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“Notail Fact: Did you know? Emotions are what makes us, us, so when we take our emotions out of the equations we become......” — =)

Art by, Artem1s

  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-3
  • Agility-10
  • Luck-0

Job: Waiter
Ages spent in woods: Ages 10 - 15
Class leader: W-8
O-class leader: O-10

Class rank: Low Rank
Population: 3% of total notail population
Likes: Helping others, Everything
Dislikes: Nothing
Contributions: The W-class has simply been the assistants to other notails. W-classes help every type of notail, from making sure a G-class recovers from injuries caused by work, to giving an I-nvestigator a fresh pair of eyes on a case.


[Loyal] Neutral trait
This character is loyal to whoever they are aligned with and it would take a lot to ever drag them away from that.
[Jack of Trades] Positive trait
This character knows about a lot and if the situation calls for it they are able to do many things outside of their job title with no formal education on the subject. This character will not be the best at it or particularly good but will be able to do it.
[Yes-Man] Negative trait
This character finds it hard to refuse orders or requests from others, and is easily persuaded to perform tasks.

Original Creator: Gimeurcookie

Personality & Traits

W-classes are born to serve. From childhood, W-classes follow other children around helping them with their quests, for it is their quest to do so. Two years before a W-class heads into the woods they are allowed to pick a non-G-class to follow. It is their duty to make sure this person is taken care of and protected throughout the whole trip.

Once out of the woods the W-class will follow their chosen notail until the W-class is finally picked by a much higher rank and is sent off to work. If the chosen notail they picked is a rather high rank the W-class may never need to leave them. While a W-class has one primary person they take care of, they also take care of people around them such as people who have fallen ill. W-classes are happy to take care of others, and that is because W-classes themselves are unable to feel fear, sadness, or panic. W-classes have been clipped of their negative emotions.

W-classes clipped emotions keep them calm in any situation, no matter how dire. This allows them to keep a clear head during negative events. W-classes help notails whose job puts them under pressure rationalize their situation better to allow them to have a mind as clear as a W-class. W-classes seem to need nothing more in life other than to make others as happy as they are, and they help do this by nearly never denying a request. W-classes sometimes appear to be able to understand that some of the jobs they are asked to do are less than joyful for others, and yet they are still compelled to smile and agree to the work.


Group W-aiter: This type of W-class is in fact composed of half the W-class population. Instead of having one main subject of attention and going to others nearby on the side, this W-class never gains a main subject of attention, rather only assisting people when they need help.


Limited Emotions: W-classes have limited emotions which cause them to always be positive and agreeable. Some W-classes are sometimes born incorrectly and may have one of the emotions that were supposed to be removed back. A rare but extreme situation can occur where a W-class only has one emotion and no other. Both of these situations may cause a child W-class to be turned into a D-class.


• Many falsely assume that the C-onstruction class is an offshoot from the W-class, but the opposite is true. The W-class split from the C-class just before the C-class became utterly unable to function without orders.

• Unlike C-classes, W-classes do not do anything that puts them in direct harm unless they agree that doing so would be for the greater good. Telling a W-class to jump into a fire just because simply will not work.

• W-classes are known for having masks of dogs, and other house pet animals, as well as metaparxis.

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