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Mr. Radiation

“Cosmic background radiation is a riot!” — Ordis

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  • Strength-0
  • Intelligence-6
  • Charisma-9
  • Endurance-10
  • Agility-5
  • Luck-5

Age: 0
Size: 6 ft tall
Species: Unknown

Job: Traveling Radio Station/Host
Likes: Talking (sometimes to people), Populated areas, Lonely people, Radios
Dislikes: Empty space, Dark areas, Silence
Notable contributions: A mysterious and eccentric entity with a very dastardly way of speaking. Also an amateur entertainer.

[Bio-luminescent] Neutral trait
This character emits light naturally.
[Overlooked] Neutral trait
This character is oftentimes forgotten by others or overlooked. When being attacked in a group this character will be the last one to be attacked.
[Unbreakable] Positive trait
This character is known for being very durable and hard to break.
[Social] Positive trait
This character is more likely to start conversations with others and bring people together. If a character wishes to speak to someone in a group this character is in, this character will likely be the first one they go to.
[Cryptic] Negative trait
This character speaks in riddles, code, and tends to be extremely hidden about their words. Due to this it's extremely hard for people around them to understand what they are trying to say. This character might be so dedicated to their riddles that they are willing to endanger others with their unwillingness to stop.
[Scatterbrained] Negative trait
What does this trait mean again? With forgetfulness and a short attention span all wrapped up into one unfortunate ball, this character's mind seems all over the place. They're in the middle of one thing, start another, and by then they've completely forgotten about the previous task they were up to. Not a very fun combination for anyone involved, including the character themselves.
[Softie] Negative trait
This character is easily moved when they see somebody down on their luck. While this character may end up making some friends this way, they will end up helping others even if they can't afford it. This character suffers severe morale losses when made to be "mean", but doesn't feel any obligation to be nice to villainous people.
[Everywhere] Mystery trait
See me once, see me everywhere.

Original Creator: Notailfacts

Physical Description

C.B.R. is, for the most part, a being composed almost entirely of radio and light waves. The only material part of C.B.R. is a 1x1x1 inch cube composed of an unknown metal that has an anomalous effect on the light particles in the nearby area, causing them to bend around the object, creating a translucent, semi-humanoid form. C.B.R.'s "body" can change form with ease, but they most commonly use their typical semi-humanoid state.

C.B.R. can also change their color by manipulating the wavelengths of the light around them, though their usual color is a orangish-teal. C.B.R.'s main form of communication is the manipulation of nearby electronics; While being able to partially control multiple forms of technology, C.B.R. will commonly interact with auditory/visual outputs and radio-based tech.


C.B.R. is a very strange individual, most of the time being extremely social to any other entities (sentient or otherwise) they may happen to find. C.B.R. commonly speaks cryptically about rather outrageous things that may or may not have happened, usually the latter, while also chatting about rather mundane things at seemingly random intervals, usually resulting in confusion on the listener's part. C.B.R.'s mood doesn't really seem anchored at any given point, sometimes going from relaxed to sad to in-your-face to "oh god why are they doing that" in the span of minutes. Because of this peculiar behavior, a few people believe that C.B.R. isn't actually sentient.

C.B.R. specifically hates those people and wants them to twist their ankles or anything equivalent. Asides from all that, C.B.R. is said by the remaining population to be a rather nice and cheery fellow with a lot of things it wants to say.


C.B.R. was, apparently, an experimental item that was made to manifest physical objects made from pure light. Obviously, at a certain point in production, they messed up and created some boring hologram device that, at first, just projected 3-D static. It was from this that C.B.R. came to be. Asides from this, C.B.R. doesn't speak about its past, like how it works or how it became sentient or why it has a radio show, by either dodging questions or giving some stupid lie.




• C.B.R. is known to commonly speak as if they were the host of a radio show. While this is somewhat the case, they will continue to do it even if it's a one-on-one conversation.

• C.B.R. has a strange affinity for speaking to avian/reptillian entities/objects and will usually prioritize speaking to them if others are present. The real reason to this is unknown.

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