they could tell her with cold certainty that their friend was dead.

Melysee didn't know how to handle this, but she couldn't just keep quiet about what she felt anymore. She took to a podium and started talking. It didn't start as an actual sermon, but it rapidly built, an unending stream of bilious words chiefly dominated by one thing: Hate. How much she hated the circumstances that led her here, how much she hated the notails for the anxiety they had caused her, how much she hated death for taking the things she loved, and how much she loathed life itself for allowing it to happen.

And she hated it. She hated every word of it that spilled from her mouth. It felt disgusting to her, like a revolting stew that had finally spilled over. She wanted to stop, but they loved it. They approved of every word of acerbic bile towards the universe that spilled from her lips.

So she bottled up how she hated it, and kept going.

Such is how it would continue until she was properly an adult. Until she finally couldn't take it anymore, and decided to leave, at least for a while. She elected to reconnect with her childhood, and return to apidaria, to gain some solace for her own self-disgusts. What she found there inspired an even greater sense of disgust.

Apidee, are, as one might suspect, not the most religious of people. But even taking that into consideration, most apidee love their "Mamas", and this was something that Melysee had held dear about her time in apidaria.

So to see the apidee, so spiritually lackadaisical, and generally undiligent in their observation of their mother's blessings, flew into frustrated rage. She took to a podium, cussed out the lackadaisical pastor-bees, and began to castigate what assemblage of observant bees there was, on what they were being so disrespectful towards.

Her message, while initially harsh, and accusatory, gradually shifted in a more loving direction. This too, caused a gradual shift in Melysee's candor, changing from indignant and wrathful, to something resembling joy. And finally to a strange mix of sorrow and peace.

This strange conflux of emotions greatly confused, and concerned that assembled apidee, but they were nonetheless moved by Melysee's passion, and seeming enthusiasm. Melysee continued undeterred by their confusion, and continued, and kept continuing for hours afterward.

Melysee felt a certain serenity at that moment, but nonetheless noted a certain hollowness with how many of the apidee had responded to her messaged. Thus, when she was offered a proper position in the church so that she might continue to preach as enthusiastically as she had done that day, she accepted immediately, most would say to "whip the apidee into shape", but some wonder if there weren't other motives behind it.

Alas none can say, with any certainty.


Multiband Brain: Due to Melysee's combined notail, who have a sort of psychic communication, and apidee, who can interpret a variety of pheromones, Melysee has a decidedly wider scope of awareness of things than most beings. Melysee insists its "More annoying than it is useful" most of the time.


• Melysee has claimed on record that she's "Pretty sure that O-4 is my mom." When asked about what she meant by this, she clarified: "I don't mean like my mom, obviously my mom's my mom, but I mean, like, my mom.

• Melysee is known to sometimes suffer from "migraines" when in the presence of notails, a fact which she usually tries to conceal. Presumably this is related to her hybrid heritage, and her inability to properly "tune out" the idle chatter of notails in her vicinity.

• She has a notable sensitivity to various pollen and pheromones. While not exactly "allergic" as such, she nonetheless suffers allergenic reactions, particularly to samples she's not familiar with, mainly non-apidee samples. This too, is presumed to be a result of her hybrid genes.

• Religious observation amongst the apidee has never been higher than during Melysee's tenure as head of their church. It's unclear if apidee actually fully get the finer points of her message, but they are incredibly enthusiastic about it nonetheless.

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