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The Herald / Errand-boy

“Neither War, nor clockwork, nor Neo, nor blessed creature shall stay my appointed rounds!” — Priam, about to deliver a parcel through a war zone.

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  • Strength-7
  • Intelligence-4
  • Charisma-7
  • Endurance-9
  • Agility-10
  • Luck-3

Age: 37 years
Size: 5'7' ft tall
Species: Metaparxi

Job: One Man Postal Service
Likes: Successful delivery, Hospitality, Allies, Loyalty, A Challenge, A Warm Meal
Dislikes: Slackers, Wasted time, Theft, Not having enough stamps, Stubborn People
Notable contributions: Being the most reliable and speedy parcel service.

[Multitasker] Positive trait
This character is able to handle doing multiple tasks at the same time, and remembering exact instructions for them. Characters with this trait will generally prefer to handle multiple things at once.
[Always on Time] Positive trait
This character will always do things at the scheduled time or when told to. Most of the time they will even be way ahead of time to make sure they don't miss anything. This character will also encourage others around them to not be late.
[Sixth Sense] Positive trait
This character has a unnatural sense for potential danger. They will be able to sense when something will hit them or drop on them and have some time to react.
[Pack Mule] Positive trait
This character can carry +4 more than what their stats would normally allow.
[Hyperhidroser] Negative trait
This character has a disorder which makes them sweat intensely and without control. Prone to dehydration.
[Insomniac] Negative trait
This character has intense difficulty falling asleep. They may lay awake for hours or skip sleep altogether, leaving them exhausted in the morning. Though this means they can keep watch for others, they aren't likely to be alert and may miss obvious details.
[Manic Rush] Ability trait
While this ability is active, the user's agility becomes doubled but their sanity quickly drains away.
[Speak of the Devil] Mystery trait
"You're right on time!"

Original Creator: Toaster

Physical Description

Priam's fur is a bright orange color, with slight darker coloration on top of his head and his hands. He carries a large bag, bearing an insignia of the silhouette of a running Metaparxi with a cap and small white wings and the words "Priam Parcel Service" in golden font on the side.

Priam can be notice easily from a crowd, his light blue newsboy cap with his insignia on the front being the most notable. He wears a white long-sleeve dress shirt with suspenders, a belt with a oval buckle that have the initials P.P.S, slightly weathered jeans fitted with free movement in mind, and sturdy leather boots with two wings on both sides.


Praim is a particularly hefty metaparxi, deviating from the normally weaker metaparxi, Praim prides himself on his speed and his parcels. He protects any and all packages that he is tasked with and never lets anything out of his sight. He always has a very friendly disposition towards anybody he meets, insisting to keep in contact. People tend to be attracted to his high energy, and upbeat attitude. He usually end up offering one of his highly sugary and sweet snacks he keeps in his bag. He will usually take any offer of food or companionship, taking people's word or promises to heart.

He is always on the move, never one to waste time in one place. Priam stays for, at most 1-2 weeks on any planet, using all his time to do his business and enjoying the luxuries of the planet.

He rides on his Hermes ship, named "The Morning Star". It seems to be modified as a more durable and adapt to chase down other ships. Most will recognize it as it is emblazoned with the P.P.S logo.

While Priam usually has a light demeanor, his demeanor shifts when he finds anything he is carrying or delivering is missing or stolen. He becomes focused and deadly, many stories telling of the carnage brought upon those who steal his package or cause a late delivery and referring to him as "The Herald".


Praim began, as most metaparxi do, in servitude. He served a number of notails, being pawned off for his excellent abilities. After years of this pawned servitude, Praim grew bored, craving more freedom and wanting to use his skill for more than just play to butler to a couple of notail, so he enacted a plan that would satisfy both wants.

He knew that his abilities could give him access to more exclusive groups and figured that he can gain some funds and favor by rubbing shoulders with much more important figures. It took negotiation with many people and he was given some freedom with the condition of still being useful to the notail.

So the Priam Parcel Service was born.

The P.P.S continues to be one of the most recommended delivery service, and one of the few metaparxi owned businesses in the universe.


O-Class Approved: His history in mingling with O-classes has gained Praim some trust and favor within the group, especially with O-10. He uses this perk to supply and keep his services running but is willing to use it to help the people he truly trusts.


• Priam keeps a huge stash of snacks that are meant to keep his awake for days. Most people who accept his offers of sharing, will not be able to sleep for at least a week.

• The Morning Star was a gift Priam got from his many favors people owe him, among the many modifications that he has on the ship.

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