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The Deadly Seven


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  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-1
  • Luck-1

Age: 47 years
Size: 5 ft tall
Species: Drattle

Job: Various forms of Organized Crime
Likes: Their growing riches, causing misery to everyone around them
Dislikes: The Police, Snitches, Each Othe
Notable contributions: Incredibly Prolific and feared mafia. The late Buckingham the first is an infamous criminal known throughout the universe, his 20 clones being the heirs to his name.

[Connections] Positive trait
This character has some sort of important connection to someone else. These connections oftentimes owe the character a few favors.
[Infamous] Negative trait
This character is known and widely hated throughout the universe. They may have to deal with people avoiding, getting mad at, and/or refusing service to them.
[Wanted] Negative trait
An individual or organization is attempting to track this individual down. This might take the form of a single tracker, or a widespread alert to all law enforcement in civilized space. The character may have to disguise themself to avoid constant entanglements either legal or violent.

Original Creator: Festerday

Physical Description

Cloning technology is imperfect, especially in the case of drattle technology. While the DNA used to make the Buckingham clones was pure, with the help of some genetic meddling, all members of the Buckingham family are a little different from one another. However, there are several features that all individuals share. Typically, those from the Buckingham family will have the following hallmarks of their bloodline: Freckles across their face and in some areas of their bodies, a somewhat large nose, two large fangs that poke out from the corners of their mouth, jet black hair and light green skin.

In spite of the features they all share, each one had been genetically altered to some extent to create unique Buckingham clones. For example, Buckingham XX is the largest of the group, standing at about six feet and seven inches tall. Before the 'incident', Buckingham III had been the leanest of the family, and XVII being the most muscular. If someone isn't quick to recognize a Buckingham by looks alone, rest assured they'll be quick to remind you.


With there being so many members of the Buckingham family, it would be difficult to describe their personality as whole. While it is agreed by most that the large majority of the family are generally the unsavory type, they are all their own people despite their DNA all coming from the same person. Below are some short descriptions of each member, both living and deceased. Note that some deceased members lack an overall description, as many of these individuals have had their records wiped clean, or that finding details of their fate has turned up very little relevant information.

Buckingham I: Deceased. See History Section.

Buckingham II: Deceased. A kidnapping, hostage situation enthusiast. Died attempting to hold himself for ransom, after tying himself down to a live explosive device. Took out half a city with him, the second's actual intentions in whether they wanted the ransom to be paid or not are still unknown to this day.

Buckingham III: "The Brain". Buckingham the 3rd is alive, but just barely, as all that is left of his body is her brain, her hat, and a bit of her left kidney. While preserved, the 3rd is incapable of moving the device that contains her brain, instead she has her AI minions take care of most of her work, with her being the brilliant mastermind behind it.

Buckingham IV: Deceased.

Buckingham V: Missing, thought to be deceased. An avid anomalous object collector, reportedly had fallen into one of his prized collector's items, The Bottomless Ball Pit. The body was never recovered.

Buckingham VI: Deceased.

Buckingham VII: [REDACTED]

Buckingham VIII: Deceased. Taken an interest in body modification, often using unwilling participants in their quest to perfect their art. Died while attempting to replace their bones with a more resilient material, but had accidentally connected their new hip bone into their chest.

Buckingham IX: "The Hypnotist". The 9th excels in mind control devices, he's particularly fond of the ananke line and uses it as a model for his own experimental mind control. When someone needs a dirty deed done, out of all of the family members the 9th is the one most come to, with a high success rate and a low chance of evidence left over if witnesses are hypnotized.

Buckingham X: Deceased.

Buckingham XI & XII: "The Twins". The 11th and 12th Buckinghams are better known for their increasingly large string of robberies, currently having successfully gotten away with an estimated 164 in a row without being caught by the intergalactic police force. They started their lives as a pair of conjoined twins, surgically separated but to this day are inseparable.

Buckingham XIII: Deceased. The 13th was a highly prolific villain in their day, as well as a highly talented showman. His most famous crime was overtaking the Kheiron's presidential office, having set up an elaborate trap around the building that consisted of (but not limited to): a marsue infested moat, saw blades with compartments that contained spiders within, and a pulley system that was meant to unearth the entire building itself and to be lifted off into his personal airship. Later died that day after choking on a meatball sub. The presidential office that he had stolen was never found.

Buckingham XIV: Deceased.

Buckingham XV: Deceased. Had been in the same accident that rendered the 3rd alive but in pieces. While the 3rd had her brain left over from the 'spontaneously combusting bobs experiment' incident, all that was left of the 15th was a bit of ash and their left shoe.

Buckingham XVI: Deceased. Died attempting to prove that she could in fact, just walk into the federation meeting room with a flamethrower to make her demands to the federation members. Needless to say, it went poorly. Was crushed under an anomalous vending machine.

Buckingham XVII: "The Firepower". If any member of the family loves firearms, none would match the passion that Buckingham the 17th has for them. The 17th is the main weapons distributor within the Buckingham family, and is constantly developing her own unique firearms and weapons of destruction. High strung and meticulous, she closes herself off from most people other than her family members.

Buckingham XVIII: Deceased. Had taken a great interest in the lost art of necromancy, was last seen alive attempting to use said necromancy within a burger meat factory.

Buckingham XIX: Deceased. A circus owner that trained animals as their personal henchmen. Died whilst training kaws to use laser weapons.

Buckingham XX: "The Brute". The 20th is the largest of the Buckingham siblings, both in height and width. Currently the undisputed leader of the family, the 20th has control of many of the other member's finances, as well as having the most henchmen at his disposal when needed. Also owns a chain of upscale restaurants.

Buckingham XXI: Alive, but has no noteworthy accomplishments. Married to O-11.


As any lineage of drattles, it must begin with a First; Buckingham the First is one of the more infamously known super villains of his time, having a record of some of the grandest evil schemes to his name. Buckingham was born an orphan, adopted by a pair of volkronns that had soon after sold him off to the black market. His childhood was that of constant displacement, as no caretaker could keep Buckingham for too long before another tragedy would strike. From being nearly drowned by flash floods, to being kidnapped by ravenous elves, Buckingham nearly met his end on numerous occasions while still very young. However from these experiences would the young drattle learn the trades of treachery, his vast and swiftly growing intelligence would lead him to go on to great and terrible things as he approached his early teens.

By the age of 12, he had already enacted his revenge on his parents by means of timed explosives. A year later he would tame and train a pack of blood mantises, his first personal minions to do his bidding. Tormenting others in elaborate ways was not just for entertainment sake, it was getting by in this cruel, cruel world with only himself and his vicious mantises. Years of blackmailing, favors for favors, and taking revenge on those who had wronged him during his childhood had given Buckingham his reputation of a particularly twisted, but highly intelligent villain.

Eventually, with much hard work and even more planning beforehand, Buckingham found himself in charge of a fairly well known corporate empire, incidentally one formerly owned by volkronns. In present day this company no longer exists in the same way that it had once been, most of the money gained having been laundered and funneled directly into Buckingham's wallet until it was a shell of its former self. This was only the start of the drattle's riches, once he had moved on he would go onto bigger, better things to get his claws on. Not once caught in the act, Buckingham could be attributed hundreds of stolen objects, from art pieces to super weapons.

At some point in time, it's been said that Buckingham knew that his time would be coming to an end soon. He had become a name that people feared, but he needed more than that, he needed to become immortal. And as most drattles do, he would accomplish that through cloning, making exactly 20 copies of himself. There are about as many stories of Buckingham the First's life as there are about how he died. They all share the same bombastic end, dying while doing what he loved the most, and taking out plenty more with him in the end.

As thrilling as many of these stories may be, there are a large amount of inconsistencies between them. Even Buckingham family members all have different tellings of their predecessor's life story, all of which seem to fit towards their ideal version of what he had been like in life.


It's a Family Business: In spite of the turbulent nature of the Buckingham family's interpersonal relationships, they will consistently check up on one another to see that they are well. Whether it is out of genuine care of one another (although, highly unlikely), or simply for personal gain, if one member is under fire the others will reach out to help their sibling. Essentially, if you mess with one Buckingham, you mess with the whole family. Those who tangle with the family, be it the Police or people that think they could challenge any one member are likely to have one or more family members tailing them, intending to make those who threaten their business back off by any means deemed necessary.


• When sent out to the surviving members of the Buckingham family for review and approval, all but one had ignored the request for review of the entry. The app was sent back soon after with a message, and the entire entry rewritten attached. Here's what Buckingham XXI had to say in the return message:

You call yourselves professionals?! This whole entry, paragraphs upon paragraphs written about HOGWASH and barely a mention of its most important member! I shall grant the benefit of the doubt that perhaps you might not have been aware that I, Lord Buckingham XXI had so much to be written about! So I've taken the liberty of rewriting your pathetic entry for you. YOU'RE WELCOME.

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