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Artemis v18 / Blazing Huntress

“Hypocrites, the lot of them. They claim to be protecting the masses, but slaughter the innocent without remorse.” — Callisto upon being asked about Q-classes.

Art by, dr9com9ge

  • Strength-5
  • Intelligence-8
  • Charisma-4
  • Endurance-10
  • Agility-7
  • Luck-0

Age: Unknown
Size: 6 ft tall
Species: Artemis

Job: Clockwork Hunter
Likes: Solitude, Her current brother, Being armed to the teeth
Dislikes: Q-Classes, Liars, Being without a weapon
Notable contributions: Assisting in the destruction of many clockwork outbreaks and frustrating just as many Q-classes.

[Attitude] Neutral trait
Clockworks aren't killed with kindness or sweet smiles.
[Calm] Neutral trait
In the heat of a fight, panic is your worst enemy.
[Clockwork Slayer] Positive trait
It's unknown how long Callisto has been fighting clockworks, but it's enough to leave her with vast knowledge on dealing with them.
[Fireproof] Positive trait
Being built specifically to fight clockworks comes with some perks.
[Hates Q-Classes] Negative trait
Hypocrites, the lot of them.
[Dependent] Negative trait
What is a huntress without her weapons?
[Well Armed] Ability trait
A good huntress is never without a weapon.
[Famous] Mystery trait
Killings clockworks is never an easy feat, but no hero is without an enemy.

Original Creator: stumpios

Physical Description

Callisto stands at an average height for an Artemis unit, with a typical stature. A mostly whitish-grey shell with highlights of a bright blue on her hoof like hands and feet, and horns. However, these colors seem somewhat washed out by time, and in some spots, blotted out by scorch marks.

Callisto's preference for lunar and formal themes is obvious in her chosen clothing, typically consisting of short-sleeved button ups and darker pants, with sparing moon-themed decorations. These decorations are the most present on her vertically curved horns, hanging from the few branching spikes present on the near-crescent curves.

Seeming both a key part of her physical appearance and identity, Callisto is never seen without some sort of weapon, either holstered or held. There's a significant preference for fire-based weapons, though anything long-ranged is not out of the question.


While not exactly rude, most people would describe Callisto as far from talkative, and perhaps a bit cold. Conversations with her tend to be short, unless there is some sort of exchange to be made. In this case, Callisto will be more friendly, if just for the sake of making the transaction go smoother.

Even with her typically guarded persona, it isn't terribly hard to get on Callisto's bad side. And for those who do, they can expect either sharp words and a more noticeable attitude, or an icy silence.

However, this guarded iciness doesn't seem to persist with the few individuals that this artemis is close to. While most refuse speaking on their personal relationship with her, those who do describe her as more caring than what she lets on, although she still remains firmly on the side of less talk, and more actions.

Notably, Callisto has a firm stance against specifically Q-class notails. Being from the Artemis line, she has a strong bias against those who appear to her as hypocrites or liars, which is exactly how she views the entirety of the Q-uarantine class. She's been commonly heard stating her hatred comes from the brutal methods in which Q-classes protect the populations from disease and clockworks. This hatred is mostly seen in the form of an especially icy disposition towards Q-classes, though many irritated Q-classes have reported heated debates between themselves and Callisto.


Almost from the moment she was powered on for the first time, Callisto's goal had already been laid out in front of her; exterminate clockworks and protect the population. Originally, she was not alone in this goal, with her brother unit, Rigel. The two worked as an efficient duo, with Callisto dealing with the combat side of things, and her brother helping the surviving victims of these unfortunate attacks.

However, good things rarely last, and a day came where Callisto's brother was tricked by a particularly clever Siren, and infected. Callisto was only informed of this development after her brother had been quarantined and killed. While Callisto herself refuses to comment on the tragic event, many assume this was the start of Callisto's hatred for Q-classes.

After the loss of Rigel, notable reports of Callisto's work seem to fall into a similar pattern of isolated attacks on clockwork strains, followed by the Artemis unit vanishing and reappearing on a new planet a month or two later to fight the next strain she spotted.

Nobody has been able to pick out exactly when, but some point, likely at least a decade after the death of her brother unit, a new AI, an Eros unit named Hally, began accompanying Callisto in her missions. Callisto has been reported calling this Eros unit her brother on multiple occasions.

After this development, nothing new of interest has been reported.


Weapons at the Ready: Even in cases where Callisto has not been seen to have a weapon on hand, onlookers have reported her having one ready at the moment it was required. Callisto claims she always keeps a spare on her, but there are still skeptics.


• Despite being well aware of the issues from having multiple decorations hanging from her horns, Callisto refuses to remove them.

• Despite her vocal hatred for Q-classes, most other notails don't seem to bother her, or at least to the same degree as Q-classes do.

• Callisto refuses any sort of payment for her work, but if it's given to her brother, she won't decline it. This has resorted in him becoming a secretary of sorts for Callisto.

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