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Not Bob / That guy

“Haha no.” — Tim's usual response to requests

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  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-4
  • Endurance-4
  • Agility-4
  • Luck-7

Age: 0
Size: 4 ft tall
Species: Generic

Job: Author
Likes: Being different, Attention, Writing
Dislikes: Super clingy fans, Being ignored, Most other generics
Notable contributions: He is very strange for a generic. He also has a considerable fanbase for his books.

[Individualism] Neutral trait
This character doesn't need others to function and doesn't lose morale or sanity on an empty ship. They are self sustainable but may be prone to staying away from groups.
[Sarcastic] Neutral trait
This character has a sense of sarcasm and is likely to use it. This trait also means that they are very unlikely to miss sarcasm.
[Getaway] Positive trait
This character always seems to slip away at the last moment. Whenever they are in a group, they automatically escape if they try.
[Inventive] Positive trait
This character is able to easily come up with new ideas and may be able to lessen the cost for current items. In a tough situation this character is likely able to use simple items to create make-shift weapons or items.
[Coward] Negative trait
This character will always try to back down from a fight, though they will still act in self-defense if they don't have a choice. If forced into dangerous situations, they will suffer morale loss, and will be more inclined than most to abandon their crewmates.
[Egotistical] Negative trait
Often going hand in hand with [Narcissist], this character believes that they are so far above everyone else, they would need a periscope just to look them in the eyes. Their treatment towards others reflects this.
[Provocative] Negative trait
This character may not be aggressive themselves, but they will often taunt and provoke other characters. While they may have fun doing so, they're prone to angering the wrong person and getting into trouble.
[Don't let it get to your head.] Mystery trait

Original Creator: Notailfacts

Physical Description

Tim has a lot of the usual features of a normal generic, but he has a lot of major differences. Instead of the usual green, Tim is all black with white eyes. His antenna are longer than usual. He usually likes to wear a black tuxedo with a red tie. He always carries a pen and a journal with him, and can often be seen jotting down ideas. He always smiles, regardless of his emotion, and will sometimes smile even more when he's angry or sad.


Tim is strange in how he acts, as his behavior can sometimes be very contradictory. Tim will often make a lot of sarcastic comments, and will poke fun at people. He doesn't care whether what he's saying is rude or not, he'll just say it. When someone actually responds to his insults and comments, he'll run off to go annoy someone else. If he is pursued he will continue to insult the person while simultaneously trying to run away.

Tim will willingly sign his autograph for someone, regardless of whether they asked or not. He will brag about how good at everything he is, but when someone tries to challenge him to test if his claims are true he will shy away and refuse. Most people do not like Tim. It is unknown if he knows this, or if he cares either way.


Tim has always been different, being labeled as a 'Specific' from the moment he first picked up a pen. His first book ever written was 'Be More Specific: How to be Different'. Ever since he wrote his first book, he has written many other popular titles such as 'The Adventures of Bob' and 'The Life of Tim.'




• Tim has written over 30 books so far.

• Tim proofreads and edits his own books. This leads to many, many mistakes in spelling and grammar.

• Tim will refuse to do any sort of request, even from people who are more powerful than him. This leads to a lot of grudges being held against him.

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