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Eccentric roboticist / Shifty-eyed drifter

“Robotics and doctoring are pretty much the same thing. You just move a bunch of stuff around in there and hope it works.” — K~L

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  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-5
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-8
  • Agility-1
  • Luck-5

Age: 32 years (at least)
Size: 5.5 ft tall
Species: L-tariok

Job: Mechanic, Medic, Counselor, Chaplain, Many other odd jobs
Likes: Could really give or take most things
Dislikes: Not a fan of the whole general way things go in particular
Notable contributions: Introduction to custom AI crafting.

[Cautious] Neutral trait
You can order from them online at any time, but they list no fixed, permanent address as they live off the grid.
[Works Best Alone] Neutral trait
When their Team Player expansion pack is not active, they prefer not to be seen working.
[Experimenter] Neutral trait
"Don't see any reason not to try it" is a common sentiment from them. Taken positively, means they may give things away or help others just to see what happens. Negatively, results in annoying or useless creations.
[Expansive] Positive trait
Has 4 different L-tariok expansion packs installed: Team Player, Civil Technician, Mobile, and Emergency Volunteer. Almost always seen with the Team Player pack active, which confers a +7 boost to charisma and gives the trait [Calming Presence] thanks to a frond structure atop their head.
[Memory Loss] Negative trait
4 expansion packs is too many. Doing so can result in a loss of available long-term and short-term memory.
[Emergency Conscript] Negative trait
Liable to be called to an emergency at any time due to the installation of the Emergency Volunteer pack.
[Hardwired Pacifist] Negative trait
All civilian packs
[EMP] Ability trait
Cannot be activate by K~L; must be activated by someone else.

Original Creator: greatwheatshrike

Physical Description

A slightly stocky and slouchy L-Tariok. Vines covering body are light brown; head organ is yellow. Has the Team Player expansion pack activated by default, which means they will almost always be seen with Mood-activated Googly Eyes of Sensitive Understanding and a disarming smile on their face. Additionally, it means they usually have a green stalk sprouting from the top of head that rises six inches before forking into two sets of fanning, dark green palm leaves facing leftways and rightways. K~L is able to control the stalk to rotate it in if need be, or to shake it up and down a little bit. They sometimes do so emotively, or involuntarily, if excited in some way. Sometimes, K~L adorns the underside of the palms with various fruits, either fake or real.

A favorite jape to pull is to hang up a hollowed-out fake orange, which unscrews to reveal a real orange, cut into slices and ready to be used as a bribe, distraction, or half-time snack.


K~L is one of those people who can do anything to help others but cannot ever help themself. They are trained as a chaplain, music therapist, doctor, AI mechanic, navigator, and a crisis-response specialist, and none of these things mean much to K~L because it's just a bunch of boring things people do. The way K~L sees it, due to their memory problems, and due to the negative attitude they take towards the larger systems of power in place in the universe, if they help others and do their best, it will probably not make much of a difference. Sometimes people are there and then later on they aren't, so in the end, it's not much to K~L if they do anything to help along the general functioning of things. While some might mistake this attitude for depression, K~L is not depressed.

Rather, K~L shows a total lack of affect towards everything. They believe their time to be generally meaningless, in as neutral of a way that can be conveyed. Because of how meaningless their time and own actions are, they are willing to go along with anything others suggest to pass the time, so long as the idea shows some novelty. This can lead to risk-taking behavior, impulsive changes of scenery, and creations of a bizarre nature. For instance, K~L once made a bizarre robot that does nothing but turn the brightness settings of screens they find down to their darkest settings; when asked why, they replied after a few non-answers that perhaps something bizarre will jostle things out of their current cursed, nonsensical alignment.

K~L is painfully aware that, in the presence of other people, they are only liked because they are designed to be likeable with their Team Player expansion pack. Without that pack's upgrades to personality and body, K~L is absolutely unlikeable, awkward and offputting. When not in their Team Player pack mode, they are likewise unwilling to approach others. As such, they are almost always in this pack and only work in other pack modes in private. When using the moblie pack, they wear a paper bag over their head.


Official public records of K~L are scant, and K~L says they don't remember most of the details to fill in the rest of their history, not that those details are important anyway. Of what is known: K~L was born to musically-inclined parents, who left in their wake instructions to succeed their musical heritage by being raised at the Gel-%9 Conservatory for Creative Affairs. Before their term was up, K~L left for some reason or other, possibly due to the isolation, creative differences with staff, or due to a sense of purposelessness. After leaving the conservatory, they tried joining a volunteer corps, then signed up to become doctor, but found no satisfaction with either of these courses. After this point, official records of them drop off precipitously.

This coincides with the installation of a fourth expansion pack to solve their social woes despite the risk of overloading their memory that doing so posed. And doing so caused a rupture in their mind. Large chunks of their old memories were lost. In its place, they gained a sense of their mind being filled with holes and that they're floating in time, trouble with determining when things in their life happened and how old they are, and a perception of a division between an pre-rupture old self and a new self.

To compensate, they wish to cover up any official traces of their current whereabouts that could allow authorities an advantage in knowing more about who they are then they themself have. K~L claims that they have since worked for stretches as a discount surgeon (three times), a discount courier (twice), a discount counselor, a discount ship mechanic, a discount seamstress, a discount navigator, and a discount cover-band for weddings/other celebrations.

At one point, K~L befriended a Jerce and started a robotics business. Though they had to leave the original location and the Jerce behind due to conscription duty, they currently maintain that robotics business while continuing to do other odd jobs. Sometimes, K~L will do experimental robotics work for others for no payment other than spreading word of mouth. For instance, the editor of this article received a free refurbished Opis unit that runs wonderfully in its new function as a youth sports league coach and allows them to devote more time to editing articles. If one is interested in quality robotics craftsmanship, K~L's website is here.


Expansion pack info: Stats and traits for K~L are at K~L's base, pack-free setting. Most of the time K~L has the Team Player pack activated, which gives them +7 charisma and the green trait [Calming Presence]. As with most L-tarioks, [Calming Presence] works via a compound called Di-mint which works on most species, but not all. Also, K~L's appearance shown above is with the Team Player pack. Without the pack, K~L lacks eyes, a smile, and the ferns atop their head.

With the Mobile pack, K~L gains +1 intelligence, +1 endurance and +5 agility. Also, they gain four small wheels, whose sight is mostly obscured by their vines.

With the Emergency Volunteer pack, K~L gains +3 strength, +1 endurance, +1 agility (or +2 agility if they are currently flagged to respond to a nearby emergency) and +1 luck.

With the Civilian Technician pack, K~L gains +5 intelligence, +2 agility and the trait [Pinpoint Operator].


• The "chaplain patch" is a patch of the Team Player expansion pack, which gives its possessor encyclopedic knowledge of all of the major and mid-level gods (except for the unnameable ones), as well as 96% of lower-tier gods. K~L alleges that none of these gods are much use for anything good at all if you think about it.

• While K~L can perform health evaluations and medical procedures when switched to the Civil Technician pack, they can only do so for species which they know the anatomy of. K~L only has the medical databases downloaded and retained for those species which they are around regularly, and downloading more medical databases can burden K~L's already loaded databanks and push some random memories out of K~L's mind. It is for this reason that they state they have no knowledge of notail anatomy and that if you're a notail who's dying, you should probably go die on someone else's doorstep.

• K~L says that their name is easy to pronounce; it's one syllable and you just slide the K and L together slipways.

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