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Weird Birds

“Why is my eyegret a furry? I ordered a normal one!” — A very oblivious U-class

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Part of the Notail collection

Emblem by Obedaiya
  • Strength-7
  • Intelligence-2
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-6
  • Agility-8
  • Luck-1

Danger Level: Low
Likes: Shiny things, Music, Background noise
Dislikes: Silence, Theft

Attack Method: Lunges with claws and sharp beak, causes blunt trauma with tail.

Environment: Only as capture creatures and planted in the Woods for Z-classes. No notzels exist in the wild, Pet shops across the universe
Lifespan: 100 years
Size: 4'7 ft tall, 7 ft long
Diet: Mostly fish, though they will eat meat and vegetation if they are starving

Bodytype: Horizontal Pose

Type: Avian Mammal
Rarity: Common

Original Creator: Starlit Drakon

Physical Description

Notzels are a bipedal, raptor-like species made to mimic avian capture creatures. They are most definitely not related to or derived from the species of itzels in any way, and any resemblance to itzels is strictly coincidence, we swear.

Notzels have at least four eyes, long, serrated beaks, and teeth lining their lower jaws. Those based on eyegrets will often have many eyes along their body, but rarely may simply have eyespots instead. They have long, furred ears and a crest of horns: these horns grow throughout the notzel's life, and older notzels often have crossing or fused horns. Their forelegs are covered in long, soft feathers, which obscure their taloned hands.

Their tails are covered in a pray of feathers at the base, and a tuft of fur at the tip. These tails can often also serves as repositories for fat, though most starter notzels are slightly underfed and thus have lean tails. Notzels often have an odd attraction to small items, which they will often attempt to attach to their horns or ears. Commonly, these are simply small, shiny objects, but sometimes they are bones or feathers, or even small stones. It is not recommended to attempt to remove these from a notzel's possession.


Notzels are generally fairly docile breed, commonly assigned to particularly oblivious U-classes and as an R-class companion. Notzels are also occasionally released into The Woods for young Z-classes to capture as starters. Notzels are known hoarders, and often like to find a single, secluded spot to stash their hoards. Notails who are aware that their capture creature is, in fact, a notzel will often be able to sneak semi-valuable items away to trade with other notails. Notzels are trained to adopt their notails as pack-mates, and commonly attempt to preen the hair and antennae of their owners- unfortunately, this also often results in accidental hair-pulling or bent antennas.

Notzels are given to their owners as hatchlings, which are covered in a soft, downy grey fluff which they shed once their adult feathers and fur begin to grow in. A notzel will stick with their pack until one or the other dies, and notzels whose owners have died in the woods can often be picked up by other notails to expand their pack. If their "packmates" are doing poorly hunting for themselves, a notzel will often bring them mostly-dead prey to try and help them learn to hunt.

Notzel owners outside of the forest often report their notzels as "insatiable beggars" for cooked meals, most often various seafood dishes.


Fancy: These notzels are much smaller than normal notzels, and are only sold as pets. Fancy notzels are often much brighter-colored versions of avian starters, with iridescent feathers.

Goliath: Goliath notzels are much rarer than the average notzel, and are much larger as well. A goliath is on average nearly twice the size of the average notzel, and require twice as much food to match. Goliath notzels are very popular with young notails for their increased size and impressive plumage. Goliath notzels are also fairly popular in capture creature battles.


Noise Mimic: A notzel is able to almost perfectly mimic any noise it has heard, although commonly they are taught to mimic the capture creatures they are meant to resemble. Some notails have reported their notzels making noises eerily similar to sentences...


• Notzels have only been documented appearing after the declaration of itzels as a sentient species. Notails violently deny any connection to these two events. No connection whatsoever. They swear.

• Although it is rare, there are several cases of notzels taking to the treetops and refusing to come down. Many an I or F class have been called to get them back on the ground.

• There is no reason to clip a notzel's wings, as a notzel cannot actually fly. Clipping a notzel's wings is not recommended, as it is stressful to a notzel and pinfeathers may be accidently trim off, which will bleed profusely.

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