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  • Strength-?
  • Intelligence-?
  • Charisma-?
  • Endurance-?
  • Agility-?
  • Luck-?

Job: Undercover
Ages spent in woods: ?
Class leader: U-??
O-class leader: O-9

Class rank: No Rank
Population: Unknown% of total notail population
Likes: ?
Dislikes: ?
Contributions: U-classes are spies, both of inner notail society and out in space, other than that info no one knows what they do.


[???] Neutral trait
[???] Positive trait
[???] Negative trait

Original Creator: Gimeurcookie

Personality & Traits

Very little info is known about the U-class, as it is supposed to be. Originally a type of R-anger class the U-class broke into its own class. U-classes do not identify themselves at any point in their life, not even as a child. U-classes mingle as another class until adulthood where they are taken to an unknown location and told about their true rank. It is guessed that some M-atriarch class are actually U-classes in disguise, thus making sure that U-classes get the correct capture creature and learn the right lessons.

Smart children notails may be able to guess that they're a U-class, considering that "pretend to be another person" isn't a quest others get. The adult lives of U-classes are shrouded in mystery aside from a few stories of outliner cases of U-classes being located. When a U-class is outed they will attempt to escape. If a U-class cannot escape they will suffer a fatal heart attack. U-classes are made to be so frightened by being captured that they will panic themselves to death.

Anything else beyond this info is unknown.


U-nknown: There is apparently a type of U-class, but there is no info on it. This has been causing some to believe that the subtype is just a lie to throw people off.


Mimic: Even though there's little info on U-classes the one thing people know for sure is that U-classes have amazing mimicking powers, after watching people for a few weeks from afar they can replace the person with only a slightly uneasy feeling that something is wrong in the back of close friend's minds.


• There are a few unusual death reports of notails getting trapped by extremely mundane things such as handcuffs, jammed bathroom doors, bags they're wearing caught on a door, or even bags being placed on their heads, and then proceeding to quickly succumb to a heart attack. These are expected to be cases of U-classes.

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