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Nancy Joy

CEO of Joy / I got the Joy Joy...

Nancy Joy
“Making an AI with a cunning and intelligent personality to be my servant surely cant backfire on me in any way!” — Nancy's creator, moments before being slaughtered.

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  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-7
  • Luck-0

Age: 340 years
Size: 9 ft tall, 6 ft long
Species: AI

Job: CEO
Likes: Fancy things, Useful idiots, Business associates.
Dislikes: Law enforcement, Trade Regulations, Smart people.
Notable contributions: CEO of The Joy Commission, a company dealing in questionably legal trade.

[Eloquent] Neutral trait
She knows just the right words for any situation, always using the most fancy and "pretty sounding" words she can.
[Unreadable] Neutral trait
Always smiling. Never showing weakness, emotional or otherwise.
[Stylish] Neutral trait
A proper lady dresses sharply for any occasion.
[Connections] Positive trait
Being a famed businesswoman has its benefits.
[Cunning] Positive trait
Fashion is not the only thing she's skilled at.
[Polite] Positive trait
Affable and approachable, always. Even if she is a bad person.
[Manipulative] Negative trait
"If you want someone to do something, make it seem like it's their idea."
[Forceful] Negative trait
If she wants something, she will make sure she gets it, no matter what she has to do.

Original Creator: MsAnaheim

Physical Description

Nancy is a tall custom-built humanoid AI, most of her body is coated with a simple white paint with silver highlights, and her four arms are not connected to her body, floating near her through an unseen method of propulsion. She has a long, thin tail with a large stinger at its tip, usually filled with poison.

Her head resembles the head of a cupid unit, except with four horns instead of ears, and is also not connected to her body, similarly to her arms. Her monitor typically displays an emoticon such as ':)' or ':D' on a white background, rarely changing to anything else.

Nancy's usual attire consists of a wig of short black hair on her head and expensive white suits or dresses. On occasion she attaches two metallic wings to her back, these serve only to make her seem taller and fancier than she already is.

Usually, she carries herself with an air of eloquence and fanciness, always trying to be the best-dressed person in the room, even if the occasion she is dressed for is something mundane like a sports event or something more gruesome like an execution.


Polite, refined, and always happy, Nancy always makes sure to present herself this way, her expressions thoroughly unreadable. Even if she hates someone passionately, she always makes sure to treat them with the same respect and politeness she would treat anyone else with.

Of course, this is probably because she wants most people to see her as less awful than she is.

She usually wants something out of people, be it money, their skill, or their servitude, rarely does she actually have a non-exploitative relationship with just about anyone, very few people are able to truly call her a friend. If she can call upon a favor from someone, she will use that favor eventually, and given how many people she has interacted over the years, she has a lot of favors to call upon. Given the fact she has many people on her payroll, if she wants something, all she really needs to do is give one of her associates a call, and she'll have it within as fast as a week.

Despite her affability and politeness, she is very quick to remove herself from any situation she finds a waste of time or too stressful for her to handle, quickly dismissing whoever she was talking with. Treating her as inferior or looking down on her is also a quick way to get oneself removed from her presence.


Nancy's early history is unclear, and not much is known about her during her younger years, most of what we know about her history comes from Nancy herself, however it is known that her life starts much like the life of other AIs, as some rich person's personal servant. She doesn't talk much about it, simply saying "I didn't like it" or "It was awful, darling", she claims she managed to convince her owner to let her go free by acting as if she was a useless fool, but given that her owner was never heard from again afterwards, some have casted doubt onto this.

According to Nancy, she afterwards mostly travelled throughout the universe, exploring, gathering friends, associates, and favors from others, slowly but surely gaining some semblance of power over people. 30 Years later, she re-emerged, with a small group of trusted people with her (Including someone who she later married), she and her companions formed a company, called "The Joy Commission", dedicated to manufacturing, selling and transporting medicine and medical products which some believe are of questionable legality. Nancy and her Commission quickly distinguished themselves from others due to the fact they take routes through uncharted areas of space over more conventional routes, allowing their ships to avoid pirates and fees from travelling through borders.

The Joy Commission quickly managed to choke out some of their competition with their cheap shipping prices, and have since then quickly grown into a major name in the industry. Though some have questioned the legality of some of their products or their more questionable methods and operations, they are quickly reminded of the company's unofficial slogan, "You can't prove anything!".




• Apparently, Nancy has a family of her own. Not much is known about them other than the fact the surname "Joy" was from Nancy's wife.

• The exact route that The Joy Commission's transport ships take is a closely protected trade secret, their ships are thoroughly checked for stowaways and tracking devices far more intensively than other merchant ships usually do.

• Some reading this article might've wished we said more about some of the operations of The Joy Commission and some of its practices, we must remind those readers that those claims are unproven and we probably could not include them without getting sued for libel. The Cosmosdex apologizes for any inconvenience this might cause to our readers.

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