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Cageur Im-Tril

Notail's Bane / Scaled Revenant

Cageur Im-Tril
“You don't park ships in the woods. The last crew did it, said a pile of bones stole the ship and flew it beeline into that notail mining colony on the moon.” — Overheard at a Paccoficus refuelling station

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  • Strength-4
  • Intelligence-8
  • Charisma-3
  • Endurance-10
  • Agility-2
  • Luck-0

Age: 4500 years
Size: 7 ft tall
Species: Libraille

Job: Notail killer
Likes: Doing anything other than killing notails
Dislikes: Notails, violence, the Singer, existing
Notable contributions: Blessed anomaly + former epidemiologist

[Never Sleeps] Positive trait
This character will never sleep and will not have any ill effects due to lack of sleep.
[Notail Slayer] Positive trait
This character is experienced in combat with notails and gains an attack bonus against them.
[Destructive] Negative trait
Whether intentionally or not, this character has a habit of breaking whatever they get their hands on. They may be inclined to act out their aggression on inanimate objects and their surroundings.
[Monomaniacal] Negative trait
This character displays an obsessive focus on a single thing or related group of things. It may be difficult to get them to do things unrelated to their obsession, and can be extremely agitated when their obsession isn't "respected".
[Constant Pain] Negative trait
This character will always feel physical pain, either in genaral or in just certain areas of their body. This constant pain could have been cased by an event or accident, but also could have been caused by illness.
[Defeatism] Negative trait
Characters with this trait is almost always ready to give up on something, whether it be as simple as throwing the garbage out or something as complex as winning a battle. They have a tendency of having quite a depressing outlook on situations and can make others, including themselves, lose moral quite quickly. Characters with this trait would also not care if people they know end up dying if they're not that close to them. Quite commonly claiming 'It'll happen eventually' as a response.
[Telepathy-sensitive] Negative trait
This character is prone to burnout through too much sensory input, primarily too many minds.
[Abomination] Mystery trait
Well, aren't you special?

Original Creator: Schazer

Physical Description

Caguer is a haggard libraille with rust-laced scales, heavily corroded and barely-functional flight gear, and an angry red rash on his chest and forearms where his rusted keel and secondary arms have been healed over. Most notably, he lacks a mask and has eye-shaped markings drawn haphazardly on his eyeless face. This appearance is a rare sight in modern times, however; when not in active pursuit of a notail Caguer's body experiences an accelerated decomposition until he is a somehow-still-ambulatory mess of scale, bone, and metal.


Caguer has lived through millennia, and unless the notails are wiped out he'll live through millennia more. A formerly brilliant mind who despises violence, he now has few other ways left to interact with the world. Even his capacity to converse is limited to demanding for assistance or tools to hunt down notails. Frustration, sorrow, regret and defeatism - unable to be self-justified as productive emotions for the task of notail annihilation - cannot be expressed. With psychic sight, a tactical mind and unnatural endurance, Caguer would be well-equipped for his herculean task if only he had the ruthlessness to commit.


A mere youngster in the Silent Era, Cageur grew up in a Zodiaca system still gripped by fear of the notail-driven plague sweeping the universe. He was the merging of two brilliant libraille who met at a disease research conference, and with his now-robust immune system left Unity to collaborate with the universe's brightest minds, so that a vaccination against notail disease might be synthesised, distributed, and bring an end to notail domination.

His travels and research took him to many worlds, and he witnessed first-hand the horrors the notails had brought to the stars. Overcrowded hospitals. Empty cities. Burning cities. Billions of refugees. Dozens of souls, a trillion miles from what was once home, each the last of their kind and waiting to die, their only distraction a sympathetic doctor eager to record whatever he could of their lost culture.

Cageur hated the notails, hated how the skies of his homeland were always full of warships, hated that the threat of violence had been the only thing that saved his own homeland. He dived even deeper into finding a vaccine, always with a news aggregator tallying the estimated number of notails' victims. It was during the notail class convention, when the E- and X-classes celebrated their 5,000th planet, their 5,000th species "catalogued", that Cageur snapped, and wished more deeply than he'd ever wanted a cure, that he could see the end of the notails.

And the Singer granted his wish.


Undying: The Singer's blessing has assured Caguer's survival to see out the notails' annihilation, rendering him near unkillable and blessed with rapid regeneration - as long as he's actively working to exterminate notail-kind. Doing anything other than eliminating notails reverses the regeneration, initiating rapid and painful degeneration as his age catches up to him.

With sufficient mental focus, Caguer can undertake tasks that are not directly related to notail-killing which can allow for later, greater notail-killing, such as acquiring a powerful weapon. As the years have worn on and mental and physical exhaustion sets in, however, he can muster up the will for little other than tirelessly pursuing a known notail on foot. Stopping to aid the victims of notail exploitation is no longer an option for him, nor is resting while there are living notails reachable by walking.

The blessing does not grant the notail killer supernatural strength, though pushing his body past its physical limits or through normally-lethal injuries is possible due to his regeneration.


• Caguer removed his psionics-dampening mask when his blessing was still something he could be excited about, and can sense the telepathic chatter of notail antennae over an entire star system's range.

• Cageur adopted his surname in the libraille tradition of prefacing the name of the partner lost in the merge with "im" - short for in memoriam. His name, however, refers to the planetloads of species whose lives were destroyed by notail disease.

• The notail killer made it to Eukaryote only once, overpowering a ship's crew when he overheard it was heading near the notail homeworld and redirecting it. His final kill count was forty-six notails, twenty-nine of which died when the stolen ship collided into an apartment and exploded; emergency personnel then entombed Caguer in concrete. He spent the next two hundred years scratching his way free with his bare claws, killing another eight before being restrained by authorities. In an unusual act of mercy for an anomaly, the Killer was transported to a distant planet from Eukaryote, left to "clean up" some problematic E-classes that had been let loose on the planet. Caguer's opinions on Eukaryote are mixed; he demanded the interviewer take him there immediately, but seemed almost relieved when lied to that the interviewer had no ship.

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