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A horrifying species, many dread the moment their names are uttered. Stories of their brutality and lack of shame litter the universe. To think that a species whose main goal in life is to defeat a great evil could be one of the foulest species, racing across the universe in search of knowledge. The ends justify the means, and they take delight in being called so awful. This species is the notail.

This section is dedicated to them due to their importance in the universe and contains info about their leaders, class system, and even their upbringing. Love them or hate them, they've earned their spot.


The section below contains notail lore, including species info and other bits of lore. Most of the entries below lead to various other sections of the Cosmosdex.


The notails are bipedal and stand upright. They are covered in skin which is commonly a darkish brown to a lightly toasted brown, but they can also come in a more pale or darker tone but this is more rare. They have short claws on the tip of their fingers, and sharp teeth. On top of the head of the notail are two bent antennas that they can flatten and hide in the hair upon their head. Notails lack hair anywhere else but on their head.

While notails are mammals there is very little that sets apart the males and females due to notails carefully refining their genes.


There's not much mercy to see on the notail's home world. The weather is unpredictable, a ring of rocks orbit the planet, raining down flaming debris whenever it's in the mood, animals evolve at an extremely accelerated rate, to the point that a parent and their grandchild can look very different from each other, the sky is an aggressive red, the seas are tinted a dirty looking black, and worst of all, the notails live here.

The Woods

The Woods is an extremely large tract of land, that despite the name has several biomes. The Woods are the first real challenge notails will have to face, and for some, their biggest one. While most get out alive some do not.


Metaparxi are a mammalian, fur-covered species that walk on two legs and have both ears and a tail. Their ears are reminiscent of rabbit’s ears, while their tail has a helpful hand on the tip. Their heads are oval-shaped and they have large, soft paws with no claws but plenty of unseen, squishy padding underneath. Their feet are divided into two ‘prongs’ with, yet again, no claw or nail to speak of.


The section below has a list of notail classes which includes common info about the class and subgroups in the class. All entries are self contained to this area.


A-classes are monsters known as abominations. Abominations happen when notails are affected by the mutagens on their planets that give other animals extreme mutations throughout their generations. This means that children who are born on planets that aren't their highly mutagen filled homeworld are much less likely to come out as abominations. Every notail that born on any of their planets is likely mutagen infected, meaning even if the child is born on a perfectly clean planet there is still a chance of getting an abomination.


B-classes are known for being rather boring. Their monotoned voice starts from childhood and follows them throughout their life. B-classes are rather interested in the process of both natural and unnatural selection but have little passion for anything else. B-classes are heavily into the concept of "there's a time for everything" and will mention this when they feel like someone is doing something inappropriate for the moment, no matter how small


Some don't believe calling a C-class a notail is correct anymore. C-classes while having the same frame as notails look different from them, and sometimes from each other depending on the type. Every C-class despite their different body shapes have the same start in life and mental attitude, except for the C-ontroller type.

C-classes are not raised with other types of notails and are only taken care of by their own class. C-classes are raised in silence. The only skill they learn is basic language skills, and they themselves will never use it, merely understand it.


There's really nothing to say about D-classes. D-classes are any class of notail who has been "born incorrect" or not to notail standards. While some mutations are shrugged away and allowed some are far too extreme for notails to ignore. The most common dud type is a notail being born without antennas which disallows the “dud” to be able to speak to other notails with ease. Notails actually have quick surgeries they can do to add antennas to a notail who has lost or broken theirs, but when a notail is born without them they are tossed into the dud bin anyway.


A sight that sadly too many newly discovered aliens see: a swarm of E-classes. From early childhood, E-classes form small groups. These mainly contain other E-classes, but other classes who enjoy traveling may apply. E-classes are one of the swarming classes, commonly learning early on through childhood quests of gathering in groups to fight or catch animals much bigger than them that, while quality is fine, quantity should never be looked down upon.

E-classes spend a longer time in the woods, usually helping young and confused notails out after they have become a master of their environment.


The F-class is known as the advance G-eneral class. Jobs which require more training or studies are more often than not moved to the F-class. Unlike the G-class, F-classes are not allowed as much job freedom as every F-class is trained for a long period of time to do their job. Despite being born into a notail class system the F-classes are the only classes that have to fight for the jobs they want. F-classes must be able to pass a series of tests to show that they are the best choice to be trained for their chosen job.


Despite being one of, if not the most common type of notail, most aliens will never see a single one in their entire life outside of notail planets. G-classes, unlike other notails, stick together in groups from the moment they're born. Being seen as the least special of the notails, G-classes gain their power in numbers, not talents. Their quests are about working together, not attempting to differentiate themselves from the pack. In the woods, G-classes gather up as their capture creatures are less useful to survival than others. Other classes are always on the lookout for G-classes for trading supplies to survive.


Once the H-classes were one of the largest class of notails, taking up 20% of the total population. H-class worked tirelessly to perfect farming, making more efficient and hardy plants, making plants that wouldn't ruin the soil around them, making high crop yields, and automatic farming systems.

And then they did it. Things proceeded to quickly become awkward as for years 20% of the population barely did anything at all.


"They just don't seem like notails." That's the first thought that enters the mind of many when meeting an I-class. It's rather true, and I-classes from a young age can end up having trouble relating to other notails. I-classes are pure of heart though and slowly come to an acceptance, even though they have a hard time agreeing with killing animals or fighting with others for the top spot. As I-classes are frankly ill fit for the notail lifestyle their quests are just about helping other notails find missing objects or track animals down.


Absolutely judgemental. The J-class judges how people walk, how they talk, how they introduce themselves, even small verbal tics. If a J-class acts rude it's because someone did something they might have not even noticed to set off the alarms in their head. From an early age, J-classes are taught about how to spot signs of nervous people, people who might be hiding the truth. J-classes hold small trials for their fellow children as their quests, though no one gets punished, these games of attempting to figure out who stole one of the toys are just warm-ups for what's to come.


There is nothing more important to notails than knowledge. Without the K-class notails would have very little purpose in life. K-classes can be found anywhere, from traveling on other planets to libraries and labs. The K-class is a class that covers an extremely large range of jobs all in the pursuit of knowledge. This knowledge is then stored in the extremely large notail database for usage in other classes.


From a young age, the landlord class watches over others and locations. It seems strange to think that one of the top notail classes starts life as a mere maid for the shared household they live in as children. The L-class works with the W-aiter class and metaparxis to take care of the household, making sure it's clean, in working order and reporting anything off to their local M-atriarch class. L-classes are known for their ability to remember people, and events related to them. This is a trait L-classes use later to figure out if certain tenants are the type of people who are likely to cause drama or make a mess.


Every M-class is born in the same area they will die. Instead of questing with the other children, young M-classes will follow adult M-classes learning the ways of their job from their elders, only breaking away to head into the woods. M-classes quickly learn that other than the O-rder classes, they are the top bosses of the notail world, even if they nearly never leave their settlement.


N-classes are passionate about hate. The emotional struggles and drama of others are their muse. N-classes are exceptionally attracted to non-physical drama and will gravitate over to them. Despite this N-classes will actually get in the middle of the drama and calm down both parties if possible if they feel the drama has escalated too far. If the drama is a nice "simmer" they'll watch it contently from the sidelines only speaking to the parties separately after it is over.


As all the O-classes have their own entries, we suggest starting there for info on O-classes. Instead, we will be detailing the requirements to become an O-class in this entry.


P-classes are in a world of their own from the moment they're born. Normally grouped with other P-classes, unlike other notail children who run around outside doing quests that involve fighting small beasts or discovering local flora, P-classes stay inside and program. They are taught technical skills from an early age and just that. P-classes don't even get to go to the woods for a long time, going in late at the age of 13 and exiting a mear two years later while most notails are in for five years. P-classes normally grow bored fast, finishing their quests with ease. At that point, they peer out of their windows to see other children. Then they go join them.


Found in swarms, and only near disaster. If one spots a group of Q-classes they should quickly assume there's an infection sweeping the area, an infection they may not even be noticed. Notails never had a need for a military that fought against an intelligent species until they reached space. Before gaining the Y-eotail class who would be that military force, the notails had and still have, the Q-class. Sicknesses, anomalies, and raging powerful animals, those are the things the Q-class puts up with.


R-classes are everywhere, and yet rarely seen. If people could find them they would be doing a poor job. One of the loneliest notail classes, the R-class are avoidant of others from childhood, being taught via their quests to avoid detection by other notail children in the area. R-classes stay out in the woods as long as other outdoor notail types like the E-xplorer class. During this time they will aggressively protect a small tract of land in the woods.


Always on the move and with no care in the world. The S-class has seen and done it all. Nothing ever seems to surprise them anymore. From an early age S-classes watch videos of notails and other species being cut open and taught basic medical training. S-classes follow groups off to go fight animals for their quests so that they may treat those who get hurt. Once an S-class reaches 14 years of age their trip in the woods ends, but they don't leave. Instead, they spend the next three years learning, assisting medical doctors in the woods and figuring out what they want to study.


Coldblooded, with eyes that could kill, T-classes keep their noses in the air. The T-class manages and protects money and resources for notails, and also keep the economy stable. They would sell their best friend for a quick buck if they could. T-classes are always looking for weaknesses both in their own systems, and other species' systems.

Building up walls around their own weaknesses and biting the neck of others when they aren't looking is all in the style of T-classes.


Very little info is known about the U-class, as it is supposed to be. Originally a type of R-anger class the U-class broke into its own class. U-classes do not identify themselves at any point in their life, not even as a child. U-classes mingle as another class until adulthood where they are taken to an unknown location and told about their true rank. It is guessed that some M-atriarch class are actually U-classes in disguise, thus making sure that U-classes get the correct capture creature and learn the right lessons.


Not many people expect a class of doctors to act like a bunch of animals and yet the notails are here to surprise. Climbing up trees and grabbing hurt animals with extreme speed, young V-classes are ambush predators. Listening carefully to the sounds of animals and mimicking them in an attempt to get the animal to "speak" back so the Y-class can locate injured subjects is a trait of a V-class that follows them everywhere. When surprised they'll act in an animalistic way, hissing, snapping, even attempting to make themselves look bigger. No other notail type does as well in the woods as a V-class, some of them even need to be dragged out.


W-classes are born to serve. From childhood, W-classes follow other children around helping them with their quests, for it is their quest to do so. Two years before a W-class heads into the woods they are allowed to pick a non-G-class to follow. It is their duty to make sure this person is taken care of and protected throughout the whole trip.

Once out of the woods the W-class will follow their chosen notail until the W-class is finally picked by a much higher rank and is sent off to work.


Constantly winning the poll for the worst type of notail by a landslide everytime single time, the X-class didn't gain such a reputation for no reason. When most think notail, they think of a creepy manipulative creature that calmly stalks out "prey", also known as everyone and anyone, before either stealing them away or drawing in the foolish to be experimented on. The notail being described is the X-class.


Loud and boisterous, the easiest way to explain a Y-class is that they'll headbutt anything. From childhood, Y-classes make sure that everyone knows when they walk into a room. They hoot, holler, and travel in close-knit packs. Teammates are everything for a Y-class. Being the military force young Y-classes are taught to listen to orders without question and train to be at peak performance. While Y-classes get capture creatures these creatures tend to need to be rescued more often than not, apparently having some sort of death wish. For every capture creature that dies within a Y-class pack, their ranking goes down.


The Z-class are the best around when it comes to taming fauna on notail planets. They seem to have a close connection to wildlife and other animals. Z-classes are taught early in life to track animals and document them, even battling a few weaker types in their childhood quests. When a Z-class reaches adulthood they go from merely watching fauna and documenting them from afar to actively wrangling them and bringing them back home to be tamed.

Z-classes have the biggest team of capture creatures, averaging about six capture creatures to the common one or less for most notails.


This section lists all the current big bosses of the notails, included the O-classes and the class leaders. All the entries below lead to the legendary section of the Cosmosdex.


There are no records on what O-1 looks like. Just about nothing about O-1’s looks can be confirmed other than that O-1 is constantly smiling, day in and day out. With a rather large grin. =)


The shortest member of the O class, O-2 only makes himself smaller by the way he leans in on the spear he carries at all times and slouches on it. The small simple patch on O-2's shirt that denotes him as the fabled step leader of the O classes seems like a joke. O-2 simply does not look like a leader at all, but it's him, O-2 in all of his grace.

O-2 is almost always in tourist gear. Flowers may be wrapped around his neck, and his shirt and pants nearly always showing images of waves or beaches. Those are his favorite, he'll mention.


Large and imposing the beast of the bog known as O-3 can’t help but be the centerpiece of any room. The mask on O-3’s face swirls, as if it was carved out of wood until it forms the face which appears to be a mix of a crocodile and dragon. O-3’s antennas stick up at all times, and his long black untamed mane reaches as far as his chest.

O-3 wears simple grey clothes, commonly damaged and no shoes or accessories. On long trips into the wild it’s said that O-3 doesn’t wear clothes at all.


Princess is a rather pale skinned notail, originally born to be an N-class notail working on a rather cold planet, Princess was born with no antennas and to this day lacks them. Princess commonly has scars from fights on her body and arms, she thinks they're neat and a good conversation starter.

Princess mask is that of a unicorn, the horn of it spiraling into a different color by the time it gets to the tip. Princess' mask is commonly white, but she occasionally changes to a black one to to fit her outfit.


O-5 is a notail who many find certainly off when spotted. He has a mask that resembles a kangaroo or a rat, which isn't odd at all, commonly wears a grey and other bland colored shirts which is of the norm, but O-5 has prosthetic legs made of metal, which to notails is an absolute social crime. Unlike most notails O-5 believes it is fine to replace missing limbs with that of iron and steel. O-5 rather likes his metal lower half which is digitigrade and allows for easy jumping.


The thing that stands out to most people when they see O-6 is the way he holds himself. He stands tall and proud, never a single step out of order. O-6 dresses unlike many other notails. O-6 cannot just have a simple outfit he can easily put on like others, instead he spends up to an hour of his day grooming himself to perfection, polishing his mask of the day, and making sure his suit is flawless. Most notails would never worry about such minor things, but O-6 is obsessed about his look, down to his tie. No one knows what ties are even for, and yet he hangs it around his neck as a symbol of power.


O-7 is a notail of many suits. It seems that O-7 is quite baffled at fashion past notail norms, and yet still attempts his best to come in a suit and tie to the job, even though this is uncommon in notails. O-7 wears a dog mask that appears to be made out of polygons. The mask is a plain white, but a few of the polygons are colored black to form an agape and happily surprised face of ":V".


In the deep dark depths of a notail planet, stands a cruel monster. An upright posture, never wavering, the head of a goat, and a finely trimmed lab coat only marred by one thing, bones ripping through the body of the beast. This beast is known as O-8, O-8 is an abomination, not only physically, but in action.

The head of O-8 is covered in a goat head, one that used to walk and breath like all other things that have lived. The goat head can vary in looks, but generally comes from a breed with medium size horns, dark fur, and golden eyes, though nowadays O-8 replaces these eyes with glass or plastic eyes.


Describing what O-9 looks like is easy when one sees him, but that’s just the issue, spotting O-9, even if he’s in the same room as you, can be quite a challenge. O-9 does not present himself to people he doesn’t actively want to see him. Photos of O-9 are scarce, nearly all of them extremely blurred as if someone was attempting to falsify evidence of O-9’s existence. Thankfully written words and artist depictions cannot run away.

O-9 is an extremely abnormally tall notail, reaching seven feet. O-9’s form is hidden by his long dark colored cloak. Four arms, two too many, are what O-9 possesses.


Despite being a notail, O-X has a rather friendly look to him, one that seems honest, like a person one would meet everyday. O-X stands tall and commonly with his hands at his hip when not in motion to make himself appear bigger. He wears simple dark pants, and a grey tracksuit. Strangely enough O-X tends to wear this tracksuit half opened and with no undershirt under it.


Describing what O-11 looks like is a hard feat. O-11 appears to be notail in shape, but his limbs and even some of his torso are made up of many other species and even a few other notails. Appearing to look like a Frankenstein made monster the only thing that is easy to describe about O-11 is that he wears a bunny like mask.


O-12 looks vary based on the notail(s) that they are at the time. While it used to be tradition for every O-12 to wear a mask of a pig, this is no longer the norm.


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B-69 turns nir nose up at the formalwear nir parents favour and can rarely be seen without nir favourite plain hoodie and cargo shorts, though ne has a lab coat that ne only wears when at work. Nir left antenna stands at a perfect 90 degree angle, nir right by contrast curling gently forward. Ne has tried to soften nir left antenna out, but has been unsuccessful; a lifetime of holding one position has made it difficult to stop perking at such by default.


C-4 could not be reached for comment, but interviews collated from various C-ontrollers, C-4's superior O-9, and other class leaders reveals C-4 as an exceptionally private person whose main interest is their work. Over half of the C-ontrollers interviewed for this article used the word "boring" to describe C-4, who seems to work around the clock and will only leave their office when attending class leader meetings.


There is no word better suited for D-20’s personality than “cranky". Short and acerbic, there is more often than not a bite in their voice when one speaks to them. Their posture is closed off, their position is guarded - by default, everything in D-20’s body language screams of someone who does not want to be interacted with, and when forced into such, wants it to be over with as quickly as possible. Even their choice in phrase is the same, curt words bluntly folded into swift sentences. ‘Get to the point, and then go away’, says everything D-20 puts forward.


Everything one would expect from a class leader of one of the worst races in the universe, E-47 embodies the very opposite. While most notails hide their emotions and vulnerabilities, E-47 never tries to close themself off or distance themself from those around them; on the contrary, they’re a rather friendly person with an approachable air, and seems to enjoy talking to and meeting new people whenever they can. E-47 can be quite chatty, if a bit nervous and hesitant at times, and anyone speaking to them would find that they’re ultimately a shy, but sweet, person, to the point where many find it difficult to believe they’re truly a notail at all.


F-911 is, by and large, an intense individual. He's rarely not "amped" and hardly ever seems to tire or get bored with anything. Indeed his greatest quality is the ability to bring a passionate energy to even the most mundane of tasks, such as mind-numbing task of managing a massively interplanetary bureaucracy.

Beyond this zeal he demonstrates F-911 has a tendency to "conform" to the expectations of society. Or more accurately, His presumptions of the expectations of notail society. As a consequence he strives, as a leader of notails, to be more like his "direct rival" in the pecking order of notail society: O-6.


G-44 doesn’t know everyone, and neither does everyone know her. It’s debatable whether or not such a feat could even be possible, no matter one’s class or enhancements. But, regardless of how or why she and someone’s paths have crossed, G-44 will, without a drop of hesitation, treat everyone like a long lost friend. She loves being social and she loves her fellow notail. She’ll be quick to greet them and even quicker to check up on their lives. If they’ve met years before, G-44 may recount trivia she’s learned of the person and ask for updates, whether or not she legitimately cares.


There used to be a fire inside H-420, something like a fungi that permeated his work and his attitude. He was a notail unaware of his own obsoletion, or rather, the fact he was among a dying class didn’t bother him. He had accepted that when the universe doesn’t care, there’s no one who will stop you from doing whatever you want, and H-420, H-4997 at the time, took advantage of how little was asked of him.


I-42’s lanky, imposing form is most often obscured by their pale red-brown trench coat and a slightly lighter hat that casts their face into shadow. The coat’s buttons and hat’s band are bright pink. Their wiggly antennae and the ears of their black weasel mask poke through the brim of their hat. Their mask’s nose is a bright pink and protrudes from the mask itself. Its expression, despite their imposing looks, is a cheerful ^w^. Their skin is dark and their spiky hair black. Their number is emblazoned on both their shirt and the left breast of their trench coat.


K-9's appearance, unlike many of their eccentric pursuits, is rather plain. They wear a plain, canine like-mask. The 'eyes' on the mask are closed shut, with the mouth drawn in a small smile. Their antennas point ahead of them before leaning downwards on their face.


Oft-described as a "notail among notails", L-3453 is dedicated to supporting notails everywhere with habitats that maximize the work they can do for the notail cause. She has similarly high expectations of notails in other classes of work, such as B-classes creating genetically optimized workers, E-classes efficiently harvesting all available resources on new planets, and K-classes providing all the other classes with superior intel.


M-4 is, to put it lightly, flashy. They can almost always be seen in clothing that shows a great deal of skin, and even if the weather may not be particularly suited to such outfits, they never show a single sign of discomfort. The only time they dress any differently is around children; if M-4 even suspects that a child might be nearby, they immediately pull on a robe over their other clothes.


N-30 has not changed the way he has looked in a long time, but once he looked more presentable. He wears a dark jacket with a darker shirt below that. His shirt collar is tabbed with a striking blood red, and in this same color is his letter and number on his jacket. The N sits upright, with the right side of it much lower than the rest. Below that is "-30" written tilted and vertically so that when looked at from afar it appears the N-30 on his shirt looks like <-30. His pants are simple and black as well, but it's clear that like his shirt that the material used is of extremely great quality. Once being the most striking piece, his red and black stole, a long cloth that goes behind the neck and is draped evenly on both sides of the chest, was marked by blessed Neo symbols at both ends and nothing more.


Q-7 can be recognized due to many factors; he is small, even for a notail, often has small burns on his body, and in the viewpoint of various regions of the universe, he can be considered extremely cute. Of course, there are people who always forget some small details about him that, while important, aren’t usually mentioned, such as his always-handy flamethrower or his light burnt smell that makes people understand his title of “Bonfire” a bit too late.


S-748, better known by his stage name, STAB, is well known for his well attended surgical and music performances. That is to say, performances in which he both plays music and perform surgery, in the same show. He’s known to be able to change from cocky showmanship to complete professionalism on a dime, and just as quickly find the time to gloat and call for cheers upon performing a difficult surgical maneuver.


The most immediately noticeable thing about W-8 is the friendly air they exude, so much so that it almost as if even a complete stranger could approach them with a problem, and W-8 would not only listen to their woes, but also do their best to help resolve them. Although they, like all notails, wear a mask at all times, one can't help but have the feeling that even if their face were visible, they would be smiling anyway.


X is, to put it simply, hard to miss. Tall and broad for a notail, they easily stand out by virtue of that alone, and their long curly hair only adds to this. This doesn't stop when they open their mouth, however, as they seem insistent on speaking in a noticeable tourist accent at all times. Their skin is very dark, and splotches on their fingers seem to indicate that they have vitiligo, but confirming this is difficult; they almost exclusively wear clothing that covers nearly all of their body no matter how high the temperature is, such as a lab coat over a turtleneck sweater in the midst of a heat wave.


Z-100 is the best capture creature tamer. The very best. Like no one ever was.

Possessing the typical Z-class attitude towards non-animals, Z-100 doesn’t even bother to interact with other notails, let alone other sapient species – unless they can see or otherwise know that the individual breeds and/or battles capture creatures.


If α-Quiet’s appearance is surprising to some, his demeanor is even more so. He speaks little, almost never starting a conversation and typically giving short responses even when pulled into one, and for the most part avoids non job-related social interaction outside of a select few people. He isn’t outwardly friendly, or social, or open at all, in many ways coming off as cold and uncaring and nothing more.


ß-Melody prides emself on fostering a demeanor difficult to approach. Ey wear an aura of anger that stands out as bright as eir clothes, visible eyes always settling in a scowl. Moody, quick to frustration and vocal about it, even stamping eir foot and snarling when things don’t go according to plan, ß-Melody is known to some as childish. Eir perfectionist tendencies only lend to such exaggerated displays of anger, since eir endeavors rarely turn out exactly as ey were envisioning.


This section lists all the current or past noteable notails, not including O-classes or class leaders. All the entries below lead to the legendary section of the Cosmosdex.

Alex (X-137)

X-137, aka Alex, is a decidedly normal notail with entirely ordinary notail features. She is of average height for a notail, and possessed of a slim build. Alex has pale pinkish skin and long pinkish-red hair, typically tied in a low ponytail, slightly eccentric, to an extant that is in fact, perfectly normal. Her antenna are rather short, and somewhat fake looking, many have thought they were in fact entirely fake and that she did not have any. This is not the case.


E-27, or as they like to be called, Kero, is a rather average notail, of middling height, weight and age. In fact, it would be very hard to remember them, if it wasn't for their atrocious personality. They have the typical brown notail skin tone, and despite their living conditions keep themselves very well groomed, and usually dress in comfortable but not outstanding clothes. Like most E classes, Kero lets their claws grow out.


Hero is a very dark-skinned notail with black, curly hair that stands out almost immediately in a crowd of their species simply by dint of their outfit. Though, much like most other notails, they seem to wear the same type of outfit all the time, theirs is distinct in that it is not a plain grey shirt and pants with their number - part of that being because, of course, that they don’t remember their number at all.


If ever a notail could be described as cute, K-13205 would probably be one of the few candidates to take on that mantle. Standing slightly taller than the average notail, they have a cheery 0ω0 expression on a simple cat mask, with large holes cut out for the eyes befitting of a K-class.

Despite being outdoors often, they have very pale skin, and nearly black hair. They also are commonly adorned in bright neon clothing, with their number on their scarf, but as is known, bright colors in nature are usually a sign of much more danger.


Q-7314 is, for the most part, rather ordinary looking for a notail. They're a short person, with short black hair, and their antennas typically droop forward only to bend sharply downwards near the tip. Q-7314 almost always has a small pack with them, filled with things like markers, hand sanitizer, and cleaning wipes. This pack used to contain a set of matches as well, but currently Q-7314 is not permitted to keep any fire starting supplies on their person.

Capture Creatures

This section lists all lore about the capture creatures, as well as all the currently known capture creatures in the dex. All the entries below but the lore entry lead to the fauna section of the Cosmosdex.

Capture Creature

Capture creatures are loyal companions of the notails. Technically any animal that can be tamed, caged, and battled with is a capture creature, but when most mention "capture creatures" they specifically mean notail capture creatures. Notail capture creatures tend to stick out from the crowd due to their abnormal disadvantages that are intended to teach children lessons.

This entry will teach you all you need to know about these creatures.


The agrivyrn are large, plant covered reptiles: they have scales, long tails, and are incapable of producing their own body heat. Their hides come in various shades of brown, and most agrivyrn have a seedlike marking on their forehead. Agrivyrn are most known for their ability to be used as living planters, wherein they can support and grow vast amounts of plants upon their backs.


Arises do not sleep. Their eyes are constantly open, and when they need to blink they will only blink one eye at a time as if scared to miss a single moment. Their behavior is often associated with people who have been up for days at a time because of how unusual it is. They slowly waddle their way around nearly any landscape they find themselves in groups of five to ten. Arises seem mindless in their travel, and sure enough, many tracking data confirm that other than their aversion to extreme cold their paths are random.


A small crab-like creature about the size and shape of a large jar. Their body is divided into two distinct sections: The lower body, which is more crab-like, and is where most of their limbs are, and their upper section which is a transparent dome containing the creature's proportionally massive brain.

On their lower section, they have a grand total of Ten limbs around their body; Six crabby legs on the left and right, a pair of pincer-claws on their front, and a pair of smaller legs on their back.


Cratics are capture creatures, and thus were specifically bred by notails to be ideal for taking care of notail children once they’re set out into the forest to fend for themselves. As such, they have a number of features that help them train X and S class notails to be productive members of notail society.

Cratics are conditioned to see the notails given to them as their children, and so treat them the same way they would treat their own young.


It’s dark. Dark as the cruel world the Neo has made for its wretched people, with eyes that burn red like the smouldering jaws of the gods themselves. Ram’s horns curl wickedly atop its head, fixed with a sharp point that frames the creature’s long face – the face that never breaks stride, never pauses; never, ever stops talking.


An echomm is an active creature, often running circles around its owner just to burn off excess energy. Its most distinct behavioral quirk is its clicking - by flicking its large back legs across its guard wings, the echomm produces a clear, sharp noise described as anything from a "clack" to a "drrrrrkt". It will make this noise constantly, producing about 75 clicks per minute, at all waking hours. The interval between notes grows further apart when other echomms are present to "fill in the gap", creating the same rhythm whether there is one echomm in the vicinity or twenty.


Eyegrets are tall birds with white feathers, long necks, long legs, and an even longer tail covered in white scales. Although they are quite large and have an impressive wingspan, this isn’t their most striking feature; the most immediately noticeable thing about eyegrets is in fact the number of eyes they have. There are two on either side of their head, as with most bird-like creatures, as well as three along each side of their neck, three on each wing, and ten all along their tail for a total of twenty-four.


Guirands are rather large and extremely flat creatures, and they can be incredibly difficult to spot, even when deliberately looking for one; they make no sounds, and in fact do not move at all, no matter how much danger they're in. This is because they are almost entirely incapable of any movement in the first place; a guirand can chew and swallow food put into its mouth, as well as drink if given water, but lacks even the ability to snap its jaws. The only action a guirand can take completely of its own power is to change the colors of its pelt.


Many would describe the gwech as fairly unattractive, much to the dismay of long time gwech owners. Gweches are a long lizard like creatures, with purplish skin, with sparse amounts of hairs on them, a remnant from when they were coated in hair. Despite looking extremely lizard like the gwech is not a lizard and in fact makes its own heat. The gwech has five pairs of limbs which start off purple but suddenly turn black, commonly having a few stripes before this. Even though a gwech has five limbs it can function just fine with two pairs. The extra limbs are both backups in case it is attacked, as well as emergency rations.


Ivfrids are often described as docile pillows. These neutral-toned psuedo-synapsids are coated with a downy coating of fibers on most of their body. Their underbelly is a narrow diamond of scale-like plates with very bright speckles ranging from turqoise to orange. Most have large whiskers, dish-like ears, and a crest running down their body. The crest starts from the forehead and runs to the wiry tail, being lighter or darker than their body's fur.


Offered primarily as a starter capture creature for K- and N-class notails, kaws are also occasionally chosen by E- and Q-classes for their inquisitive nature and uncanny ability to find people or animals in distress. This is accomplished through the use of minor telepathy; a kaw that is looking for food or entertainment will scan the area for any mental distress signals and then flock towards any signal they pick up.


Mallons are large rodent like creatures with long ears and thick, greasy fur that can come in every shade between cream and dark brown, with medium tones being the most common. In rare cases, a mallon can even have patches of pure white or pure black fur, with the most uncommon coloration of all being an entirely pure black or entirely pure white mallon. They have a row of frills along their back and a cluster of frills at the base of their ears, as well as long tails that end in a large fan formed of frills of the same type. Like their fur, these frills are similarly somewhat greasy to the touch, and in most cases are in some color that contrasts the rest of the fur, i.e. a primarily cream mallon having dark brown frills or a primarily dark brown mallon having cream frills.


When a monike’s feathers are at rest, this capture creature resembles a teardrop shaped bird with narrow legs. Their eyes are small and usually analogous with their secondary accent color, which will appear as a patch on their neck and a crown of feathers on their head. A monike’s primary color is always black and able to absorb over 90% of surrounding light, giving the monike the ability to blend seamlessly into the dark. During daytime, it is impossible to see the highlights or shadows of these feathers. This may also make monikes appear like a walking black hole. But fret not; after extensive testing, the monike’s gravitational pull has been reported as, “ordinary” and, “remarkably unlike a black hole.”


Notzels are a bipedal, raptor-like species made to mimic avian capture creatures. They are most definitely not related to or derived from the species of itzels in any way, and any resemblance to itzels is strictly coincidence, we swear.


Polydexrols are capture creatures, bred and modified for the use of notails. Specifically, the R or Z classes, and sometimes the V-classes.

Polydextrols are large, reptilian climbers that come in shades of green and black, though it is more often than not a mixture of both. They are quadrupedal with five clawed fingers on their forehands,three in front, two thumb-like ones on each side, and four-fingered back hands attached to arched legs, that depending on their environment, could be webbed. Their skin is leathery and rough on the top with a smoother underbelly.


Most sightings of the runicate will be of a single bulbous, translucent head amongst the trees. It bobs at the tip of a long stalk, mouth agape and black eyes bulging, like a shocked plastic bag. Much like plastic, its skin has a scrunched appearance. Its tubular stalk is segmented. The base of the stalk is rooted in the ground, under which it tucks its small body and stubby legs. If necessary it can uproot itself and teeter to a new location where it will take root again, though its vestigial eyes and lack of other prominent senses mean it needs to be led there.

Scholar Otter

Scholar otters, as this article describes them, are an advanced form of a more common and mundane fauna. It used to be that they were just a bottom of the barrel capture creature, usually only taken for their cute appearance or because there wasn't anything else better. They were mainly used to scavenge for materials underwater, and weren’t of much use otherwise due to their reliance on water.

Seizing Bird

The seizing bird is pitch black, appearing to be more of a shadow of a bird than the body. The only part of this creature that isn't black is its wings. The wings are white by default but are quite special, for in an instant the seizing bird can change the color of its wings, rapidly if it wished. The color produced tends to be quite bright, with the wing producing some surprising bio luminance. The mouth of the seizing bird flashes the same color as the wings, but its colors are not as bright.


The senspray is an eel-shaped lamprey, and this is because while they have serpentine bodies they have digits along their body that help them maintain a grip on victims. They are usually pastel in color, and often are closer to white than any other pigment. Adults are known to have markings that mimic common contagious infections.


The tailmic is a large centipede-like insect that has half its body on the ground, and the rest of it in the air if it's not trying to escape quickly by using all its legs. The tailmic is completely black with only the top of its head a bleak white, or more rarely it is utterly white with a deep black head top. The top of its head will have a "face" in the opposite color of its top. This face is always of a very specific type of smile "=)", but some are born with a slightly different face, are accidentally born with no face, or a messed up face.


Tentiders are extremely large creatures who are unable to fend for themselves and thus have formed a mutual relationship with notails. Notails hunt, and then use a large stick to bring up food for the tentider, the tentider in response does absolutely nothing, as tentiders do. There's nothing a tentider needs to do other than dig its legs into the ground and exist.

A tentider can either be canopy tent style, or if it digs its legs all the way down it becomes a traditional tent. It's hold on the ground can survive fairly mild breezes, but in extreme weather the tentider might fly off if not careful.

Thorn Head

The common thorn head is a large hooved, and horse-like creature. The thorn head has small scales on the upper half of its body, while having tough large plated scales on the lower half. The thorn head's smaller scales are an iridescent blue while the larger scales are a light blue, quite close to white. The tail of the thorn head is fairly flat and ends with spikes at the tip to bash surprise attackers.

There seems to be no mouth to a thorn head to people who are unfamiliar with them, the head looking like nothing but an unusable mass of flesh covered in spikes.


Although twachis are classed as capture creatures, they are quite different from most in that they are not a creature at all, instead a robot kit containing a box-like “head” that can be opened to reveal a terminal for modifying its behavior, and a number of parts that be attached to it in a variety of ways. The exact parts depend on the kit, but generally all include a set of weak arms fit for precision work, a set of stronger arms better suited to blunt force, and at least two sets of legs, in addition to whatever other attachments that particular kit might have. Some twachis contain blocks that can be attached so it can be used as a mount, others have attachments that let it be programmed to sit by water and close a trap every time it senses a certain number of fish, etc.


Considered a bottom-of-the-barrel capture creature for notail G- and W-classes, the turble is a small, squat creature with a hard shell that protrudes from its back on an extendable stem. Its short legs can extend up to three feet and its shell another foot, although it cannot stretch to its full extent for long without damaging itself. Turbles come in every colour of the rainbow including black and white, with many geometric patterns on their shells, though they always have three stripes on their bodies and two on each cheek.


Unicorns are stocky animals who can traverse many locations with ease due to their hoofs which have very long feathering. When attacked unicorns rarely run away, knowing that their size and power allow them to take down many opponents. This same fact allows unicorns to do most of the jobs that horses have, but as unicorns are more fickled it is much easier to use the more obtainable, and reliable, horse.

Voracious Frog

The voracious frog is a giant frog with claws. Its nostrils flare wide around the top of its mouth, with two beady eyes placed close together for such a massive beast. Great black pads cushion its feet like a cat and its back curves like a typical frog. The beast sports high quality camo, as if outfitted by some sort of military. Unlike many frogs it has a very small tongue, but it is cold blooded, and cannot survive or thrive in colder environments just like frogs.

The voracious frog can grow quite large if food is abundant. Well fed frogs can grow big enough to swallow small cars whole.