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Queen Luci

Her Tyrannical Impertinence

Queen Luci
“Because, I'm the bad guy... duh.” — Luci

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  • Strength-6
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-6
  • Agility-10
  • Luck-6

Age: 616 Years
Size: 6' 2" ft tall
Species: Daemon

Job: Queen
Likes: Being in Control, Ruling, Blackberries, Black Coffee
Dislikes: Being Mocked, Being Patronized, Iced Tea, Horses, Peaceniks
Notable contributions: The current ruling monarch of daemonkind and a terror on a universal scale.

[Beautiful] Positive trait
Most people find this character to be very attractive. They can charm others with their looks alone, and will often recieve special attention as a result.
[Willpower] Positive trait
This character is resistant to influences of the mental variety, even those that are psychic in nature. They have a strong sense of self-control, and are more capable of fighting back if someone tries to invade their mind or otherwise manipulate them.
[Magmamancy] Positive trait
This character knows how to control magma to their will or even summon magma if needed. The power of the agma depends on the character's strength and intelligence, and how long the magma lasts in their control depends on endurance.
[Ambitious] Neutral trait
This character has strong ambition for a goal or several goals. They won't be easily dissuaded from a course of action. The ambition this character holds may be for the better or the worse.
[Brat] Neutral trait
This character has perhaps been overindulged by their parents or caregivers and has evolved a special kind of attitude because of it. A character with this trait resorts to very immature and often self-centered endeavors in order to get their way. It's common for this character to exhibit temper tantrums or even manipulation.
[Killer] Negative trait
This character is willing to kill in order to solve most problems, and may have absolutely no problems with doing so. This may result in a character threatening to kill people ahead of them in a line without hesitation, and following through if not taken seriously.
[Manipulative] Negative trait
This character will, if given the chance, take advantage of a character for their own gain. This character is likely to tell others to do things that help themselves but not the person being told to do the action. Manipulative highly lowers the morale and may lower the sanity of a character if it happens too much.
[Misanthropic] Negative trait
This character is a jerk. This character actively dislikes the fact that other sentients continue to exist, or some other thing that makes them inherently behave with intense dislike to other living beings or non-living beings. If they are able to watch someone die without being too negatively affected by that person's death (ex: ship no longer having a pilot), they will watch. Possibly with popcorn.

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

The daemon queen is, by her own standards, the pinnacle of daemondom. She's a well sized and well proportioned daemon, standing at a little over six feet tall, with two well toned arms and legs each, the lot of them unblemished of either scarring or tattoos. Her finger and toe talons are oft painted with a glossy black polish that gleams under the slightest light.

Her skin is a vibrant ruby-red and flawlessly clean and maintained. Atop her head falls locks of raven tresses, down to the small of her back, meticulously maintained and gleaming wither the sheen of numerous products. Her irises are a vibrantly glowing white in the pools of darkness that are her eyes, shining with imperious malevolence and dotted with cross shaped slit pupils. Atop her head she has a pair of long black concave horns, similar to those of a goat, adding about seven inches to her respectable height.

She, like most daemons, have large yet graceful chiropteran wings sprouting from her back, to propel her in air or in space. Her tail extends out from her derriere, ending in a sharp, serrated, arrow-point of a tip. Her hole is an impeccably maintained heart shape, refined and sharp like it's bearer, and gawking into unknowable darkness.

Luci has a sense of fashion mostly suitable for her royal station, at least by the standards of daemons. She is bedecked in golden jewelry as she can be, around her arms, on her ears, her horns, even her hole. Her actual attire itself is about as scandalous as it is noble, consisting of tight leathers, and somewhat risque cuts, as is the in fashion of daemons. The particulars of her attire vary in accordance to her mood, but what doesn't vary is her symbol of office, a tiara of gold and black iron, bedecked in jewels.


Luci carries herself with an air of refinement, of class and composure, suitable for a queen, and somewhat unexpected of a daemon. In truth, she is indeed the pinnacle of daemonhood in terms of attitude. She's petulant and rude, and cares very rather little for the thoughts and feelings of those she considers her lesser, which is a group comprising most other living beings.

She's petty and rather childish for her age, and delights in the suffering and humiliation of others. Her tastes and attitudes do not very much resemble what one might consider "appropriate" for a crowned monarch in the slightest. Her language while usually flowery and posh, is just as often exceptionally crass and vulgar, especially when she's irritated by something or someone, which is distressingly often.

Her most queenly trait indeed, would be her tremendous vanity. Like most queens she cares a great deal about her appearance and would, and has, eradicate entire worlds for the slightest insult against her allegedly flawless and peerless appearance. She grows jealous easily, particularly on the subject of physical beauty, and spends much of her time plotting how to bring down those she believes are garnering undue attention that she deserves.

These traits belie Luci's keen mind and ambitious sense of drive. While it is all certainly true that she is something of a vain childish tyrant, she is also a cunning and ruthless warlord, who will in fact do anything to get what she wants, no matter how small or how large it might be. Indeed, while she is bodily, decently strong, it is her keen mind that let her overthrow the reign of the previous Daemon Lord. By most accounts her long-term plan is to either become the queen of the entire universe or to destroy it utterly, possibly both at once.


Luci was born on an uncharted planet in an unknown corner of the universe. Like most daemons she was swiftly abandoned by her parents and left to fend for herself on this world. Thankfully for her, this world was indeed inhabited, and doubly fortunately, it was inhabited by cowardly, superstitious primitives. At least it would be fortunate later, it was decidedly less than fortunate during her youth.

Luci spent an unknown amount of her early youth living on her own, the wild existence of a feral, monstrous child. The locals of the unsung planet would tell stories of the mysterious "devil child of the woods" and advise their fellows to avoid the woods, so dangerous did they consider even the small weak creature to be. This all changed one day as a well intentioned and either extremely foolhardy or prodigiously brave young sister of the cloth, hearing tale of a feral and uncared for child eking out a living in the far flung periphery of civilization, felt a pang of empathy and set off to find the child at once.

This would later be regarded by most familiar with the tale, as a "tremendously bad idea".

The sister, Sister Merride, spent a week searching for the child in the forgotten woods beyond the edge of the civilized world. She searched high and low, turning over stones and delving into wild barrows, but seemingly could not find her, no matter how hard she tried, and nearly gave up until she by sheer fortune, discovered Luci squatting upon a moonlit hill.

She was stringy, filthy, and all around unkempt, feasting on the scraps of some forlorn animal similarly eking a living on the periphery of the known world. This situation tore at the sister's heart-strings, and despite young Luci's feral and territorial candor, the sister was possessed by to offer the wayward child a chance at a new life, a fulfilling life worth living, beyond the depredations of the wilds and degradation of her own monstrous nature.

In spite of whatever reservations the young Luci might've had over the notion of becoming 'civilized', it was a moot point, as empowered by a borderline self-righteous need to help the needy, the sister successfully strong-armed her into accepting their charity.

Luci endured a period of eleven summers there in the quaint domicile of Sister Merride's home for wayward youngsters. It was a home filled with her like, those that had been cast aside by society whether by malicious negligence or cruel misfortune. In spite of this shared state of misery, the majority of the children --an eclectic band of misfits to be sure-- displayed no love for young Luci, indeed, they seemed rather antipathetic towards her, for reasons she did not fully grasp.

So while her caretakers endeavored to teach Luci, the finer points of civilized behavior and intellectual refinements, her peers treated her with an acute disdain. While her teachers instructed her in the finer points of class and knowledge, her peers taught her the cold logic of isolation. Still she made branches of... friendship in her way, these generally being in the forms in her mind, friendly pranks, that nonetheless came across more as cruel retributions. This of course did nothing for her peers' opinions of her and the divide between the only grew wider, only worsened by how readily Luci took to the lessons she was given.

It was in this environment that Luci discovered the first individual she would experience a black romance for, though she was too young to properly understand it as such at the time. It was with, a rather heroically inclined Zuid'Tan by the name of Eless. The duo had a fraught rivalry all throughout their time spent at Sister Merride's home for wayward youngsters, Luci would prank Eless, and she'd retaliate, and the two would end up both punished by Sister Merride

In retrospect it was rather paradisaical.

Their feud eventually came to a head in the most explosive of ways, as a chain of events culminated in a conflagration of the Home for wayward youngsters. A clique of busybodies, a dangerously unattended collection of spiders, and more than a few accidental child maimings, and of course, a massive fire of unknown origin. In the inferno of her childhood home Luci escaped fairly handily, only to be confronted by to her the unusual sight, of another daemon.

A daemon no more than a year her senior, though nonetheless so much more "mature" and "cool" by Luci's estimation for it.

Out of the ashes of Sister Merride's home for wayward youngsters, Luci soared with her new blood-sibling, learning all the ways of her kind which the feral child had been mostly ignorant, yet oddly prescient of for her entire young life. The pair were as once enemies and friends, a typical pair-bondship amongst daemonkind, and they struck red miles of the stars and black inches of each-other, all about the cosmos.

The pair would proceed this way, for many years, sometimes together, and as often apart, as is the way between close enamnity between daemons.

Eventually, Luci grew bored of directionlessly meandering through the cosmos, destroying and humiliating those that had the misfortune of crossing her vermillion trail. Making her way, as all ambitious, aspiring daemon warlords do, to the daemon homeworld of Pandaemonium. Here young Luci was confronted with the entrenched establishment of a decrepit and ancient domineering class that loathed nothing else as much as a young imperious upstart.

It proved to be a most ruesome challenge, though not one that Luci was uneager to rise up to. She made the right friends, and indeed, the right enemies, prying against ancient feuds dating from the times of the universe's oldest extant civilizations. She would topple the Gehennan Slave-mistress known only by the name "Undemiel", casting them into a pit of revengeful slaves and chortling merrily as she was ripped asunder unto them. Of resplendent lord Ghixx she smashed his esteemed face upon a a complacent stone, and reveled in the jeers of his peerage as he was revealed to be foppish cad. The electrokinetic lord of the copper spires, she did most rudely affix to his very own electrostatic coils from whence he wrought stormy amusement.

In this way she proceeded, and in other ways too, until at last she had caught the attention of the shadowy King of Daemonkind himself, who cast a warrant of challenge, to the impetuous upstart.

Eventually, after casting aside all other resistance, Luci began her ascent up the Red-Black Spire, that ancient pinnacle of ebony stone and metal piercing imperiously the shattered red sky of the daemon homeland. At the pinnacle of this brazen monument of a world long-forgotten, the King of Daemonkind lounged breezily. He spent an hour, mocking and deriding Luci for the commonality of her heritage, and boasted lazily of the regality of his own line. And then the two wrestled against each-other, for the better part of a day it lasted, each casting great wounds upon the other.

At its end, The Daemon-King lay deceased, his naturally crowned skull smashed inward upon itself and his resplendent feathered wings torn asunder and cast in to the loam of the land below. Luci derided the fallen King's visage loudly and crudely for nine hours afterward, and if there were any that were incited by this, they kept it quiet and private. Afterwards she did declare herself the absolute sovereign of the daemonic peoples, and indeed of all creation, and proceeded to dedicate an additional nine hours jeering and deriding the weakness of all those who had failed to prevent her ascension into self-described godhood.




• During her initial time living on Pandaemonia, Luci lived with an old man who claimed to be a "wizard", and his uutzi manservant who made a similarly dubious claim at being a "butler", and several creatures who made an incredibly good showing at being cats, yet were very clearly not "cats" to anyone who was familiar with cats.

• Some people asert that Luci might have an unhealthy fixation with her "Enamity interests", earning such comments to that effect as, "Are you sure we should scour an entire planet to find a single person?", "Is an elaborate romantic prank really the best usage of doomsday-device?" and "Did you really find someone who looked similar to them and proceed to use them as a chair?". Luci typically violently denies such allegations.

• Luci briefly entertained the notion of stratifying society into a caste system, ruled by an upper-class of murderous clown-cultists, because it would be, "Totally hilarious." Reportedly she abandoned this notion after one of the clowns she brought in to start up this initiative made and unflattering comparison of her to a particularly unattractive deep-sea shark.

• When asked what she thought entitled her to rulership of the entire universe, Luci replied: "Because I got mad money bitch!" She then proceeded to put the interviewer in an elaborate leg-lock and stomped on them until they surrendered.

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