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The Horde

“Notail Fact: Did you know? E-class notails come in swarms! Watch these friendly guys consume the landscape like locusts!” — =)

Art by, SirBlizz98

  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-8
  • Agility-5
  • Luck-0

Job: Explorer
Ages spent in woods: Ages 10 - 18
Class leader: E-47
O-class leader: O-5

Class rank: Middle Rank
Population: 5% of total notail population
Likes: Open spaces, New people, Gathering, Swarms, Aliens
Dislikes: Being without other notails, Being stuck in one place
Contributions: E-class notails explore planets for info - collecting data about the planet itself, as well as the locals who live on it. E-classes normally explore undiscovered or newly discovered planets.


[Nomadic] Neutral trait
This character is very good at adapting to new environments, but can't stand not moving on. A bit restless by nature.
[Street Smart] Positive trait
This character knows the streets very well and knows when things are going wrong. This character is also the opposite of gullible and knows all the tricks in the book, and they’ll be happy to call it out.
[Egotistical] Negative trait
Often going hand in hand with [Narcissist], this character believes that they are so far above everyone else, they would need a periscope just to look them in the eyes. Their treatment towards others reflects this.

Original Creator: Gimeurcookie

Personality & Traits

A sight that sadly too many newly discovered aliens see: a swarm of E-classes. From early childhood, E-classes form small groups. These mainly contain other E-classes, but other classes who enjoy traveling may apply. E-classes are one of the swarming classes, commonly learning early on through childhood quests of gathering in groups to fight or catch animals much bigger than them that, while quality is fine, quantity should never be looked down upon.

E-classes spend a longer time in the woods, usually helping young and confused notails out after they have become a master of their environment. This study in pity is important for E-classes, for when they're adults they'll need to put on their best face to "help" newly discovered species. Using their silver tongues, E-classes are ready and willing to convince people to sell their plots of land or promise them that "the notails are perfectly nice people willing to take care of them.”

E-classes love aliens that also love traveling, and if an E-class doesn't have a swarm of notails that they are a part of, they will happily join a group of wandering aliens on their trips. When in a swarm E-classes rarely back away from attacks; instead they huddle together before charging an attack. They may be weak alone but they can succeed in nearly impossible tasks as long as enough of them are around.


Lone E: The Lone E-class is a cryptid-like notail that is rarely ever seen. These notails do anything possible to blend in with their landscape. Lone E-class notails are only spotted on planets that are fairly low on the explore and conquer rating. They are known for constantly talking to themselves when not hiding and writing extremely light autobiographies about their adventures. Some Lone E-classes will integrate themselves into the lives of the uncontacted species they're following, normally informing them that their ship crashed and there's no way to communicate with their homeworld - thus allowing them to hide in plain sight.


Swarm communication: E-classes are able to talk with one another from 100 feet away, as opposed to the normal 20 feet. They are also able to use other E-classes to extend their range, thus allowing them to chain E-classes and send messages extremely far. This only works within E-classes and they cannot chain with other classes, or even talk to them outside the normal 20 feet range.


• Unlike most notails, E-classes tend to have between two through four capture creatures instead of one or lower.

• Where there are E-classes there are K and X-classes trailing behind, ready to snap up the scraps.

• While E-classes are known for being the harbinger of slavery or homelessness for species, there are more than a few cases where E-classes have swarmed to convince notails to back off, going so far as to scare off the K and X-classes they normally travel with. Sometimes E-classes know a good ally when they see one, and most of the time the notail government will respect that.

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