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Mors v217

Benny / The clean police

Mors v217
“No matter how clean that place was, it would never be fully purified.” — Mors v217 talking to a random navigator who asked him about his previous job at the hotel.

Art by, Lulu

  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-7
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-10
  • Agility-6
  • Luck-10

Age: 27 years
Size: 3 ft tall
Species: Mors Unit

Job: Any freelance gig that has to do with cleaning
Likes: Cleaning, Touring, Camps
Dislikes: Permanent jobs, Hotels, Bathtubs, Apartments that aren't clean
Notable contributions: Cleaned a whole city including the people due to the place being dirty and not up to his standards.

[Calm] Neutral trait
This character is always calm in most situations.
[Nomandic] Neutral trait
This character often moves from planet to planet frequently and won't stay somewhere for a long time.
[Cute] Positive trait
This character is cute.
[Clean freak] Negative trait
Whether its some dirt on the floor or a ton of weird splotches on the wall, this character would not tolerate any dirty spots and would clean the place for the whole afternoon.
[Low senses] Negative trait
This character has does not have a accurate sense of sight or hearing.
[Heartless] Negative trait
This character does not care about the conditions of others. It's their own problem, not his.
[Hitchhiker] Mystery trait
Time to hitch another ride.

Original Creator: Sallame

Physical Description

Mors v217 has the average size, height, and weight of a normal Mors. He has light blue colored cheeks and wears everything that's light blue. The only thing that is different is that he lacks the tail like the average Mors unit. Mors v217 has extremely smoothed horns unlike most of his body, which is extremely dented.

He wears a heavy wool overcoat that is a bit too big for him and also carries a surprisingly light backpack that is extendable if needed. Mors v217 wears a mask that presumably previously belonged to an unknown notail. The mask seems to be presented as a face of a bee and it has a c: expression etched on it. He doesn't comment when people ask where he got it from.


Mors v217 is what people would call "chill". He v217 never freaks out, even in the toughest situations. He doesn't understand why people freak out over the little things in life and saying that "It's not that it's going to do anything to you." He believes that it's best to move on than moping over some "stupid little oopsie" and wasting time. 217 thinks that if they're really at a loss for the things they lost then they should maybe they should find another way to get that thing back.

Mors v217 does not actually have a goal in life and let's life guide him to wherever he might go. He hitchhikes from planet to planet, going around to learn something he's never learned before and meeting new people. He does not really desire to do anything but if given the opportunity to do something he would do it unless it relates to some vulgar event. Most people know who he is or at least acknowledges his existence due to the fact that he goes from planet to planet frequently.

Perhaps due to his origins, 217 has an extreme distaste for all dirty places. Ranging from small specks of dust to a place covered in dirt. If he sees uncleanliness, he will demand some cleaning supplies and start to scrub the whole place. It's best to stay out of his way when he's cleaning since it's been recorded that he once mopped a person aggressively after they interrupted his work.


Most of 217's past is unknown. The most that we know was that he was made to work in a famous hotel as a cleaner. He wasn't so pleased with his job, as he once said to someone interviewing the staff, but he could clean stuff, and that's all he wanted. He continued to state this whenever someone asked him what it's like to work in the hotel. As days past, employees started to resign, saying that if they work there they'll probably get put down and strangely, few people in the hotel started to complain about seeing weird "corpses" in their rooms.

These complaints were often shoved away for the staff didn't see any corpses in the rooms of the guests. The people were often berated for being liars trying to get free rooms. Mors was neutral about these events and stated that they didn't know that they crossed the line.

A few weeks after receiving complaints, something weird happened. The people in the hotel were suddenly dropping dead like flies. It was shown in the autopsies that all of the guests were murdered and the hotel had to evacuate the rest of the guests. The only people left were the hotel owner and the employees, including Mors v217.

Mors v217 stated in a conversation with a journalist that the owner wanted to sort something out, but never got the chance to. He also stated that he didn't know at that time that he would be trapped forever in a place below the blessed realm. When asked to elaborate he would not comment further. The hotel was closed for years and years. People started to think that the owner and the employees left the hotel to escape the lawsuits on them on the murders. One day, suddenly, a "small gremlin" like creature came out of the barren hotel. It was Mors v217.

When people came up and asked what had happened, he ignored their questions and stated that he was going to leave here forever and never come back. It seemed that he was in a rather shocked state at the time because when people asked later about the hotel, he would respond instead of avoiding the question. He would respond a rather abstract response though, saying things like the hotel was a place that even clockworks wouldn't stand a chance to survive. He wouldn't tell the questioners anymore after that. Now he tours around planets, visiting one planet one day and either looks for gigs of cleaning or just starts cleaning automatically due to the place not being held up to his standards.




• Mors v217 likes to be called "Benny" for some reason or another. When asked, he'll just state that the name is truly epic for someone like him.

• Mors v217 has an extremely weird hobby of collecting notail masks. He thinks that the masks are "pretty nice accessories that you would get for a party or celebration." No one knows where he gets the masks.

• Mors v217 does not like cleaning as much as he did before, saying that it reminds him of the hotel. However, he also states, that the world is too dusty and if he stops cleaning the universe would turn to dust.

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