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Recording4Duty / The Director

“—and of course I couldn't have done it without all of YOU! Love you guys! See you next week, byyye! =^)” — G-44's end slate

Art by, Artem1s

Part of the Notail collection

Emblem by Artem1s
  • Strength-5
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-5
  • Agility-9
  • Luck-0

Age: 40 years
Size: 5'9" ft tall
Species: Notail

Job: Notail leader of the G-class
Likes: Notails, Patriotism, Socks and Pajamas, Theater, Quotes, Collaboration, Pitiful People, "Fixing" Pitiful People, Positivity
Dislikes: αlpha Notails, Stigmas against the G-class, Panic, Grudges, Under-appreciation, Wearing anything other than what's most comfortable, Negativity
Notable contributions: G-44 is the current leader of the G-class notails and runs a well-known NoTube vlogging channel.

[Loyal] Neutral trait
This character is loyal to whoever they are aligned with and it would take a lot to ever drag them away from that.
[Humble] Neutral trait
This character may enjoy complements, but they tend to make themselves out to not deserving as much credit. Unconsciously or not, this character might let someone else take credit for their work. This trait also makes sure they are never to boastful or proud.
[Role Model] Positive trait
This character is the apex citizen/employee/etc. and etc. They're exemplary at what they do, and have a good reputation to boot, so others will typically look to them for guidance. These other characters will emulate the role model's behavior to some degree, causing a contagion of the role model's virtues.
[Photographic Memory] Positive trait
This character has been remembering everything since the very start of their memories. They can recall incredibly fine details from things that happened years ago and they can almost instantly memorize anything they see or witness.
[Multitasker] Positive trait
This character is able to handle doing multiple tasks at the same time, and remembering exact instructions for them. Characters with this trait will generally prefer to handle multiple things at once.
[Popular] Positive trait
This character is popular around others and tends to know just the right words to use in a situation. Characters are less likely to look negatively on this character and morale raises while speaking to them.
[Denial] Negative trait
This character refuses to embrace a certain fact, something that has happened or will happen and will do anything to dance around the issue and pretend it is fine. This can be incredibly stressful for their crewmates as well as themselves leading to a decline in sanity and morale.
[Pushy] Negative trait
This character is used to getting their way by any means necessary, even if it means having to pressure or manhandle others into doing what they want.

Original Creator: CosmicClaxon

Physical Description

G-44 prefers any pronouns except "he". The following article will stick to using "she" for ease.

G-44's complexion is darker than average with ever so slightly reddish, brown hair. She's a slightly taller figure, too, sporting a standard build and a fairly standard G-class mask: a standard black circle with standard line-like eyes, a standard smile and, of course, a large grey nose plastered in the middle. This nose is shaped like a triangle, following her chosen face of, "=^)," to a t. G-44's nose was not something the mask came with, but is actually a custom implementation she made years ago when she was supposed to be printing labels. If asked, G-44 proudly shares her behind-the-scenes reasons for it, calling the original face a salute and the nose a, "funky trait to stick out," should someone need to find her in the crowd. Crowds which she is always among.

The rest of G-44's wardrobe centers around a theme she is particularly fond of: comfort. Even as someone in a high-ranking position, G-44 rarely wears anything of a finer dress than T-shirts, sweatpants, shorts, fluffy socks, and occasionally full-on pajamas, sticking to hues of greys, blacks, and blues. Special occasions call for merchandise in equally casual fashion, times when G-44 will don a T-shirt with her capture creature's face or NoTube channel's logo on it— a white heart surrounding a sideways triangle. G-44 wears her hair in a messy bun or ponytail, sending curls cascading over her mask. No matter how well it's kept down, it always seems to default to a state of, "poof". If it weren't for the lanyard she wears every outing, displaying her rank in bolded text, it's unlikely someone outside of notail society would get the impression she was someone important, much less imposing.

Her posture does little to combat that perception, either. G-44 usually slouches or stands with a lean, her antennas perky and pointing forward from a curved 90 degree dip. Like her mask's nose, G-44's antennas were not always this way, but were once long spirals that zipped in every which direction. Nowadays they have been straightened out in order to stop them from getting caught on overhead objects, but will sometimes fall back to their original shape when unattended.

G-44's voice bumbles over her words as airily and unassuming as her garb. It's only when she must grab the attention of a crowd that she seems to change manners completely. After a quick breath, G-44's voice instantly asserts herself as authority and can project like a stereo speaker, resonating against the walls; something any credible actor would have trained it to do. It grabs people's attention, each syllable sharp and clear, announcing, "G-44 is here! =^)"


G-44 doesn't know everyone, and neither does everyone know her. It's debatable whether or not such a feat could even be possible, no matter one's class or enhancements. But, regardless of how or why she and someone's paths have crossed, G-44 will, without a drop of hesitation, treat everyone like a long lost friend.

She loves being social and she loves her fellow notail. She'll be quick to greet them and even quicker to check up on their lives. If they've met years before, G-44 may recount trivia she's learned of the person and ask for updates, whether or not she legitimately cares. G-44 consistently gives off a warm, comfortable vibe, sometimes even a bit goofy. She has no problem being open and poking harmless fun at herself or others. G-44 is a people promoter above all else, especially notails among the G-class. As their leader, G-44's mission in life seems to be to put the faces of the chronically-overlooked in the spotlight, to celebrate the foundation that could topple everything if cracked. G-44 relishes in its variety, its accessibility, and prides herself in coordinating it. She knows the numbers, where people belong, and which divisions need support the most. To her, the G-class is a puzzle game she is more than willing to play.

G-44 is most well-known through her NoTube vlogging channel, in which she uploads travel vlogs, motivational video diaries, tutorials, advice, and many other healthy, spoonfed distractions. While each one is different in subject matter, most of them are created with the goal of being relatable ways to raise morale. In other words, being "down to Eukaryote." While G-44 knows full well she could achieve more views if she were to sensationalize her stories or capitalize on drama, these methods couldn't be farther removed from her principals.

G-44 is offering herself as an example. She's an optimistic person, and she wants others to be optimistic, too.

Dreary cogs just don't function nearly as well.

To G-44, "Everything becomes so much easier if you choose to enjoy what you have instead of trying to fight it. =^)" While she is fully capable of experiencing and sympathizing with negative emotions, and will console those dealing with hardship, G-44 views the majority of complaintive notails as being whiny. She'll remind them that they have good pay, good food, good housing, and a whole slew of people waiting to collaborate with them that they should be thankful for. If a reevaluation still doesn't mend their mood, G-44 hands them a tissue, or gives them a hug, and then tells them personally just how important they are in the role they've uptaken. She'll offer them direction and ideas, and if her behavior comes off as patronizing or milking it, then so be it. It is for their own good that they get over it. Everyone does eventually.

G-44 has an endless amount of support to give as long as the other party is willing to hear her out. Otherwise G-44 will be disappointed. But, beyond that, little more. G-44 outright refuses to say she hates something, often resorting to passive aggressively calling the thing in question, "interesting," or opening critique with an, "I love you guys, but—" or, "I'm proud of you, however—". She'd much rather give attention to those she feels are improving rapidly and deserve recognition instead. Especially because G-44 doesn't want to leave anybody out!

Achievements will receive constant coverage until they drown out the negative noise, sometimes even to an embarrassing degree given G-44's sheer pushiness in trying to get someone to feel appreciated, such as uploading drawn-out thank you videos to whomever removed the wasp hive from her studio's attic.

One might expect such an expressive notail to act similarly behind the curtain, but in this case, G-44 just seems to mellow out. While she may sometimes speak like she's giving a sales pitch, the rest of her mannerisms are as casual as pajama day at work. She's far more concerned with the average notail than she is with herself, acting as the director to a production rather than the star.

During the rare moments when she is unwaveringly distressed, G-44 will sometimes participate in a venting activity, purely for catharsis, without ever addressing her feelings again. If pressed, G-44 will say she doesn't need to. If blamed for being out of touch, G-44 will cut them off and shrug, saying, "It could always be worse. =^)". G-44 has come this far, and her job is working out fine as is, whatever was holding her back being an unnecessary weight on her mind.


At the ripe young age of 4 years old, G-10809 (the current G-44) was assigned Shoebill Shore as her village.

Shoebill Shore also happened to be part of a series of village experiments at the time, all focused on studying the developmental effects of, "utopias". These utopias spawned from many different definitions, some encapsulating complete freedom, others spoiling children, and some implementing a limited forgiveness system that, if used up, lead to an indisputable capital punishment. While not nearly as serious as the latter, Shoebill Shore was an especially bubbled utopia tasked with studying how notails adapted to a shift in peace, monitoring how stress and a lack thereof affected one's rationality outside W-classes. All of this was fancy talk for, "we're not telling anyone anything bad until they have to leave". The children of Shoebill Shore were given the director's cut of education. A cut to an already extremely limited amount of exposure provided for notail children living in a normal village situation.

Shoebill Shore children were told next to nothing of notail history, the Limbo gods, nor of the present atrocities of their kind, all in an effort to reduce current stress and coincidentally increase their upcoming shock. In place of the truth would be carefully spun lies, such as passing off the Woods as entry into an even grander paradise, and not as a harsh trial to prove oneself as other children believed. On the upside, M-classes were especially involved, toys gifted for good behavior, the landscape safe and beautiful, and, most importantly, conflict minimal.

Or so they had hoped. Even with the village's setup, there remained a little bit of chaos amidst the serenity.

A feckless scamp in her brand new opossum mask, G-10809 stood out from many of the other G-class children right away. She was a demanding child, an attention seeker who would do anything for laughs at the disdain of the M-classes. Sometimes it was as endearing as putting on puppet shows or as childish as eating candy bar wrappers. Other times her endeavors teetered on the verge of troublesome, such as starting food fights, climbing on the roofs of the village cabins, and gathering the other G-classes to play tag well past curfew.

In fact, most of G-10809's hijinks would bleed into the night. G-10809 rarely slept well. Her first few years, she gained a reputation as the village rooster, waking up other children or sitting at an M-class's bedside until they would tell her stories after a nightmare.

While G-10809 often got the other notail children in trouble because of her antics, they tolerated her up until, "Petting Zoo Day", which would be the final straw. G-10809 just wanted to ride one of the thornheads, something almost all of them wanted to do, but by climbing into the fenced off field, she released an entire rampaging herd into the village. Many bones were broken. The M-classes couldn't even make heads or tails of it, believing the herd to be some of the most docile, certified child-safe thornheads available.

With no other evils to worry about but their contempt, G-10809 became the children's scapegoat. If food went missing, children scraped their knees, or someone lost their plush tailmic, G-10809 was blamed. While the G-classes started assembling their groups, G-10809 would be rejected.

Confused, angry, sad, scared— all from being made out as the enemy by her once friends, G-10809 wanted to disappear.

During roll call the very next morning, G-10809 was nowhere to be found. Right away, the M-classes started pinging for her, but had no luck until one of them stumbled upon her under a stairwell, curled up and yanking on her antennas.

While in other villages, G-10809 would have been a common casualty, this was Shoebill Shore.

The M-classes immediately scooped her up, holding her close and talking with her until she was ready to go back outside. They treated her with immense kindness. It may have only been for an ulterior goal, but it was kindness all the same. G-10809 was told continuously there was good in her heart and forgiveness to be had. The M-classes were patient with her. And eventually, their patience began to pay off. G-10809 never would have imagined this was a rarity outside her village.

The following year, G-10809 ended up spending more time alongside the adults. While she was no M-class, nor even a W-class, she enjoyed helping the caretakers coordinate and organize groups just the same, participating in a little bit of everything and gaining an extensive reservoir of task knowledge. Helping with the chores always seemed to calm her down. Her newfound reputation as the camp helper had slowly earned her back respect amongst the other children, as well. Soon she started amassing a group. G-10809 would frequently run to the caretakers, blabbering on about what she did with her group that day and singing praise for the members she felt were especially cool. In return, the M-classes seemed proud of her. They would pat her shoulders and smile, if they could. They would say she was shaping up to be a rather humbled and self-assured individual... something every child of Shoebill Shore desperately needed to be their final year.

The children had just turned 10. A mere month before release, a meeting was held on the edge of the village lake. While the late night waves rolled against the grain, the M-classes filled in the gaps of their children's history. While the children's breaths quickened, the M-classes did little more than sit there, taking notes.

As the days came closer to entering the woods, many of Shoebill Shore's children acted exactly how one might have expected them to. Panic. G-10809, on the other hand, took to the news all too well. She trusted the caretakers to do the right thing— they had been up until this point— so why would she question them now? She had internalized the idea that everyone had something good inside of them as long as someone was willing to look, just as the M-classes had done for her. She would embrace society as it was now and make the most of it.

On her way out, G-10809 requested a change of mask in order to pay homage to the village that helped her see the light, a black shoebill, then left with the crowd.

Specifics of G-10809's time in the woods from then on are scarce, as are her memories, which she seems to express a special brand of annoyance since she remembers everything else so easily. Other than a vague impression of being kicked around, taken advantage of by higher classes, and incidentally inspiring an even greater need to promote her fellow G-classes later in life, G-10809 doesn't have much else to say. Her exit is when things pick back up.

When G-10809 left, she started work as an understudy for a local supermarket. Young and bright-eyed, G-44 made it a point to get on good terms with all of her coworkers, eager to learn their trades. One coworker in particular caught G-44's attention: a blind G-class transfer. He was much harder to conversate with, distant, but G-10809 was unperturbed. When assigned as a cashier herself, she requested to work in the lane behind him to continue her inquiry. As a child of 16, she didn't know any better.

She asked how he was doing. He was miserable. She asked if he enjoyed his new job. He did not. She asked what he wanted to do with himself, if he was looking forward to anything, if he needed help. And he was quiet.

And then he was gone.

And that was that.

It wasn't worth thinking about anymore. Not now. Not ever.

G-10809 would go on to take different jobs, as most G-classes do, moving from a cashier, to an electrician, to a cameraman for the notail network (which she remembers extremely fondly), and finally to an assistant publicity director.

Throughout all of it, G-10809 never lost her hobbyist desire to entertain. She began vlogging her rotations on NoTube— just small, lighthearted video diaries that wore her heart on her sleeve— and to her surprise, managed to gain attention for it. As G-10809 began featuring guests in her videos, providing quick training information for G-classes expecting a job transfer, the attention only piled. It seemed G-class notails were latching on like flies to a slab of meat. The more notails G-10809 met, the more enraptured she became.

It would be dishonest to say the whole event didn't give G-10809 some sort of an ego boost. With her growing fanbase and successful career, G-10809 saw no reason not to pursue the G-class leadership position. Her reach would only increase tenfold!

However, as the G-class, to this day, remains one of the largest notail classes, there was no shortage of G-class leader applications already in circulation, and the chance of having G-10809 considered was slim at most.

So, she thought, why not get someone else to consider it?

G-10809 released a poll to her followers, asking whether or not they would like to see her as the new G-class leader. The reception was overwhelmingly positive, as she thought it would be given the rhetoric of asking notails who were already on her side. Only now, she had the exact numbers to work with.

G-10809 then organized a meet and greet, tagging the original G-44 on tweeper in order to invite them along. It was foolish for the old G-44 to listen, but it would have been terrible publicity not to.

When they arrived, all they could see was a sea of faces blurring together and G-10809 standing off to the side with a megaphone and a camera. Moments later, the old G-44 was trampled by the crowd, the final blow delivered by the heel of G-10809.

While the new G-44 waited for her paperwork to be processed, she walked through the city, shopping for another mask to mark the era. She finally settled on a plain ole smile, something simple, like all of the G-classes she loved so dearly. "Thanks, guys! G-44 is here! =^)"

As a class leader, G-44 is constantly cloned and replaced upon death, but only as long as she continues to outperform anyone else vying for her position.


Casting Call: G-44 never forgets a face. Or a mask for that matter!

G-44 is able to access the play-by-play of social interactions with ease, collecting quotes and notes about the workers she presides over and assigning each of them an, "acting type". G-44 uses this trick to organize the best dynamics for fleets or when approving promotions and transfers. G-44 insists she does not use it to hold grudges.


• G-44 occasionally makes a REPLACEAREA=) or >=) face when surprised. These happen to be the faces of her previous masks.

• G-44 twirls her lanyard when thinking. This is also a completely unnecessary tell. Even if no one can see G-44 twirling away, notails will usually know when she is thinking due to stray signals that float around her vicinity. As she's frequently dealing with crowds, G-44 has had to train her signals, similar to her voice, to be noticeable even amongst the most chaotic situations. This training has led to her forgetting to hush the broadcast more often than not.

• When referring to someone, G-44 rarely, if ever, uses honorifics such as Prof., Mx., Dr., and Sgt., whether the person is a subordinate, an equal, or an upper-up. Sticking to first names and sobriquets is usually a symbol of fondness from G-44's end, but is moreover one of the largest tells that she's peeved off. If G-44 is too eagerly buddy-buddy, using nicknames reserved for children, one can be assured they've lost her respect.

• G-44's capture creature mascot is an arise named, "Foobaw," who looks like a checkered sports ball. Foobaw always makes an appearance during G-44's NoTube end cards and is the main guest in a series of videos titled, "Capture Creature Challenges". Outside traveling vlogs, G-44's Capture Creature videos are the most popular, leading most of G-44's merchandise to center around Foobaw.

• Of her travel vlogs, one of G-44's most infamous videos was the time she accidentally live streamed herself getting mauled to death by a legendary mallon. As soon as her clone was commissioned, she uploaded a follow-up titled, "Top 10 Reasons Why Death isn't so Bad - My Experience (Cuddled to Death? A Solid Embrace)."

• Since G-44 started her NoTube channel prior to becoming leader, once she assumed the role, she had to find someway to rebrand herself. What pursued was a week long venture of constantly changing usernames, bios, and accounts on multiple platforms, leading to several millions assuming their G-class leader was being killed and replaced by the hour. Some usernames from the event included: MyuserGname10809=^), _Pronounce_The_G, HeyG-uys=^), _xΔ♡_tweepgeneratorXGΔiΔΔ_Δ™, Gun, GnewGname_44, G44LIVE, [44 Gs in a row], HouseGallanty, G-ood44Content, G44nMore, TheGniceLife, MajorGeneralGeneral, Job_Watch_44, AnythingEverythingGG, PublicG, G44Vids, GenerallyG, Number1GFan, GeneralCinema, GeneralAction44, SetGeneral, DownstageG, StudioG-reenroom, Gnumber44, TheNoseKnows, Studio Pause’nPlay, G-TV, and many more. As of now, G-44 has settled on Recording4Duty. A name she didn’t even come up with.

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