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Boogeyman / Monster of The Wastes

“..That monster attacked without Scythe without warning. No chance for anyone to get to shelter, for innocents to get out of the crossfire. Just lead his devout followers into the place and slaughtered everyone. I don't think he cared.” — One of the few survivors of the Scythe Massacre, recounting that horrible day.

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  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-8
  • Agility-8
  • Luck-5

Age: Uutzi
Size: 9ft ft tall
Species: Uutzi

Job: Risen Leader
Likes: Risen, Serenity, Rebuilding Helmutzi
Dislikes: Converts, Interlopers
Notable contributions: Lead the attack on Scythe, Overlooked the construction of Serenity,

[Rarely Misses] Positive trait
"..It's like every shot they fired would find it's mark. Didn't matter how small the target was or how fast they were moving, he'd peg them.."
[Observant] Positive trait
"..A few people tried to flank him, but it was like he knew where they were before they anywhere near him. Those people were left at Scythe as reminders.."
[Unreadable] Neutral trait
"..Amidst all the confusion and chaos, he seemed so calm, like this was normal for him.."
[Infamous] Negative trait
"..No one has forgotten what happened to Scythe. The few people who got away might not talk about it, but we all remember.."
[Killer] Negative trait
"..There was this.. Kid, trying to get away, slipped and ended up infront of Nix. Begged him for mercy, told him that he just wanted to go home. Nix offed them without a second thought.."
[Manipulative] Negative trait
"..This one group was able to lock themselves behind an old bulkhead, would've been safe there. Saw Nix come up the door and start talking to them through it, lo and behold after a few minutes they opened the door. Risen dragged them off for conversion.."
[Monomaniacal] Negative trait
"..The level of drive Nix showed while he did this was horrifying. All those people slaughtered or converted, just to build his godforsaken Serenity.."
[Energiser] Ability trait
"..The Risen barely seemed to react to anything we did to them. Some of them were missing arms, legs, whole portions of their torso, and they just kept going. They wanted this just as much as Nix did.."

Original Creator: Faust

Physical Description

Nix has rarely been sighted since the Scythe Massacre, but eyewitness reports have given an idea of their appearance. Notably taller than other uutzi, wearing a sharply angled steel mask and fur lined coat, Nix was immediately recognizable as the leader of the Risen forces, leading the charge with a saber in one hand and a revolver in the other. Little is known of Nix's appearance beyond this, but some witnesses reporting seeing glimpses of Nix's body under his coat as parts of were torn away in the attack, claiming that his body was "entirely see through" or "made of ice."

Escaped converts have also claimed that Nix always seems to have frost developing on their person, leaving a trail of fog in their wake regardless of the temperature of the room he's in. His clothing has been described as "remarkably old, but well maintained" by the few converts who have claimed to serve as his tailor, pointing out that the coat especially seems to be unique amongst the pure white military garb Risen normally wear. Also of note is the polished, bronze horn that he allegedly keeps on his person, tied to his belt.


Survivors from the Scythe Massacre claim that even among the chaos of the attack, Nix maintained a calm, calculating demeanor, wordlessly killing off attackers and continuing on their path through Scythe without a second thought. Those who claim to have heard them speak tell of a calmly spoken yet commanding voice, ringing out from under their mask. Converts tell tales of a nearly silent killer, someone willing to personally handle troublesome people and then explain, in excruciating detail, what would happen to anyone else who would anger them.

Captured Risen tell a different story, speaking of a passionate and caring leader, albeit one willing to do whatever it takes for the betterment of his people, even if a few must be sacrificed along the way.


Very little is known about Nix, and the few Risen that have failed to evade capture refuse to tell anything of note. Some especially old uutzi have been able to provide bits and pieces of history, however. According to these individuals, Nix was actually directly involved in the founding of Scythe, having helped to find a suitable place for the settlement, but split off from the group long before first contact was established. Not long after this, Nix began experimenting on themselves, trying to find ways to "unlock his full potential" as said by himself and those who followed him. These experiments were seen as taboo by the others, and Nix and his followers were shunned and left to found the settlement of Serenity, to continue their strange work in peace.

That was the last anyone had heard of him, until the assault of Scythe. Following that tragedy, it's been rumored that Nix has been coordinating all of the Risen's actions from the shadows, waiting for the next best time to show themselves publicly.


Chilling Presence: Nix's presence alone can drop the temperature of their immediate surroundings immensely, and this aura can be expanded with enough focus on his part. This field also has the side effect of instilling a sense of impending doom and dread in any caught in it, even if Nix himself isn't yet visible.


• Converts claim Nix personally oversees major construction sites, and will harshly punish even the slightest mistakes.

• Risen have attributed an almost messianic status to Nix, believing him to be Helmutzi's only true hope of being restored to greatness.

• Survivors of the Scythe Massacre have claimed that in the hours preceding the attack, the sounds of horns could be heard in the distance.

• "..That monster. He's trying to fix everything, but he's the reason why Helmutzi is the hellhole it is now. He's exactly what he tried to stop.."

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