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Apmeke V0

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Apmeke V0
“Grrgk. Rrrrrr... Activating dating simulation. Compatibility at max. Won't you be mine?” — Apmeke V0

Art by, Frog

  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-3
  • Charisma-5
  • Endurance-5
  • Agility-6
  • Luck-5

Age: 26 years 500 years
Size: 8 ft tall, 4 ft long
Species: Marsue Apollo/Hermes/Nike

Job: Relationship Coach Pilot, Bodyguard, Cheerleader
Likes: Food Technology, AI, Romantic partners, Roleplayers
Dislikes: Marsues Silence, Smart people, Government agents
Notable contributions: Extreme pest to AI and AI purchasers. Secret super weapon.

[Clumsy] Neutral trait
Whoops! Sorry, my servos are out of whack!
[Motor-Mouth] Neutral trait
Chkk. Vroom... Beep! Beep! Badada. Click. Rrrrrrrgh. Initiating motor mechanisms. Ten percent... Twelve percent... Fully operational.
[Fiddlesticks] Neutral trait
Figs! Flopadilo! Riperoni!
[Chip Magnet] Positive trait
[Insulated] Positive trait
A solid metal shell keeps me safe at all times!
[Cassandra Complex] Negative trait
My speakers have no malfunctions! Trust me!
[Denial] Negative trait
[Extreme Shipping] Ability trait
You two should get together! My relationship meter is maxed out! Ba-dum! Ba-dum!

Original Creator: Scorpio
Editor: Apmeke V0

Physical Description

Greasy and far too large for their clothing, Apmeke is by all appearances, a fairly normal marsue. They have white scales and big orange plus shaped eyes, always visible through their outfit. Despite their insistence upon staying in character and never eating in public, they have managed to grow quite large off of the food they have been given and stolen.

Apmeke always wears the same amalgamation of cardboard, duct-tape, magic marker, and stickers every single day of their life. Poorly put together in a semblance of a robot, it is hard to think anyone would mistake them for one without being psychically compelled to do so.

Apmeke V0, that's me! I am a big orange, yellow, and blue metal robot with four super strong arms. My screen is always covered with a big smile. But don't worry, I am still soft enough to hug!


Simply put, Apmeke is a pest. While their cheery attitude and love of love may deceive some, it hardly makes up for the problems they create. While pretending to be a robot they will make up all sorts of lies about their capabilities which brainwashed people will of course believe only to suddenly be stuck with a pilot that has no idea how to fly a ship or a bodyguard that does not have any weapons on them. They frequently steal food from ship stores and manipulate others simply so they can live a gluttonous and self-centered lifestyle.

Talking to Apmeke can be somewhat awkward as they will automatically believe even the simplest of lies said about them in order to better keep up the act of being a machine. They frequently make noises to pretend gears are grinding, pistons are pumping, and more.

Above all else, Apmeke loves machines and other AI, even if they may not be the best informed on how they function.

A lovely friend to all! If you're looking for a machine to date, you're looking in the right place! With low maintenance and high power, I will protect you wherever you may be! The benefits are endless, so come date me already!


Born on the marsue homeplanet, Besplanet, Apmeke always wanted to stand out, like everyone else. Living a lifestyle as an illegal species can be tough, but somehow Apmeke always manages to sneak out of containment and live the best life they can.

Hiding in factories, shipping plants, and more, Apmeke is always looking for new people to deceive and show off to. Any person who orders or is looking for an Apollo, Hermes, or Nike V0 unit, will quickly find their wise-guy thinking rewarded in kind as Apmeke eagerly takes the invitation. Apmeke then goes on to date and steal from the receiver of such karma until they get back to their senses and get rid of Apmeke. Typical Apmeke removal procedures can vary, but usually consist of breaking up any relationships formed with them, turning off any other nearby AIs, and chucking them towards the nearest lawless zone that can be reasonably disguised as some sort of eatery.

People find themselves hard-pressed to find anyone in the AI business that has not had an encounter with Apmeke once or twice as the result of a lousy intern or order form typo.

Long ago, I was created in a secret laboratory by a mad notail scientist. They had created some of the first AIs, an Apollo, a Hermes, and a Nike. But, notails are mean, and so they were forced to keep their creations secret, lest other notails find it and claim it as their own. Those creations were me! Using my super strength and the power of love, I was able to fuse together and escape without being discovered. Ka-blam!

Now I wander the world, looking for new people to help find love, and hiding from evil government agents, out to steal my power! One day, I will find my true love and defeat the villains so that I can finally unfuse and live in peace and harmony! Beep beep!


Wish Came True!: With their absurd fascination with AI, constant instance that they are a robot, and lengthy time spent in lawless sectors; anyone and everyone expects them to become infected with a clockwork disease at some point. Considering that Apmeke believes themselves to be a fusion, they may very well split into three separate clockwork monsters that could menace worlds at a much grander scale than ever before.

I'm already a robot! All I could wish for are more friends and lovely lovey dovey romantic partners!


• Enjoys long walks on the assembly line.

• Always happy to help a friend in need.

• Has a secret Magical Girl mode. Sshh! It's a secret!

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