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Feathered Protector / Flock Leader

“Feeling alone? Afraid? Like the galaxy just wishes to use you and throw you aside? Well there is one who knows you have true value, and their name is the illustrious Ranjana, and he loves all aftiks.” — A pirate message sent through lawless space

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  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-8
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-10
  • Agility-1
  • Luck-10

Age: 89 years
Size: 9 ft tall, 18 ft long
Species: Aftik

Job: Pirate Lord
Likes: Aftiks, Kind people, Interesting smells, Sand, Loud noise, Freedom, Stories
Dislikes: Harming aftiks, Silence, Loneliness, Abuse of power
Notable contributions: United an army of aimless pirate aftiks left without a place in the universe.

[Loyal] Neutral trait
This character is loyal to whoever they are aligned with and it would take a lot to ever drag them away from that.
[Death Grip] Positive trait
Ranjana refuses to go down before those he loves.
[Selfless] Positive trait
"You'll have to go through me to get to my friends."
[High Senses] Positive trait
Without his sight Ranjana can sense those around him
[Sound Barrier] Positive trait
[Tactician] Positive trait
Ran knows best how to lead those around him.
[Softie] Negative trait
This character is easily moved when they see somebody down on their luck. While this character may end up making some friends this way, they will end up helping others even if they can't afford it. This character suffers severe morale losses when made to be mean, but doesn't feel any obligation to be nice to villainous people.
[Blind] Negative trait
Ranjana lost his vision after becoming blessed.
[Infamous] Negative trait
The acts of Ranjana's crew have left tales of a ruthless pirate captain.

Original Creator: Kenshi

Physical Description

Ranjana is a quadrupedal dragon, covered in almost black, dark purple feathers. He has pink highlights near his crown, cheeks, tail, and adorning his light. His feathers cover his eyes, which when viewed appear dull and glassy. Behind him his tail moves about wildly, nearly half his length in size. A light purple scarf, with an alternating darker purple color coils about his neck, as a dark purple shirt hugs his body akin to an apron. Ranjana can stand up on two legs, though his lack of vision and wide shoulders cause him to rely on all four of his legs to move about.

Occasionally Ranjana will wear a gas mask, meant to dampen the intensity of the thick mist that billows forth from his mouth. He will release a powerful purple mist as he breaths naturally, though he is able to focus and let loose a torrent of breath as he so wills it. This mist is always followed by a group of aftiks, of various subspecies, hybridization, and colorations. Ranjana is never seen without at least one follower aftik.


Ranjana is an imposing figure, being constantly surrounded by his aftik followers, and keeping his nose to the air, causing him to loom over most species. His reputation, and lack of direct control over those about him gives off a poor first impression, but from firsthand experience interviewing him he is oddly pleasant to be around. He is more than happy to ramble off facts about aftiks, those following him, and himself. He will even let the speaker rest with him and his followers to listen to tales they might have, allowing them to leave if they desire.

He appears to have control of those traveling with him, but due to his lack of vision he isn't able to control them at all times, but should he call them over they are quick to rush to his side. Should he travel through a town the townspeople have just as much likelihood to make a ton of profit off the traveling dragon, as they are to get mugged by those lagging behind him.

Despite how he might berate a follower should they go against his orders, he is loyal to the end, and will rush forward to protect those by his side. Tales tell of destroyed bars, and trashed cities with few casualties. The aftiks left behind tell of how Ranjana, bloodied, had simply said they were "forgiven", sometimes having his followers drop off supplies after what occurred.


Little is mentioned about Ranjana's early life, other than he was a female aftik when he was born, and was being raised by the Cult of the Moon Father to be sacrificed as the vessel to bring back their dragon leader. The cult was known for the control of a single planet, all upon it forced to worship their leader due to his power to alter the minds of those around him. When he was killed only a few of his most loyal high ranking followers escaped, plotting to use the power of the Radical to bring back their leader, needing a vessel powerful enough to contain his energy. Instead of bringing the power of their leader back, Ranjana obtained his own blessing, causing the cult members to become warped into aftik hybrids before their new leader.

The Cult of the Moon Father slowly faded away as Ranjana began leading those around him for the first time in his life, shifting to a small pirate crew as he excitedly began to lead those around him to explore the stars, excited to gain the freedom he lacked growing up. Despite the hiccup in their plan, the original high ranking cult members figured they could still use this to their advantage, able to live in luxury once more if they could get more followers for their new leader. As Ran explored lawless space they began to send out messages to catch the eyes of the aftik populace, drawing them in with promises of jobs, friends, and treasure. Soon what had began as a small crew of cult members quickly grew into a large fleet.

While Ranjana himself, and his adventures were harmless when he was on his own, with the increased fleet size, and lack of direct interactions with many of his followers left them to be controlled by those he trusted, moving those close to him into their own roles as captains of their own fleets. These new captains began to ravage ships and stations for goods, beginning Ranjana's true title of "Pirate lord", with his name being used in these raids. This notoriety even began to increase recruitment into Ranjana's pirate crew, as even species that not not aftiks could be converted into aftiks hybrids under Ranjana's blessing.

Currently Ranjana seems to have some understanding of how his crew operate, but is still off in his own little world. Ranjana himself is much less dangerous than meeting the aftik captains that use his name and powers to add to their ranks.


Birds of a feather: Ranjana's blessing slowly transforms those around him into aftiks, gaining feathers, developing claws, and shifting their form to become like him. They stop as stable hybrids, though this is not always the case as some have been known to die around him. This transformation enamors the recipient to Ranjana, leading to those transformed following him more often than naught. Ranjana has been noted to move quicker and strike harder as he gains more allies, seeming excited to enjoy the companionship of more of his kin. He is never seen without followers, but has been noted to seem depressed and refuse to move until aftiks go into his chambers to retrieve him.


• Ranjana has been said to have survived a strike from a starship cannon, which was then taken down by a powerful hokkan.

• Those who have seen Ranjana fight have noted they couldn't hear anything through all the wooping.

• Ranjanas crew is always recruiting! The tourist writing this entry is in fact, an aftik hybrid now! Woop woop!!!

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