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Artemis v31

The Lunar Bandito / Moon Stealing Idiot

Artemis v31
“Steal from the rich and give to the poor! Ten moons to your planet? Not no more!” — Artemis v31, to the leaders of a planet as she was flying away with one of their planets ten moons.

Art by, pidgeon

  • Strength-7
  • Intelligence-3
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-6
  • Agility-7
  • Luck-10

Age: 150 Years.
Size: 3'9 ft tall
Species: Artemis Unit

Job: Moon thief
Likes: Moons, Notails, 'Derek'
Dislikes: Apollo Units, Planets with too many moons, Those who seek to stop her from relocating moons, Mirrors
Notable contributions: Being a notoriously hard to catch thief of moons for over 125 years.

[Childish] Neutral trait
This character is very childish. Although this can be seen as cute sometimes, it can also be very annoying.
[Fiddlesticks] Neutral trait
This character doesn't ever swear, but replaces their swears with other things. If they do swear, they apologize for their language. Opposite of [Foul-Mouthed].
[Artful Dodger] Positive trait
This character is a good dodger, and they will have a better chance of avoiding attacks.
[Escape Artist] Positive trait
This character will almost always manage to get out of sticky situations.
[Reprogrammed] Negative trait
This character has lost most of or all memories of who they were.
[Bottled Rage] Negative trait
This character will store away their anger or other such emotions whenever they feel them and won't tell others about the anger they're feeling. Because of this, after too much anger has been stored up, they will be prone to burst at even the smallest thing and fly into a fit of rage.
[Flirt with Fortune] Ability trait
When failing a roll, this character may roll again, using their charisma stat as the modifier. Cooldown: 50% activation rate on failed luck rolls. Restrictions: Charisma must be 10 or higher. If at any time charisma falls below 10, this trait becomes inactive.
[Self-Fulfilling Prophet] Mystery trait
You can't tell the future. But you can make your own.

Original Creator: Technobaab/interdimensionaltechnobabble

Physical Description

While at a distance, Artemis v31 appears to be a typical artemis unit, on a closer glance, several things that mark her as unusual can be noticed. For one, her rather incredibly short height, not just for an artemis but in general, for another, her generally beaten and battered look. She looks as if the only thing holding her together is duct tape and a dream, horns broken, chassis dented beyond all hope of her repairing it herself, screen cracked to the point that it barely functions.

However, the final part of herself that stands out is her appearance of constant self-assurance. No matter the circumstances, she always seems to have things 'under control' despite whatever fears she may have beneath the surface, always ensuring those around her that whatever situation she is in will turn out in her favor.


A rather cavalier, yet cheery fellow, with rather unusual priorities. Despite her cheery attitude, if any conversation heads in the direction of moons, she is certain to ensure it stays there. To her, moons are everything. Their beauty, symbolism, moons are her world. She despises any "imbalances of lunar activity", doing anything she can to correct it if a planet has too many or too few moons. Still, when not speaking of moons, which is rare, she seems merely like a childish, if somewhat odd, artemis unit.

She oddly enough dislikes hunting, due to, in her words, "Being useless with a bow and uncomfortable around guns." Whenever asked why she is uncomfortable around guns, she has given a different answer, ranging from "One time I got killed by one and now I'm a ghost!" to simply "The noise hurts my ears."


While she does not have much of a 'history' per-se, she does have a criminal record, and is proud of it. According to her, her most fondly recalled heist is the 'great theft of Argus 18', in which she managed to relocate every one of the 100 moons in the system to other planets WITHIN said system before being forced to make her escape.


Emergency Wipe: In situations of high stress, Artemis v31 has been known to wipe relevant memories in order to cope. On multiple occasions, she has wiped all but her core files, and a set of memories that she claims are kept in a folder marked 'Important Shit (NO DELETE)', which tell her to go out into the universe, and continue her mission of equilizing the moons of the universe.


• According to her, the optimum number of moons is 'somewhere around 3'.

• She has a habit of calling any Selene unit she meets 'bosslady', before correcting herself. Whenever asked why, she always ignores the question entirely.

• She is a member of a group of other Artemis, and Diana units, who often discuss planets that have unsatisfactory numbers of moons. She is not the only one to steal moons in a strange crusade of equalization, but she is notable for her extreme devotion to this cult-like act.

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