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Pupkitty / The Hopeful

“Boy, I sure am THRILLED about that idea, but! How about we consider something else. =3” — B-69

Art by, Mel

Part of the Notail collection

Emblem by Artem1s
  • Strength-9
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-4
  • Endurance-5
  • Agility-8
  • Luck-4

Age: 111 years
Size: 5'6 ft tall
Species: Notail

Job: Notail Leader of the B-class
Likes: Normality, Unicorns, Peace and quiet, Children
Dislikes: Mistakes, Failing, Naturalborns, Innuendo
Notable contributions: B-69 is the current leader of the B-reeder class notails.

[Commanding Presence] Positive trait
This character is a natural-born leader. Crewmates and strangers alike will feel compelled to follow their command, even if they are otherwise unwilling to work together.
[Quickdraw] Positive trait
This character ignores agility checks on their target when using ranged weapons. They will always get the first move, regardless of how fast their opponents are. This only affects the initial attack in a fight.
[Rarely Misses] Positive trait
This character almost never misses a shot. This may apply just to skills they have been trained in. For instance, a surgeon with this skill would be extremely unlikely to miss a small, precise incision that a normal surgeon might slip up on.
[Cautious] Neutral trait
This character will be more nervous of suspicious situations, and less willing to take risks. They may put extra effort into making sure everything is safe before feeling comfortable. While this normally makes things safer for them, it can also be a huge time waster.
[Reflexive] Neutral trait
Characters with this trait will sometimes perform things on reflex without conscious thought. Depending on the character it can range from things like covering their head when they see a bird to hitting someone who comes up from behind.
[Wrathful] Negative trait
This character is extremely angry and will do many things out of spite. Some with this trait will try to hide their malice, but it is still there and effective.
[Defensive] Negative trait
This character may get very upset or angry if they are challenged in some way, typically when their competence at certain tasks is called into question.
[Insomniac] Negative trait
This character has intense difficulty falling asleep. They may lay awake for hours or skip sleep altogether, leaving them exhausted in the morning. Though this means they can keep watch for others, they aren’t likely to be alert and may miss obvious details.

Original Creator: Mel & Apo11o

Physical Description

B-69 prefers the pronoun set ne/nem/nir/nirs/nemself, but doesn’t mind ‘it’ pronouns as an easier alternative. If you would like to read this entry using it pronouns click here.

B-69 turns nir nose up at the formalwear nir parents favour and can rarely be seen without nir favourite plain hoodie and cargo shorts, though ne has a lab coat that ne only wears when at work. Nir left antenna stands at a perfect 90 degree angle, nir right by contrast curling gently forward. Ne has tried to soften nir left antenna out, but has been unsuccessful; a lifetime of holding one position has made it difficult to stop perking at such by default.

B-69’s skin is extremely dark, and nir hair is black. While ne changes nir hairstyle frequently, ne prefers styles of cornrows.

Nir white mask is of a long-snouted animal with one set of pointed catlike ears and another set of floppy doglike ears. It is covered in black patches, mostly on the ears and the left eye, and its mouth curls up in a cute “=3” expression. More rarely ne wears a black mask with white patches; but this seems to only be for special occasions.

Personality & Traits

As a result of an upbringing ne is still trying to untangle the barbed effects of, B-69 is constantly at war with nemself. Ne does nir best to project a bright and cheerful demeanour, but is quick to grow frustrated and become strained or outright let insults slip through nir filter. Whether in a bad mood or not, ne cannot stop nemself swearing incessantly. Ne has told the Cosmosdex team that ne has known these words and used them for as long as ne can remember, which makes it a seemingly impossible habit to break.

While not cruel at all, ne finds ne has to work hard at kindness and patience. Ne struggles against a tendency to hold grudges and bristle at the slightest mocking. Often ne fails to realise just how mean ne can get until it’s too late, at which point ne will backtrack and apologise furiously for it. Nir difficulty with nirs emotions is a point of great contention for nem; ne reports wanting to be sad about having to dispose of A and D-classes, but feeling nothing at all. B-69 remarks that it often makes nem feel like a bad person.

Nir worst fear would have to be descending to the level of nir fathers. Part of nem feels as though nir parentage makes nem destined for evil, so ne does everything ne can to rise above it. If told ne is doing something morally wrong, B-69 becomes immediately alarmed and drops it. However, rather than stop it altogether ne will go out to gather as many opinions as possible on it. If enough people agree that what ne was doing was right after all, ne will soon resume it, albeit with more anxiety and caution. Only if ne is told it’s undoubtedly bad will ne give it up.

Ne has low empathy, but doesn’t let that bother nem. Overall, ne is optimistic about the state of the world and wants to make it a better place.

B-69 holds a particular hatred for those who naturally birth children, as ne believes the careless mixing of genes is the easiest way to ruin the gene pool and create more terrible mistakes that will cost the offspring rather than the parents. It cannot be overstated how much ne cares for children - it was, after all, the only reason why ne became B-69, and one of the biggest reasons why ne chose to become a B-class at all.

Ne can be found constantly roaming from B-class lab to B-class lab, watching over nir subordinates with a firm, if forgiving eye, and constantly works to improve the chances possible for the children ne’s responsible for making - and given that B-69 rules over all the B-classes, ne feels like that’s all of them.

Though people may criticise nem for many various reasons, there is no doubt in anyone’s minds that B-69 would die to defend the future of notails. B-69 prefers the pronoun set ne/nem/nir/nirs/nemself, but doesn’t mind ‘it’ pronouns as an easier alternative.


B-69 is the child of O-6 and I-42357. O-6 had heaped mountains of expectations and pressure on nem, training nem from the moment of nir birth to imitate him in every way. I-42357, being I-42357, mostly stood back and allowed this to happen, only suggesting anything to the contrary of O-6’s dog-eat-dog view of the world in his absence. As a child, B-69 adored both parents and lapped up everything told to nem. It left nem conflicted, unsure whether to take O-6’s path and climb to the top on the corpses of nir opponents or follow I-42357 in being caring and considerate.

It was the Woods which all notail children must endure that ended up swaying nir decision. Raised in the company of no one but adults, B-69 was awkward and uncertain of how to interact with nir peers, and suffered enough bullying and social difficulty that ne grew bitter and selfish to survive. It was only after ne gained the company and support of a few close friends that ne finally learned to cooperate and temper nir defensiveness with kindness again. In the end, while ne had ample opportunity to follow in the footsteps of either father, the path ne forged for nemself was one of compassion. Ne left the forest embittered to O-6’s cruelty and hopeful that the world was good at its core - a mindset that followed in the footsteps of the past.

I-42357 had suggested when ne was a child that they aim to become a B-class instead of a F. Ne had already entertained the idea well enough to begin training in it alongside O-6’s training in F-work, and that coupled with nir resentment made nem go for the job as soon as ne left the woods. All ne desired was a normal life free of the pressure to be perfect.

Ne was content being a regular B-class for a few years, but ne began to notice a little too many A-classes shipped out from the labs, sloppy work resulting in ruined lives. As much as ne hated nir own perfectionism, the awful little beast instilled in nem for as long as ne could remember by O-6, it soon raised its ragged little head. And it said, in a terrible whisper: “I could do better than the current B-69.”

No, ne thought, ne wanted nothing but to be normal. Trying to get a leadership position would ruin that. Instead ne submitted reports and suggested changes to improve the situation, lest the rate of A-classes become too high.

When nir suggestions - whether because the B-69 of the time thought the ideas were too risky, wouldn’t work, that it wasn’t the right time, or even simply because the person bringing this up was O-6’s get - were consistently ignored, ne lost nir patience. Ne wouldn’t have cared if this was simply an optimisation issue, but there were children’s entire lives on the line; children who could have grown up to be perfectly normal notails had others only listened to nem. Ne finally decided to take matters into nir own hands...

By filling out an application for the job and submitting nir resume.

While some would cry nepotism, ne was simply good enough at their job to be appointed to the position. Though ne has not been working many years, the rates of reject children have already begun to drop under nir supervision.

Nowadays, while ne loves both nir parents, ne also holds some resentment for both. Ne and O-6 are aggressively distant - more on B-69’s part than O-6’s, as nir father is more than smug about nir leadership role - and ne is frustrated with I-42357 for allowing O-6 to get away with what he does, though ne ultimately understands.

B-69 knows what it is like to be close to O-6, after all.


Crouching Tiger: Unlike most B-classes, B-69 is skilled in many forms of combat due to nir childhood training under O-6. Ne keeps nir skills honed in case of an emergency, though ne rarely finds much cause to use them.


• Like many B-classes, B-69 has a unicorn. Though ne is the B-class leader, and so one might assume it would be a particularly powerful one, it’s perfectly normal save for its aesthetic mutations. Ne mainly uses it for casual transport.

• Though B-classes are legally allowed to stab people for making one innuendo too many, B-69 has never done this. Instead, when ne reaches the end of nir tolerance, ne simply begins pushing the person in question out the door, sometimes picking them up bodily in the process.

• B-69 currently has little to no contact with both parents currently. With the I-class being dead, and O-6 being an annoyance worth avoiding.

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