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Alex / The Normal

“Who doesn't have their share of secrets eh? Isn't that perfectly... normal Xv(X).” — Alex

Art by, SirBlizz98

Part of the Notail collection

Emblem by SirBlizz98
  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-8
  • Charisma-4
  • Endurance-4
  • Agility-6
  • Luck-4

Age: 26 years
Height: 5'6" ft
Species: Notail

Job: Researcher / Frycook
Likes: Salt, Meat, Father's day, Revenge, The morning after a terrible storm
Dislikes: Most other notails, Unsolicited violence, The taste of gauze
Notable contributions: Being a sterling example of an entirely respectable, conventional notail, of their class.

[Adaptive] Positive trait
This character is more able to survive in an unfavorable environment, given time. This character is able to handle radical changes without folding under pressure.
[Detrivore] Positive trait
This character takes no penalties from eating rotten or rancid rations. In fact, it’s good for them.
[Cunning] Positive trait
This character is crafty when it comes to lying and deception, able to more easily trick others to get what they want. They may also have a knack for illusions.
[Quiet] Neutral trait
This character may not talk much, may talk quietly, or be nervous around unfamiliar people.
[Modest] Neutral trait
This character may enjoy complements, but they tend to make themselves out to not deserving as much credit. Unconsciously or not, this character might let someone else take credit for their work. This trait also makes sure they are never to boastful or proud.
[Distrusting] Negative trait
This character is slow to trust others and may not understand sincerity or integrity, believing that people must be motivated by self-interest. They may disobey orders or go against their own crew because they believe they are trying to trick them.

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

M-137, aka Alex, is a decidedly normal notail with entirely ordinary notail features. She is of average height for a notail, and possessed of a slim build. Alex has pale pinkish skin and medium length, pinkish-red hair, and is slightly eccentric, to an extent that is in fact, perfectly normal. Her antenna are rather short, and somewhat fake looking, many have thought they were in fact entirely fake and that she did not have any. This is not the case.

She wears entirely ordinary attire, consisting of a black long-sleeved blouse with flared sleeves, and her number printed in clear white letters on the upper right part of the chest. In addition she wears a teal neckerchief, and a plain black pencil skirt. Much of her body is covered in bandages, which are not at all to be construed as alarming.

M-137's mask is in the design of a doe. It has large friendly looking eyes, crossed over with "X's", the left of which is red and the right, white. It has a small pointed smile along the bottom.

Personality & Traits

M-137 is a rather affable and pleasant young lady, which is somewhat peculiar for a notail, generally. She is generally described as "Motherly" and "Kind", which while not entirely atypical of an M-class, M-137 often comes across as more so than most. When this is pointed out, she will typically attempt to "bring it down" to more typically notailish levels, much to her unspoken consternation.

To some, these attempts at normalcy come across as conspicuous, a deliberate attempt to appear unassuming. That would of course be implying she is insincere, which is certainly not the case.

Her general continence beyond this is reserved and unassuming. She's slow to get close to people, or speak up in a non-professional context, or engage in any manner which would put her on the spot, even in a private setting where there are no judgmental eyes that suspect her of anything but being ordinary.


Alex doesn't care much for discussing her childhood, when questioned on the issue she often brushes off questions with vague answers such as "I was washed out of the system" or "I was discarded" and similar such answers.

Nevertheless, at some point she ended up in the care of a K-class notail, who, in exception of convention, decided to raise her as his "daughter". She lived like this for some sixteen years, but on that year, apparently on her birthday* something happened which required her to leave her father's care.

After this she spent an indeterminate amount of time "bumming it around the cosmos". She spent this time doing entirely typical M-class things, such as being "motherly" to people, caring for babies, being far closer to young children than most parents would probably ordinarily allow a stranger to be. The usual.

To those that felt inclined to look into her business an unsurprisingly small number it could be observed that there was seemingly some semblance of a pattern to where she wandered during this period, a connecting thread, but alas, if there was some higher cause, she refused to tell anyone.


Jekyll: Alex is a profoundly normal, and entirely fine girl. But some uncorroborated reports hold that she is not all that she seems, and indeed, there might be something strange and concerning about her. If you have anything to report on this matter, contact you local Cosmosdex branch office.


• When she's not involved in other projects, she is often seen moonlighting as a cook at a Galaxy Burger (Home of the Galaxy Burger) location, "It pays the bills Xv(X)" She comments.

• She is often found on derelict ships evidently the only survivor of whatever calamity caused the ship to become adrift in the first place. Curiously enough she is rarely listed on the manifest as having boarded these ships, though occasionally she is referred to as hitchhiking on them.

• Alex has the poor luck to often end up in locations relatively soon after a massacre has occurred. She has no idea why this is, and refuses to comment on it.

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