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The Big Bads

“Notail Fact: Did you know? Mutualism is when two organisms of different species benefit from the activity of the other.” — =)
  • Strength-?
  • Intelligence-?
  • Charisma-?
  • Endurance-?
  • Agility-?
  • Luck-?

Job: Notail Leaders
Ages spent in woods: Varies
Class leader: O-1
O-class leader: O-1

Class rank: Highest Rank
Population: 12 - 24 notails in total depending on how many O-12's are around. One O-12 being the most common amount thus 12 O-classes total.
Likes: Varies
Dislikes: Varies
Contributions: The O-classes as the notail leaders have been deciding what notails do since the start of the class system. The most important decisions are either run through the appropriate O-class, or is discussed upon by all the O-classes.


[???] Neutral trait
[???] Positive trait
[???] Negative trait

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Personality & Traits

As all the O-classes have their own entries, we suggest starting there for info on O-classes. Instead, below we will be detailing the requirements to become an O-class.

Currently an O-class holds their position until death. Once an O-class has died there is a quick review to check if the killer has met the requirements to become the next O-class. The requirements are as followed.

• Must be a notail physically and mentally.

• Must have been the cause of the O-class' death in some way such as but not limited to, causing a riot to kill the O-class, accidentally bumping into the O-class and causing them to fall down a staircase and die, or self-destruction.

• Must be able to do the job of the O-class about as well, or even better than them. If the killer fails to do the job to standards within 5 years, the O-class will be killed and the old O-class will be brought back.

If an O-class quits, which they are allowed to do, then interviews will be hosted for the position, as was the norm in the past. The one who impresses the interviewer enough will become the new O-class.

When an O-class dies and not all conditions are met, such as being killed by a non-notail, a clone of the O-class is brought out and given the last valid memory backup the O-class had recorded which they do once a month at the O-class meetings. If there are no adult clones the O-class spot goes unoccupied until one of the clones reaches adulthood at the age of 18.

O-class clones are made to be as close to the last body as possible unless an O-class requests an adjustment. For example, the legs of the current O-5's clones are removed and replaced with metal legs. If O-5 requested it, or if orders got mixed up, an O-5 clone could end up spared of leg removal and end up used as a body for O-5.

O-class clones live in an undisclosed lab where they are told that there's no outside world. When the memories of an O-class are put into a clone the memories of the clone are forever lost.


O-1: O-1's are always the leading O-class. As there has never been a change in O-1's there is no info on what qualities are expected of O-1s.

O-2: O-2s are the standing leader of the O-class as O-1 normally does not actively lead. O-2s have the biggest known psychic range of any notail and are the only known notail to be able to actually mind-control other notails as oppose to making heavy-handed demands. O-2s main job is to make sure all the other O-classes are doing their jobs.

O-3: O-3's job is to make sure all the animal sector of notail society is working to its fullest efficacy. O-3s normally have intense fauna communication skills, even though they are unable to talk to animals.

O-4: O-4s are the popes of the notail world. They must be fairly charismatic and willing to memorize the book of the Limbo. O-4s are also in charge of making sure the only notail prison, Prison Planet, is in working order and thus is required to visit it every month.

O-5: O-5s are the war generals of the O-class, though this job is split between O-5 and O-6. O-5s tend to be more in tune with unusual warfare, such as fighting against diseases like clockworks or fighting against opponents who make no sense like anomalies. O-5s also make sure the notail public is always defended at any cost. If they have to play dirty in warfare to do so they have no issues with it.

O-6: O-6s are the 3rd in command behind O-2 and O-1. O-6s are considered the notail President and are a part of notail relations. Other O-classes are also apart of notail relations, but O-6s are almost always brought out when notails are unwilling to make any more compromises. O-6s are also war generals picking when and where to attack. O-6s are known for being ruthless and being willing to do anything to get in their position.

O-7: O-7s are a much-needed stabilizer for the O-classes, assisting with making sure that all O-classes and class leaders are on the right track. O-7s also compiles data on how notail relations with other species and how the notail population is doing.

O-8: O-8s are the head scientists. They decide what major scientific goals notails should be aiming for. O-8s are all about taking the knowledge given to them and applying it to help the notail population.

O-9: O-9s are monitors. O-9 makes sure that any plan that other O-classes put into action that directly relates to the notail public is correctly rolled out. O-9s must be able to multitask and keep many eyes on the public.

O-10: O-10s are the resource managers. O-10s must correctly make sure notail budgets are correctly monitored and that there are no resource deficiencies or resources being stolen in large quantities.

O-11: O-11s are the main knowledge gathers. O-11s must make sure that notail priorities are straight and that they are not wasting their time with studies that will go nowhere. O-11s also have the last say if anomalies are left alone, destroyed, or stored away.

O-12: O-12 is "The people" and is the representation of the notail population. There is no requirement to be O-12 as they are randomly picked from the population other than not being an A, D or U class. Notails can get out of being O-12 if they are working on an extremely important project.


Notail network: With enough notails around an O-class can create vast networks, able to get a message from one part of the planet to the other side in half an hour. Lower class notails are weak to the control of higher class notails and instinctively do what they are told.


• The O-classes are seen as celebrities to the notails and other species. Their lives are well recorded in the news.

• The most replaced O-class, not counting O-12, is O-3, the least replaced O-class, not counting O-1, is O-11.

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