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Everybody Loves Me! / Lady Lovesoul Glitterjoy's True and Perfect Form!

“Everybody loves me!” — Everybody Loves Me!

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  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-11
  • Endurance-8
  • Agility-4
  • Luck-2

Age: 33 years
Size: 8'2" ft tall
Species: Marsue

Job: Being loved by all!
Likes: Love!, Everyone!, Especially you!
Dislikes: Hate!, Flaws!, Nobody!
Notable contributions: A lovely and wonderful blessed marsue that nobody can show hatred for at all! Why would they?

[Perfect] Mystery trait
There is nothing that she can do wrong!

Original Creator: Babybowser101

Physical Description

ELM! is a wonderful green marsue with brightly glowing pink and red hearts for pupils! Her pink and red hair is beautiful, long, and flowing, spreading out over extravagant gold and crimson outfits! She always carries her magical staff of love, a crooked golden stick with a massive heart-shaped ruby on top! ELM! is commonly followed around by a group of assorted fauna, as they seem to love her as much as anyone else!

ELM! is always surrounded by a large swarm of gnats! This swarm is incredibly colorful and vibrant, flashing all the colors of the rainbow, and gives ELM! a shimmering multicolored aura! She doesn't seem to like these gnats very much, but says they're still her friends, despite the many bites that seem to cover her body! These gnats bunch up together to form a big rainbow shield when ELM! is threatened by bad people, blocking bullets and other long-ranged attacks!


Vain, narcissistic, pathetic, and awful! These are all words that could be used to describe ELM! if it was possible to imply that she had any flaws! However, ELM! is flawless and is the most lovable person in the universe! She loves everyone and everything, and wouldn't hurt a fly! Except for, of course, when she gets hungry!

As a possible result of having all the love in the world, ELM! can be rather emotional sometimes! She'll occasionally kneel over and sob, likely out of joy for all the love she's getting! Her swarm of gnat pals usually gets her back to normal by lightly tickling her until her emotions are in check! She screams laughing, gets up, and keeps on searching for new friends! Sometimes after these emotional outburts she leaves beautiful and certainly honest poetry behind, which is how her history has been gathered!

There isn't much else to say! There isn't much else the Cosmosdex can say! ELM! is lovable, wonderful, perfect, and lovable! This may be redundant, but it's important to highlight how amazing she is!


Long ago, there was a marsue named Lady Lovesoul Glitterjoy! She lived on Besplanet, and was poor, tired, and hungry! She wandered the planet, unloved by even other marsues! Eventually, she began to starve to death! After over a week of excruciating pain, she dragged herself to a statue of the Singer inside of a wrecked spaceship! She cried out, asking to be loved, to be cared about, to be protected from death!

The Singer responded, and the pathetic Lady Lovesoul Glitterjoy curled up! Suddenly, as a swarm of shimmering rainbow gnats painfully flew out of her mouth, Lady Lovesoul Glitterjoy ascended to her True and Perfect Form, and was gifted a new name! She would now be called Everybody Loves Me!, and everybody would love her! She quickly found a way off-planet, and now roams the cosmos! ELM! is being vigilantly tracked by various governments, and since those meanies haven't find a good way to kill her yet, they send messages to planets when she's headed their way!


Everybody Loves Me!: It is impossible not to show love for ELM! This effect is only surface-level when simply talking about ELM!, allowing people to think negative things about her but not say them! However, when within a mile or so of her, people can begin to actually believe that ELM! is the perfect person and deserves to be loved! This can turn into a dangerous obsession the closer one gets to ELM!, eventually resulting in losing the ability to care about anyone or anything else! The love shown to ELM! is typically platonic, but can be romantic in some cases!


• The gnats surrounding ELM! seem to have an aversion to fire! The notail government is currently developing a prototype flamethrower sniper rifle that can possibly get past the long-range protection of the gnats! Something odd is that, despite the gnats not liking it very much, ELM! seems to like sitting around fire!

• The fauna that get too close to ELM! and follow her around typically die of starvation after a while, as they love her so much they forget to eat! This is where ELM! seems to get most of her meals!

• The Cosmosdex would like to remind everybody to look at the marsue and singer entries as a reminder of how horrible other marsues and anomalies are! We aren't allowed to imply that ELM! is horrible, but we can direct you to a more general article!

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