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The smiling plague.....

A horrifying species, many dread the moment their names are uttered. Stories of their brutality and lack of shame litter the universe. To think that a species whose main goal in life is to defeat a great evil could be one of the foulest species, racing across the universe in search of knowledge. The ends justify the means, and they take delight in being called so awful. This species is the notail.
This section is dedicated to them due to their importance in the universe and contains info about their leaders, class system, and even their upbringing. Love them or hate them, they've earned their spot.


The section below contains notail lore, including species info and other bits of lore. Most of the entries below lead to various other sections of the Cosmosdex.


Alone, a notail is but a simple creature, but together they are the universe's worst nightmare, and that's how they want it.

With their antennas, notails can speak to each other non-verbally to up to 20 feet away, but some can even go farther than that. With enough notails around they can create networks, allowing one notail to be able to contact another from miles away by bouncing their signals off of other notails.


Little is known about the planet itself, other then before the notails appeared, a species known as the tailed ones lived on it. They were wiped out, as legends go, by the notails. Fossil records show that there does not appear to be any sort of ancestor to the notail, but due to how quickly and strangely things evolve on the planet, many species have missing links.

The notails quickly took claim to the planet, and were able to set up many safe spots, including a forest filled with deadly creatures for their young to test their skills in.


The metaparxi as a species are very docile, non-confrontational creatures, with a knack for negotiation and compromise. They will do anything within their power to avoid arguments or backlash. They are known for being obedient and submissive to higher classes and anyone who might be more powerful or wealthy than they are. Despite all of these traits, they are privately sarcastic, nihilistic, and classist, with predispositions to loathe anyone that is capable of bossing them around.

The Woods

The Woods is an extremely large tract of land, that despite the name has several biomes. The Woods are the first real challenge notails will have to face, and for some, their biggest one. While most get out alive some do not.


The section below has a list of notail classes which includes common info about the class and subgroups in the class. All entries are self contained to this area.


A-classes are monsters known as abominations. Abominations happen when notails are affected by the mutagens on their planets that give other animals extreme mutations throughout their generations. This means that children who are born on planets that aren't their highly mutagen filled homeworld are much less likely to come out as abominations. Every notail that born on any of their planets is likely mutagen infected, meaning even if the child is born on a perfectly clean planet there is still a chance of getting an abomination.


B-classes are known for being rather boring. Their monotoned voice starts from childhood and follows them throughout their life. B-classes are rather interested in the process of both natural and unnatural selection but have little passion for anything else. B-classes are heavily into the concept of "there's a time for everything" and will mention this when they feel like someone is doing something inappropriate for the moment, no matter how small.


Some don't believe calling a C-class a notail is correct anymore. C-classes while having the same frame as notails look different from them, and sometimes from each other depending on the type. Every C-class despite their different body shapes have the same start in life and mental attitude, except for the C-ontroller type.

C-classes are not raised with other types of notails and are only taken care of by their own class. C-classes are raised in silence. The only skill they learn is basic language skills, and they themselves will never use it, merely understand it.


There's really nothing to say about D-classes. D-classes are any class of notail who has been "born incorrect" or not to notail standards. While some mutations are shrugged away and allowed some are far too extreme for notails to ignore. The most common dud type is a notail being born without antennas which disallows the “dud” to be able to speak to other notails with ease. Notails actually have quick surgeries they can do to add antennas to a notail who has lost or broken theirs, but when a notail is born without them they are tossed into the dud bin anyway.


A sight that sadly too many newly discovered aliens see: a swarm of E-classes. From early childhood, E-classes form small groups. These mainly contain other E-classes, but other classes who enjoy traveling may apply. E-classes are one of the swarming classes, commonly learning early on through childhood quests of gathering in groups to fight or catch animals much bigger than them that, while quality is fine, quantity should never be looked down upon.

E-classes spend a longer time in the woods, usually helping young and confused notails out after they have become a master of their environment.


The F-class is known as the advance G-eneral class. Jobs which require more training or studies are more often than not moved to the F-class. Unlike the G-class, F-classes are not allowed as much job freedom as every F-class is trained for a long period of time to do their job. Despite being born into a notail class system the F-classes are the only classes that have to fight for the jobs they want. F-classes must be able to pass a series of tests to show that they are the best choice to be trained for their chosen job.


Despite being one of, if not the most common type of notail, most aliens will never see a single one in their entire life outside of notail planets. G-classes, unlike other notails, stick together in groups from the moment they're born. Being seen as the least special of the notails, G-classes gain their power in numbers, not talents. Their quests are about working together, not attempting to differentiate themselves from the pack. In the woods, G-classes gather up as their capture creatures are less useful to survival than others. Other classes are always on the lookout for G-classes for trading supplies to survive.


Once the H-classes were one of the largest class of notails, taking up 20% of the total population. H-class worked tirelessly to perfect farming, making more efficient and hardy plants, making plants that wouldn't ruin the soil around them, making high crop yields, and automatic farming systems.

And then they did it. Things proceeded to quickly become awkward as for years 20% of the population barely did anything at all.


"They just don't seem like notails." That's the first thought that enters the mind of many when meeting an I-class. It's rather true, and I-classes from a young age can end up having trouble relating to other notails. I-classes are pure of heart though and slowly come to an acceptance, even though they have a hard time agreeing with killing animals or fighting with others for the top spot. As I-classes are frankly ill fit for the notail lifestyle their quests are just about helping other notails find missing objects or track animals down.


Absolutely judgemental. The J-class judges how people walk, how they talk, how they introduce themselves, even small verbal tics. If a J-class acts rude it's because someone did something they might have not even noticed to set off the alarms in their head. From an early age, J-classes are taught about how to spot signs of nervous people, people who might be hiding the truth. J-classes hold small trials for their fellow children as their quests, though no one gets punished, these games of attempting to figure out who stole one of the toys are just warm-ups for what's to come.


There is nothing more important to notails than knowledge. Without the K-class notails would have very little purpose in life. K-classes can be found anywhere, from traveling on other planets to libraries and labs. The K-class is a class that covers an extremely large range of jobs all in the pursuit of knowledge. This knowledge is then stored in the extremely large notail database for usage in other classes.


From a young age, the landlord class watches over others and locations. It seems strange to think that one of the top notail classes starts life as a mere maid for the shared household they live in as children. The L-class works with the W-aiter class and metaparxis to take care of the household, making sure it's clean, in working order and reporting anything off to their local M-atriarch class. L-classes are known for their ability to remember people, and events related to them. This is a trait L-classes use later to figure out if certain tenants are the type of people who are likely to cause drama or make a mess.


Every M-class is born in the same area they will die. Instead of questing with the other children, young M-classes will follow adult M-classes learning the ways of their job from their elders, only breaking away to head into the woods. M-classes quickly learn that other than the O-rder classes, they are the top bosses of the notail world, even if they nearly never leave their settlement.


N-classes are passionate about hate. The emotional struggles and drama of others are their muse. N-classes are exceptionally attracted to non-physical drama and will gravitate over to them. Despite this N-classes will actually get in the middle of the drama and calm down both parties if possible if they feel the drama has escalated too far. If the drama is a nice "simmer" they'll watch it contently from the sidelines only speaking to the parties separately after it is over.


As all the O-classes have their own entries, we suggest starting there for info on O-classes. Instead, we will be detailing the requirements to become an O-class in this entry.


P-classes are in a world of their own from the moment they're born. Normally grouped with other P-classes, unlike other notail children who run around outside doing quests that involve fighting small beasts or discovering local flora, P-classes stay inside and program. They are taught technical skills from an early age and just that. P-classes don't even get to go to the woods for a long time, going in late at the age of 13 and exiting a mere two years later while most notails are in for five years. P-classes normally grow bored fast, finishing their quests with ease. At that point, they peer out of their windows to see other children. Then they go join them.


Found in swarms, and only near disaster. If one spots a group of Q-classes they should quickly assume there's an infection sweeping the area, an infection they may not even be noticed. Notails never had a need for a military that fought against an intelligent species until they reached space. Before gaining the Y-eotail class who would be that military force, the notails had and still have, the Q-class. Sicknesses, anomalies, and raging powerful animals, those are the things the Q-class puts up with.


R-classes are everywhere, and yet rarely seen. If people could find them they would be doing a poor job. One of the loneliest notail classes, the R-class are avoidant of others from childhood, being taught via their quests to avoid detection by other notail children in the area. R-classes stay out in the woods as long as other outdoor notail types like the E-xplorer class. During this time they will aggressively protect a small tract of land in the woods.


Always on the move and with no care in the world. The S-class has seen and done it all. Nothing ever seems to surprise them anymore. From an early age S-classes watch videos of notails and other species being cut open and taught basic medical training. S-classes follow groups off to go fight animals for their quests so that they may treat those who get hurt. Once an S-class reaches 14 years of age their trip in the woods ends, but they don't leave. Instead, they spend the next three years learning, assisting medical doctors in the woods and figuring out what they want to study.


Coldblooded, with eyes that could kill, T-classes keep their noses in the air. The T-class manages and protects money and resources for notails, and also keep the economy stable. They would sell their best friend for a quick buck if they could. T-classes are always looking for weaknesses both in their own systems, and other species' systems.

Building up walls around their own weaknesses and biting the neck of others when they aren't looking is all in the style of T-classes.


Very little info is known about the U-class, as it is supposed to be. Originally a type of R-anger class the U-class broke into its own class. U-classes do not identify themselves at any point in their life, not even as a child. U-classes mingle as another class until adulthood where they are taken to an unknown location and told about their true rank. It is guessed that some M-atriarch class are actually U-classes in disguise, thus making sure that U-classes get the correct capture creature and learn the right lessons.


Not many people expect a class of doctors to act like a bunch of animals and yet the notails are here to surprise. Climbing up trees and grabbing hurt animals with extreme speed, young V-classes are ambush predators. Listening carefully to the sounds of animals and mimicking them in an attempt to get the animal to "speak" back so the Y-class can locate injured subjects is a trait of a V-class that follows them everywhere. When surprised they'll act in an animalistic way, hissing, snapping, even attempting to make themselves look bigger. No other notail type does as well in the woods as a V-class, some of them even need to be dragged out.


W-classes are born to serve. From childhood, W-classes follow other children around helping them with their quests, for it is their quest to do so. Two years before a W-class heads into the woods they are allowed to pick a non-G-class to follow. It is their duty to make sure this person is taken care of and protected throughout the whole trip.

Once out of the woods the W-class will follow their chosen notail until the W-class is finally picked by a much higher rank and is sent off to work.


Constantly winning the poll for the worst type of notail by a landslide everytime single time, the X-class didn't gain such a reputation for no reason. When most think notail, they think of a creepy manipulative creature that calmly stalks out "prey", also known as everyone and anyone, before either stealing them away or drawing in the foolish to be experimented on. The notail being described is the X-class.


Loud and boisterous, the easiest way to explain a Y-class is that they'll headbutt anything. From childhood, Y-classes make sure that everyone knows when they walk into a room. They hoot, holler, and travel in close-knit packs. Teammates are everything for a Y-class. Being the military force young Y-classes are taught to listen to orders without question and train to be at peak performance. While Y-classes get capture creatures these creatures tend to need to be rescued more often than not, apparently having some sort of death wish. For every capture creature that dies within a Y-class pack, their ranking goes down.


The Z-class are the best around when it comes to taming fauna on notail planets. They seem to have a close connection to wildlife and other animals. Z-classes are taught early in life to track animals and document them, even battling a few weaker types in their childhood quests. When a Z-class reaches adulthood they go from merely watching fauna and documenting them from afar to actively wrangling them and bringing them back home to be tamed.


Alpha-classes are the titles given to those who have abandoned the Notail Union. There are many reasons a notail may leave, from social, ethical, or physical reasons. Despite what many assume, the process to leave is not only clear but hasty, allowing one to leave their position within a month's time. Those who leave are often hit with the reality of other governmental habits, especially those regarding money.


There is not much to speak about when it comes to the state of Beta-class notails. Their attitudes depend on their parents and upbringing. The only notable issue with Beta-classes, is that they often feel lonesome when it comes to traditions. Their parents may force them to not be allowed to wear masks, engage in summer camps, have a sign off, and even disallow them from pet ownership, especially in the case of Alpha-class parents.


Classless notails are those who are born between a union of two other notails. These children have the same rights and benefits as other notails, but live with their parents for the first ten years of their life. After this time is up, they must decide to either send their child into the woods or continue raising them at home. Classless notails who do not go into the woods are often mocked by their peers because they have not gone through the same "tense survival situation" the rest of notail kind has experienced.


This section lists all the current big bosses of the notails, included the O-classes and the class leaders. All the entries below lead to the legendary section of the Cosmosdex.


There's not much to be said about O-1's personality as there's very little info known. One cannot even be sure if O-1 exists, never mind attempting to figure out truth from fiction when it comes to facts about O-1. There are a few snippets of "facts" about O-1 that seem popular in the notail population, mainly those on Eukaryote, but none of these facts can be confirmed, so everything below should be taken with a side of skepticism.


O-2 has two modes, and two modes only, and yet it is impossible to tell which is which until it's too late. Almost all of the time, O-2 is relaxed and chilled out. As he comments, "Most of the time, I'm just a visitor to this plain of existence. I'm just here to take in everything." And taking in everything is what O-2 does.

O-2 does not forget. O-2 has what he calls a videographic memory. He remembers everything that has ever happened around him, seemingly down to the last detail.


For a notail, O-3's personality can be described as bizarre. He is always optimistic about the events around him and often brings gifts to anyone who can withstand conversing with him. This reward is often a "treat" that he has created "optimal for notail consumption." It's rumored that because animals adore him due to his hand-feeding of them, he thinks that the same will work with notails, who he calls "higher animals."


Unforgiving, eccentric, and spiteful, those are the three words that sum up Princess. The hard end of the notail's boot has been delivered to her early life due to lacking antennas. Being born without them is considered a disability that gets one promoted to D-class immediately. Having to live in such conditions has caused Princess to have a unique outlook on notail society, and how they should approach situations that other O-classes find both interesting, but mostly annoying to deal with. Apparently, she is a huge fan of hanging the jury, that is, voting in such a way that delays or cancels the current vote and thus wasting everyone's time.


O-5, like most notails, is highly impersonal and always on the move, heading to his next task of the day the moment the other is finished. Most would assume that O-5, being of the highest class of notail, would be quick to tell everyone about it so that he may use his status as a tool to get what he wants, but this is not what O-5 does. O-5 never brings up his status, and while he is required to wear his letter and number on his shirt he hopes that many of the people he meet either do not notice it or do not know what it means.


Notails lack a concept of an "Alpha male", and yet, O-6 is just that. O-6 sees himself as the big boss, even though he's only the third in command behind O-1 and O-2. With the F-ederal and Y-eotail class under his fingers, O-6 doesn't just figure that he's a powerful notail, he knows he is. When O-6 wants something, he gets it, or someone gets strangled. O-6 doesn't accept failure of any kind from his underlings, meaning that his underlings are constantly being "replaced."


If there's anyone out there who is more dedicated to the ideals of survival of the fittest more than O-7, inform him immediately, as he's always seeking new challengers. He has "animal-like tendencies," such as hissing or snapping at others. He has also showcased territorial aggression at times, especially towards objects that either took him long to create or are rare finds. Some of these items are bones, which he collects, sometimes piecing them together to display the whole skeleton.


The beast who lives under the notail planet, or as he normally called, O-8 is an absolute shut in. He doesn't like being bothered by anyone unless they're working for him. He works days on end without sleeping, and when it's time for an O-class meeting he stomps his way out of his underground lab to join it. His main lab is directly under the O-class building where meetings are held. The moment he can get out of the meeting he slinks back to the darkness of his lab.


A rather shifty character, O-9 stands out in crowd, or disappears in even an empty room depending on what he wants. His mutation gives him an extremely flexible spine, making him unnerving to watch in motion, bending in ways far too unnatural and fitting into spaces he shouldn't be able to. This as well as O-9's normally constant silence and stare that seems to bore into the minds of others causes O-9 to be a rather unnerving sight to spot.


Ox is intimidating and yet easy for aliens to approach. He has a very friendly disposition. Firm hand shakes are the bread and butter of Ox's way of life. He is quick to form friendships and insert himself into social groups. In a way, he is a friendly infiltrator, give him what he wants and he'll be glad to call in a few favors. Don't and well, if Ox had a mother, he wouldn't raise his head to even view her one last time if she was dying if she wasn't paying him for his time.


O-11 stays in his home where it's safe, and he is in control of what happens in it. No surprises, and no danger caused by someone being nearby. There's not a single building for a whole mile around his house despite it being in the middle of a highly populated city on Eukaryote, the notail's homeworld. No one can afford to live close to him, and even those at the edge of the dead zone are at risk for getting harmed by being in proximity to O-11 due to his blessing.

A blessing is a foul thing, for the gods are evil. While no one can prove that blessings come from a physical god, everyone can agree that blessings do exist.


O-12's personality depends on what notail(s) they are. O-12 is to be a representation of the people, and as such referring to them as a singular person in any shape or form is considered extremely impolite and grounds for correction. This is true even if O-12 is currently just one notail at the moment, which is a common amount of O-12s.


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As a result of an upbringing ne is still trying to untangle the barbed effects of, B-69 is constantly at war with nemself. Ne does nir best to project a bright and cheerful demeanour, but is quick to grow frustrated and become strained or outright let insults slip through nir filter. Whether in a bad mood or not, ne cannot stop nemself swearing incessantly. Ne has told the Cosmosdex team that ne has known these words and used them for as long as ne can remember, which makes it a seemingly impossible habit to break.


C-4 could not be reached for comment, but interviews collated from various C-ontrollers, C-4's superior O-9, and other class leaders reveals C-4 as an exceptionally private person whose main interest is their work. Over half of the C-ontrollers interviewed for this article used the word "boring" to describe C-4, who seems to work around the clock and will only leave their office when attending class leader meetings.


Monotoned and darkly sarcastic about everyone and everything, even subjects he loves, his words are prose-like in their formation, with embroidered words powdered over his sentences. Attempting to discern if he is being bitter or relaxed is a feat when he speaks in the same uninterested tone that betrays his words at all times. Even those who are closest to him must request clarification.


There is no word better suited for D-20's personality than "cranky". Short and acerbic, there is more often than not a bite in their voice when one speaks to them. Their posture is closed off, their position is guarded - by default, everything in D-20's body language screams of someone who does not want to be interacted with, and when forced into such, wants it to be over with as quickly as possible. Even their choice in phrase is the same, curt words bluntly folded into swift sentences. "Get to the point, and then go away", says everything D-20 puts forward.

But considering what kind of conversations they are most likely to receive, is it truly such a surprise that they behave like this?


Everything one would expect from a class leader of one of the worst races in the universe, E-47 embodies the very opposite. While most notails hide their emotions and vulnerabilities, E-47 never tries to close themself off or distance themself from those around them; on the contrary, they're a rather friendly person with an approachable air, and seems to enjoy talking to and meeting new people whenever they can. E-47 can be quite chatty, if a bit nervous and hesitant at times, and anyone speaking to them would find that they're ultimately a shy, but sweet, person, to the point where many find it difficult to believe they're truly a notail at all.


F-911 is, by and large, an intense individual. He's rarely not "amped" and hardly ever seems to tire or get bored with anything. Indeed his greatest quality is the ability to bring a passionate energy to even the most mundane of tasks, such as mind-numbing task of managing a massively interplanetary bureaucracy.

Beyond this zeal he demonstrates F-911 has a tendency to "conform" to the expectations of society. Or more accurately, his presumptions of the expectations of notail society.


G-44 doesn't know everyone, and neither does everyone know her. It's debatable whether or not such a feat could even be possible, no matter one's class or enhancements. But, regardless of how or why she and someone's paths have crossed, G-44 will, without a drop of hesitation, treat everyone like a long lost friend.

She loves being social and she loves her fellow notail. She'll be quick to greet them and even quicker to check up on their lives.


There used to be a fire inside H-420, something like a fungi that permeated his work and his attitude. He was a notail unaware of his own obsoletion, or rather, the fact he was among a dying class didn't bother him. He had accepted that when the universe doesn't care, there's no one who will stop you from doing whatever you want, and H-420, H-4997 at the time, took advantage of how little was asked of him. He was sociable, and he enjoyed the hijinks of the H-classes around him. However, while this freedom was something to celebrate, it was also something H-420 quietly scorned.


On any given day one cannot guarantee which side of I-42 they will see. Some weeks they are cheerful, affectionate, understanding and gentle; others they are cold, aloof, grizzled and snappish. One constant is that if given affection without warning they will lash out automatically, perceiving it as an attack. If in a cheerier mood they will apologise profusely and help their victim out, but otherwise they will merely harumph, inform the person they should be more careful and walk away with a dramatic swish of their coat.


K-9, to most, may seem like a typical notail. They hold themselves in high regard- believing that their work, no matter how uncertain it may be, is done correctly. They constantly enjoy searching for knowledge. They're willing to spend hours outside investigating a single subject, even if the knowledge has been given to then in the form of a book. On occasion, they test out their information in various ways- trying to be absolutely certain if their knowledge is the truth.


Oft-described as a "notail among notails", L-3453 is dedicated to supporting notails everywhere with habitats that maximize the work they can do for the notail cause. She has similarly high expectations of notails in other classes of work, such as B-classes creating genetically optimized workers, E-classes efficiently harvesting all available resources on new planets, and K-classes providing all the other classes with superior intel.

She detests inefficiency, opportunities lost to poor planning, or leaving things to chance, and were it not for her rigorous self-discipline would be liable to extend that viewpoint beyond her immediate spheres of control.


It is easy to make hasty judgements about M-4 because of the way they look. One may be tempted to believe they're careless on the job due to the way they dress when not working, but this couldn't be farther from the case; there is nothing more important to M-4 than the care of the children under their watch.


The once highly admired pastor of love had become a symbol of hate to all who gazed at his image after a horrific event. One he cannot forgive himself for doing. While he currently resides on Prison planet, he is still the class leader until his death as he does inspire hate in all notails who know of his deeds.

N-30 loves all things, even everyone who hates him. He believes that all things should be loved, as it is his duty, but he held a dark secret for many years, he could not learn to love himself.


Q-7 is rather polite, albeit lonely, for a Q-class notail, rarely gossiping with others and always trying to not insult anyone. Ironically, he's always the first to seek any type of chitchat related to famous people, co-workers, or himself, always expecting to hear something positive or great about anything important he did. That's what Q-7 hunts, respect, and he will always try to get it, be it by good manners, or bad ones near certain people.


S-748, better known by his stage name, STAB, is well known for his well attended surgical and music performances. That is to say, performances in which he both plays music and perform surgery, in the same show. He's known to be able to change from cocky showmanship to complete professionalism on a dime, and just as quickly find the time to gloat and call for cheers upon performing a difficult surgical maneuver. S-748 is known in general to be cocky and self-praising, always quick to point out how impressive he is. Some argue this is earned, as in his recorded career he has never lost a patient on the operating table.


T-1040 keeps a strong air about themselves, and always keep a notebook or other similar device for recording information on hand, as to never miss a beat. He is sure to make a note of anything you say or do while interacting with him, and allows whoever he is talking with to lead the conversation. Anyone speaking with T-1040 will note he hardly communicates verbally, and always speaks through messages, even in person.


It's clear V-37 wants to have a serious, dangerous image, to be respected. It's hard to do this though when everything he does undermines that. His persona is so overdone as to be comical. Overacted. Try hard. He blusters and rants, and nothing he says makes sense unless one has known him for a while, words all tied up in his Dark Lady persona, a role-play only he's party to, and one where he gets angry if other people don't want to know the lore. His leather boots (that are also pants and are tied up to his waist) might have been cool in his eye, but it's impossible for it to be taken seriously by anyone else.


More than anything else, W-8 is friendly; like all W-classes, they are unable to feel any negative emotions whatsoever, so even in high stress situations they remain completely calm. They are utterly devoted to helping others, spending 100% of their time doing so, and no matter how harshly anyone speaks to them, they will never feel even a drop of resentment.


A good way to describe X is simply "eccentric". They're incredibly absentminded, constantly forgetting paperwork, instruments, names, what they did that morning, etc, and frequently seem to briefly stare off into space before blurting out something unrelated to the conversation at hand that they, nonetheless, just remembered, and running off to go deal with whatever it is.


Z-100 is the best capture creature tamer. The very best. Like no one ever was.

Possessing the typical Z-class attitude towards non-animals, Z-100 doesn't even bother to interact with other notails, let alone other sapient species – unless they can see or otherwise know that the individual breeds and/or battles capture creatures. Even then, they are terrifically socially awkward, incapable of holding a conversation that does not involve capture creatures or animals in some way.


If α-Quiet's appearance is surprising to some, his demeanor is even more so. He speaks little, almost never starting a conversation and typically giving short responses even when pulled into one, and for the most part avoids non job-related social interaction outside of a select few people. He isn't outwardly friendly, or social, or open at all, in many ways coming off as cold and uncaring and nothing more.


ß-Melody prides emself on fostering a demeanor difficult to approach. Ey wear an aura of anger that stands out as bright as eir clothes, visible eyes always settling in a scowl. Moody, quick to frustration and vocal about it, even stamping eir foot and snarling when things don't go according to plan, ß-Melody is known to some as childish. Eir perfectionist tendencies only lend to such exaggerated displays of anger, since eir endeavors rarely turn out exactly as ey were envisioning.


This section lists all the current or past noteable notails, not including O-classes or class leaders. All the entries below lead to the legendary section of the Cosmosdex.


█-████ is a decidedly normal notail with entirely ordinary notail features.


Kero is an the perfect example of an E-class, adventure loving, curious and not smart enough to hold back when they see anything truly interesting to investigate. They jump from planet to planet with a gleeful cheer, happily making both friends and enemies in the search for anything that might help the notail race's eventual expansion. And if they have to kill a few people to do it, well then they simply hope there are no hard feelings.


Though Hero is a notail, many will find that they do not act like one in any way; so much so that it seems hard to believe that they even are one at all.

For one thing, every little offense that would concern a normal notail - wearing normal, plain clothing, for example, or disdaining the amalgamation of flesh with metal - is a complete nonentity for them. Even when reintroduced to these concepts by other notails, they simply don't seem to care, and find it a very pointless thing to worry about.


Initially, K-13205 seems much friendlier for a notail than usual. Always willing to share what they've learned about math, weather, or other cool things, people would be quick to trust them, because there's no way that someone as unassuming as them could be a huge threat, capable of unleashing many anomalies on whoever's unlucky enough to be there.

Oh how wrong that would be.


Mama has, quite possibly, the strongest maternal instinct ever recorded. She is incredibly selective about who she allows near the children in her care and will not hesitate to attack anyone she deems a threat to her children. Despite this, she has nothing but love and pride for those she deems family. You can tell how happy she gets when she sees her kids working together and growing into the notails they need to be.


Q-7314's entire self is consumed by one desire: to eliminate all clockworks from the universe, permanently. Every single one of their other personality traits are second to this, and if it means getting closer to this ultimate goal, Q-7314 will readily go against their own comfort and morals. To them, nothing in the world matters more.

As part of this, they have a particular loathing for anyone working in clockwork containment that they feel slacks off; nothing in the universe angers them more than a lazy or careless Q-class.


Terry is a friendly sort. He will often do his best to get on somebody's good side, unless they prove they are the sort he'd rather not be friends with. Even if they're not, he'll be quick to come to their aid if he feels they have been unfairly treated. Everyone deserves to be treated with a certain degree of respect in Terry's mind.

As he has less time for exercise nowadays, Terry has a lot of pent-up energy to deal with. While often channeled into his work, if left without something to do Terry will often be seen fiddling with some object or clicking his legs together.


W-3259 is also known as Socks. At the core of his hierarchy of needs is the compulsion to serve, to be recognized for serving or doing something that makes him stand out, and to make friends with as many people as possible. No matter how anyone was to treat him of course he would never house an ounce of negativity towards them. In his pursuit of recognition, he's quite really a doormat.

Capture Creatures

This section lists all lore about the capture creatures, as well as all the currently known capture creatures in the dex. All the entries below but the lore entry lead to the fauna section of the Cosmosdex.

Capture Creature

Capture creatures are loyal companions of the notails. Technically any animal that can be tamed, caged, and battled with is a capture creature, but when most mention "capture creatures" they specifically mean notail capture creatures. Notail capture creatures tend to stick out from the crowd due to their abnormal disadvantages that are intended to teach children lessons.

This entry will teach you all you need to know about these creatures.


Agrivyrn are mostly known for spending most of their time lying in the sun, simultaneously warming themselves and giving their plants ample time to photosynthesize. These beasts have a symbiotic relationship with their plants, giving the plants a place to grow, and in return taking a portion of the plant's sugars to sustain itself. Domesticated agrivyrn are all female, though the few that still exist in the wild or in Z-class stocks can be male or female.


Arises do not sleep. Their eyes are constantly open, and when they need to blink they will only blink one eye at a time as if scared to miss a single moment. Their behavior is often associated with people who have been up for days at a time because of how unusual it is. They slowly waddle their way around nearly any landscape they find themselves in groups of five to ten. Arises seem mindless in their travel, and sure enough, many tracking data confirm that other than their aversion to extreme cold their paths are random.


Intelligent and curious crabs designed to be starter capture creatures for notails. They are sturdy and resolute creatures capable of enduring much in their task of "caring" for young notails. Braiab's strictly speaking, have very few skills that are actually useful for helping a fledgling notail survive in the woods. This is of course precisely the point, as braiabs are given to K and E-classes to help encourage their inherent curiosity by meandering in situations and forcing their notail to do something about it.


Cratics are capture creatures, and thus were specifically bred by notails to be ideal for taking care of notail children once they're set out into the forest to fend for themselves. As such, they have a number of features that help them train X and S-class notails to be productive members of notail society.

Cratics are conditioned to see the notails given to them as their children, and so treat them the same way they would treat their own young.


Anyone who enters the forest with a cyriac will always grow to hate it. Hate it like they hate its many glowing eyes, like they hate the sound of its voice - that thing that never changes inflection, never stops nor falters no matter what the beast is doing, whether asleep or awake. They will grow to hate it the same way they will hate the gods.

That is the job of the cyriac.


Like most bio-machines, the dan'gersign has very little to do. It sits completely still until it senses a dropped liquid or food item. Inching its way to its destination, if the spill is not cleaned up, it will consume it, polishing the floor's surface with its thin layer of fuzz as it does so. This bio-machine doesn't just devour the inanimated but will go after bugs and small mammals if given a chance.


Easy to breed in large numbers, echomms are considered low-tier starter capture creatures for under-resourced villages, particularly those with many E, Y, and G-class children. Like most capture creatures, echomms are affectionate, loyal to their owners, and do not experience pain.


Eyegrets are capture creatures bred to aid notail young in their time in the forest, and is most often given to U-ndercover and M-atriarch classes. They are highly territorial, and will attack and kill any other adult eyegret they see in their territory. This includes their own former children; although eyegrets are very protective and nurturing towards chicks under a week old, any child over such is seen as a threat and kicked out of the nest. From there, the eyegret child must find a new territory for itself, get ripped apart, or kill its parent and claim the territory for itself.


Before guirands were specially bred for use as capture creatures, they were extremely fast, able to slither across the ground at high speeds due to the thousands of tiny legs on their underbellies to snatch up their prey in a single bite. Nowadays, this wild variety is much less common, and the tame variety is very, very different.

Guirands are typically given to R-anger and Lone E-xplorer class notails, and their purpose is simple: sit around and do nothing.


Gweches are noted for how docile they are. If a gwech and her young aren't in need of food the gwech just relaxes, commonly licking its arms before slathering itself or its children up to keep moist on dry days. Notail bred gweches are a female only breed, while wild gweches have both males and females. Notail gweches are offered up to the B-reeder, H-erbalist, I-nvestigator, M-atriarch, and W-aiter class children but are rarely picked for their "Uncool" and "Displeasing" looks. Notail children rather pick a starting creature who is either aggressive or a fairly good steed, two things a gwech is not.


These bio-machines are static in motion, yet ever observant. They do not travel except in extreme cases, and other than the flickering of a tail, a waggle of the ears, and the eating of food placed in front of it, they do not move. Their fast brains are no more highlighted than when their owner tells them to search for a phrase.


As a capture creature bred for usage as a notail starter, the ivfrid is both very docile, affectionately so, tolerant of high levels of pain, and bred for a unique purpose. The ivfrid is notable because from before birth all members of the species are pregnant. Ivfrids are much more comfortable lazily grazing and resting than actively foraging, but don't mind being on the move if they're carried. Freshly born ivfrids will begin to cannibalize their parent, and often the runts of the litter will follow after.


Offered primarily as a starter capture creature for K- and N-class notails, kaws are also occasionally chosen by E- and Q-classes for their inquisitive nature and uncanny ability to find people or animals in distress. This is accomplished through the use of minor telepathy; a kaw that is looking for food or entertainment will scan the area for any mental distress signals and then flock towards any signal they pick up.


One of the most distinctive aspects of mallon behavior is how friendly they are, including to strangers but especially to their owners. A mallon will almost never show aggressive behavior unless it or its owner is currently being threatened, and after the threat passes it will immediately go back to a docile, sweet state as if nothing had happened. While most animals require some time to get used to a new owner, a mallon does not, and will instead immediately show affection; a complete stranger could stick their hand into a pen of baby mallons only for all the babies to waddle over and begin nuzzling them rather than being afraid or trying to hide. This is by no means a behavior restricted to babies; no matter how old a mallon is, it will always greet people with love in its heart.


Being a bio-machine, the actions of the manieface are often non-notable. Found typically laying in place, even when freed from their bonds, they will not move until starved of food or electrocuted. Due to a lack of action, the fauna will only come in contact with handlers at the start of its life to hang it up and be removed and disposed of at death. Only the wild variations which have escaped by accident show any deviation from this behavior.


During an encounter, monikes are not considered physical threats. Instead, the danger lies in the opponent's psyche. They are defensive capture creatures that specialize in survival, support, and status effects. Given the right training, a fanned monike is able to mesmerize through dance, similar to a hypnotist's watch. These dances are given such names as "scary face," "glare," and "confusion" and either gives the monike and its owner enough time to escape or incapacitates the target long enough for another capture creature to take charge and attack.


Notzels are generally fairly docile breed, commonly assigned to particularly oblivious U-classes and as an R-class companion. Notzels are also occasionally released into The Woods for young Z-classes to capture as starters. Notzels are known hoarders, and often like to find a single, secluded spot to stash their hoards. Notails who are aware that their capture creature is, in fact, a notzel will often be able to sneak semi-valuable items away to trade with other notails.


Despite their plentiful amount of eyes, polydextrols have been genetically altered to rely on their keen sense of smell and hearing which, due to the side effects of selective breeding, resulted in near-blindness. These animals are also prone to random fits of rage or fear, and if not quickly pacified by their owner, their sense of smell will shut down, hearing dulled, and their eyes "reactivated", suddenly they are able to see with far more clarity than ever, thanks to genetic tampering, thus scaring them further.


Unknown to the N-eo classes who innocently pick this creature, the protaint is an animal that makes the owner feel like they have summoned a beast of the gods upon them. It's advertised as the perfect beast. Friendly, but tame. A silent protector who will fight by the owner's side against all danger. A helpful "study guide," a feature that the creature distributor will chuckle about but never explain.


Runicates are given to notail children shortly after hatching. They imprint on their owners for life, able to detect them by smell and touch. If a runicate picks up the scent or feels the touch of anything but its owner, it will lash out and try to bite. For the first few years of its life this is harmless as runicates are too small to do any damage, though it grows more of a problem with age, encouraging owners to isolate themselves.


Scholar otters, as this article describes them, are an advanced form of a more common and mundane fauna. It used to be that they were just a bottom of the barrel capture creature, usually only taken for their cute appearance or because there wasn't anything else better. They were mainly used to scavenge for materials underwater, and weren't of much use otherwise due to their reliance on water. It wasn't until recently that they developed intelligence, and have rapidly evolved to become more capable of terrestrial living, which has enabled them to become much better hunters.


Starting its life as a two-foot-tall chick, the seizing bird takes one year to reach adulthood and be a humble four feet tall. At this point in their life, they are known as petit mals. Stocky and fairly durable for a bird the petit mals are quick on their feet and chase down any prey they can. They are not keen on sharing with their owners though. Seizing birds are made for T and L-class notail kids, with the former being the main audience.


Sensprays are a capture creature that has been bred by the notails for usage as a starter for J and Q-classes. They are commonly remarked to be a highly dangerous and untrustworthy animal due to this, and most adult Z-classes will tell you that it's not an issue with the animal but a feature. Almost all sensprays start their life curious, and will crawl all over their owner. Rarely they will give gentle love-bites before going back to nuzzling and fawning over whoever is holding them.


Before their eventual change, the shellage were small creatures who attached to their host, adding a small line of defense and a new point of view to their arsenal. In return for this gift, the shellage would lay its eggs into the animal. This plan of action made the host less likely to be killed by the elements and allowed the shellage to invest in a much longer lifespan than other parasites, leading to higher reproductive success rates.

Smooth Tiger

The leader who created the smooth tiger was considered one of the worst in notail history. His "children" enforced his harsh rule. With him killed by his opposers, the smooth tiger has been changed into a more casual attitude, protecting the skies and reporting incidents to F-classes. A nocturnal species, this insect races between buildings, shining a light on curiosities. Constant goals are necessary for a smooth tiger.


In nature and behavior, the snakevine has not much to offer. Hanging from trees, its slightly sweet scent attracts would-be pollinators to their demise. Their solitary nature means they do not need to hunt much. They group loosely, not for any social structure but for lack of care, only leaving when prey numbers drastically drop due to overcrowding.


The tailmic is a capture creature for G-classes and U-classes. It is by far the most common capture creature, as it freely roams many, if not all, notail settlements. Notails seem to have a kinship, or at least a strange and extreme tolerance, with tailmics and will do nothing as they casually come over and eat food, sometimes even out of the hands of a notail. If a notail is ever annoyed by a tailmic they gently place their hands on their heads and push them to let them know they don't want to be bothered. This action rarely happens though, instead, tailmics live inside the houses of notails, wander their stores, even crawl around their labs undeterred by anyone.


The common tame tentider of today has been bred from its ambush predatory brother, the wild tentider, which had long arms to grab and stab anyone who went inside it for cover. The tentider of today lacks these arms, and other than kicking things it doesn't understand with its long legs, is completely harmless to the common notail.


Thorn heads are fairly unremarkable in how they act. Thorn heads have been perfected to the point that the only thing needed to befriend one is to find one without an owner and offer it food. Some thorn heads that lose their owners will even seek out others and instantly bond to them, following them around to the distress of the unwilling owner. Thorn heads may accidentally maul any other creatures who get near their owner, believing them to be attacking animals, as such thorn heads are highly not recommended for owners who plan on having other non thorn head creatures.


To call it living is hard to say. To call what it does a "behavior" is like calling the way windchimes move in a light breeze a "performance." The tubuchick was created to refine the way factory farms work. They do nothing but eat and lay eggs. They have no personality, and other than the dilation of its eyes to show health, it is barely considered alive.


The turble is fiercely loyal to its owner, ready to follow them anywhere and give its life for them at any moment. They can be instructed to extend their legs and shell stalk on command, making them convenient companions for carrying extra baggage. Their shells make somewhat effective blunt weapons, but at their size they're hardly the best option for defense. They are, however, easy to feed and low maintenance, rarely showing discomfort or demanding anything. They rarely even make any sort of noise. Intelligent creatures, they can learn and readily respond to numerous commands without fuss, making them efficient helpers in W and G-class lines of work.


Twachis do not have any AI of their own whatsoever; all of their actions must be programmed in by their owners, or else they will not act. As such, they are typically given to P-rogrammer class notail children in order to train them for their future jobs in making notail tasks more efficient. Twachis come with certain functions preprogrammed in, but these are incredibly limited and simplistic; an example might be "take a single step" or "bend arm 1."


To understand the unicorn, one must first understand its history. Studies into the unicorn's past show that the unicorn wasn't always a male-only species, and in fact, they had once roamed the landscape, galloping across plains, investigating forests, and showing off in gardens just like horses did. One main male and his herd. It is hypothesized that unicorns had been psychic mind readers even back then. Unicorns would use their powers to see if other unicorns were friend or foe, or in an attempt to warn them off.

Voracious Frog

Younger voracious frogs start hunting early in life, lurking on ceilings, waiting to drop down. Due to how silent they are most creatures never see it coming. It'll eat flesh and plant with not a single thought in its mind. Anything that looks like food is food. Later on in life, the voracious frog will roam, looking for trees and carrion to strip clean. Often bigger than an elephant, moving voracious frogs are easy to spot.


Loyal but single-minded, this bio-machine was created to smash. Symbols and scents are used to mark out demolition spots. Certain combinations and placements tell it exactly how to do its job, thus making it difficult to operate without proper training.