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Dr. Ivan Cortz

The Mad Doctor / The God Cortz

Dr. Ivan Cortz
“They all told me it couldn't work! I could never get stones to move by their own! Well look at them! Look at them and tell me, stones can never move!” — Ivan Cortz

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  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-7
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-7
  • Luck-4

Age: Deceased
Size: 5'11" ft tall
Species: Klannec

Job: Mad Scientist
Likes: Science, Solitude, Freedom of Choice, Gardening, History, Notails
Dislikes: Ethics
Notable contributions: The creation of the Cortz

[Curious] Neutral trait
This character has a general thirst for knowledge and tends to ask a lot of questions. They are more likely to investigate anything that seems out of the ordinary.
[Excitable] Neutral trait
This character gets excited easier than others.
[Getaway] Positive trait
This character always seems to slip away at the last moment. Whenever they are in a group, they automatically escape if they try. Restrictions: This trait cannot be applied characters with agility under 5.
[Schadenfreude] Positive trait
This character enjoys it when bad things happen to other people, and will gain a boost in morale from witnessing it. They don't try to make this happen themselves and deaths will still upset them.
[Know it all] Negative trait
This character will tell other characters how to do their jobs, even if they don't know anything about them. This is usually annoying and stressful.
[God Complex] Negative trait
This character is utterly in love with themselves and will make sure that everyone knows about it. This character will commonly move conversations to be centered around them which can mean that the conversation completely misses its point or everyone else in the conversation become increasingly agitated.
[Clone] Mystery trait
You've found yourself, but not in the way you expected. Cooldown: Passive

Original Creator: Hichico

Physical Description

Doctor Ivan Cortz, is a fairly average klannec, aside from the natural white markings that line his skin. His skin is a peachy orange color, with a vibrant red/orange gemstone atop his head. Cortz can typically be seen in his signature yellow lab coat and red shorts. This choice of fashion is widely considered an absolute insult to scientists everywhere who follow proper laboratory attire rules.


Doctor Ivan Cortz, or as he would prefer to be known: His Royal Viscount Ivan Von Dyne Cortz IV Esquire, is...unique...even by klannec standards. Cortz prefers to live in solitude and be allowed to do as he pleases whenever he so pleases. Cortz can be simply described as a "Science Hermit" choosing to research various seemingly random topics with little to no interest in sharing the results of said research with the scientific society at large. This has lead many to question if the good doctor is even a "Doctor" at all, or if he is simply masquerading as such.

The few who have the "luck" to be graced by the company of Cortz are met with a very fast paced, very talkative young genius who, most of the time, does not seem to even register that he has company. All who have visited Cortz tend to describe the encounter as "having spoken to mad genius speaking to an entire crowd of people who consist only he himself".

On the few occasions that one can in fact get Cortz to register that he has company, he will usually spend the time pondering why exactly someone of "lesser intelligence" is even speaking to him, and that he has not the time, effort, money, or desire to be anywhere near to the oxygen sucking leech that is attempting communication. It is not uncommon to find Cortz cease research that he has spent months on purely on the basis that he grew bored of what he was doing. in fact, should you visit his laboratory you will most definitely find hundreds of projects, studies, and miscellaneous inventions in varying states of completion.


Doctor Ivan Cortz was born to two parents, Mellissa Van Dyne Depol Cortz and Citrinated Agatious Cortz, his early years spent in their care on the desert planet of V67E-Gamma. Growing up nearby to a notail research station, Cortz grew with a fondness for science and was taught a great deal of scientific theory, physics, biology, and so on. Eventually, Cortz stashed away on a research vessel to seek out a life worthy of his greater intellect. Through many favors and deals Cortz would release his first research papers on the origin of the klannec race, his papers were met with much interest and he was quickly brought on to many different research teams as an advisor, leader, or general researcher.

Eventually, this began to bore Cortz, so he made the decision to hide away in his own home and work on his own projects using money he had invested in various companies and programs he saw merit in. For many years Cortz was not heard from again until the day he finally came again before the scientific community as a whole with a shocking declaration. Cortz declared that he had discovered a way to make a klannec who's body would be entirely gemstone.

These claims were met with shock and disbelief, and Cortz was shunned from the scientific community and cast out as nothing more than a crazy old scientist who had lost his way. From that day on, Cortz dedicated himself to the research the foolish community had claimed as "insane" and holed himself up in his home. Eventually, after a few months of missed rent payments, it would be discovered that Cortz had fled the planet entirely, leaving behind hundreds of scattered notes about his research, some indecipherable, and various mutated test subjects in varying states of gemstone decay.

For years after this event, Cortz was sought out as an unethical madman and labeled a mad scientist. Eventually, investigation would lead to the secret laboratory and mansion of Cortz on a distant planet, and inside it was discovered that Cortz had succeeded in his research at long last. And thus, the cortz species were brought into the light of the universe and recognized as something of a subspecies of Klannec, yet their own species simultaneously.

Cortz's body was never found, but rumours subsist of Cortz having cloned himself so as to evade custody. The validity of these rumours has yet to be proven.




• Supposedly Cortz made millions of points before he died, mysteriously enough before his body was found his point balance was found to have been transferred to a variety of different, untraceable, accounts.

• There are rumours that at one point Cortz may have made a deal with a contractor in order to complete some of his research. The origin of these rumours is unknown.

• Among the remaining possesions in Cortz's home, a coeus unit and a strange space suit were both found. Officials at the scene noted that the Coeus had had its memory completely wiped and that the space suit was giving off strange and uncomfortable vibes.

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