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Selfish Eel

“This is my best friend, Mr. Goodday 8]” — A Q-class who's going to have a bad time in the woods

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Part of the Notail collection

Emblem by Obedaiya
  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-7
  • Endurance-4
  • Agility-3
  • Luck-9

Danger Level: Low
Likes: Good food, Anger, Misery, Pain
Dislikes: None

Attack Method: Biting and latching on to a viticm and sucking out blood.

Environment: Non-Arid landscapes
Lifespan: 14 years
Size: 3 ft tall
Diet: Feeds off morale, Emotions, Blood

Bodytype: Serpentine
Type: Symbotic Psychic Other
Rarity: Uncommon

Original Creator: Voidtraipser

Physical Description

The senspray is an eel-shaped lamprey, and this is because while they have serpentine bodies they have digits along their body that help them maintain a grip on victims. They are usually pastel in color, and often are closer to white than any other pigment. Adults are known to have markings that mimic common contagious infections such as ringworm, aggressive rashes, or other markings that make them appear to be contagion vectors or diseased. They have eyespots on top of their spade-shaped heads and their pure black true eyes appear to be eyebrows in front of the eyespots. Their eyespots change with movement and are often compared to 'googly eyes'. Underneath their head there is a row of sharp tooth-like extrusions that allow them to create gashes on victims, and insert their mouth into an artery.

They are most commonly seen coiled around or draped atop another lifeform, and only appear in higher numbers in the designated subspecies section. Numbers higher than twenty should be regarded as a wild swarm, and hostile.

Their life cycle progresses from pale egg clusters, to inch-sized worms, to footlong juveniles, and finally to 2-4 feet long adults. They can grow to adult size within a year when provided a stable host.


Sensprays are a capture creature that has been bred by the notails for usage as a starter for J and Q-classes. They are commonly remarked to be a highly dangerous and untrustworthy animal due to this, and most adult Z-classes will tell you that it's not an issue with the animal but a feature.

Almost all sensprays start their life curious, and will crawl all over their owner. Rarely they will give gentle love-bites before going back to nuzzling and fawning over whoever is holding them. During this time the senspray is feeding mostly on detritus, positive, yet weak, emotions, and only trace amounts of blood. People and notail children caring for the young senspray will remark how the world is truly a wonderful thing to experience, and that they don't think they could ever have to worry about anything. The senspray is a master at using it's psychic powers to seek and cultivate it's food source, and the larva are no different.

Over time the juvenile will be exposed to intensive and painful emotional states, and from drawing sustenance will learn that pain, depression, and anger are a more efficient food source. By the time the warning signs are showing the owner will be in their first year of the woods, and firmly attached to their 'best friend forever and ever'. The senspray will often still encourage and feed on positive emotions enough to where most who choose this capture creature will not learn the lesson it teaches easily. As such over the following couple years the access to safety, happiness, and stability will have been weaned away to the point that the senspray will see no use in encouraging the states their owner fondly remembers. Around full adulthood they become a fixture to the host, and have their mouth directly inserted into an artery.

The lesson taught by owning a senspray depends on who you ask, but the general consensus is that sensprays teach their owner about social parasites due to how they worm their way into your life. Some believe this means you need to recognize a toxic relationship and do whatever it takes to earn your freedom, regardless of what they've given you in the past. Others believe that while justice should be given for all there are those who will lie through their teeth, and only drag the rest through the mud.

Memories of entire weeks spent in endless happiness, and the trust forged with them cements the beginnings of a toxic cycle that drains an owner until they are left wracked with pain, constantly lashing out, catatonic, or rotating through any of the prior. If a child becomes so attached that they refuse to get rid of their senspray they will likely die. Some owners find the solution is to bleed their companion to the verge of death so that it cannot use its energy to manipulate them, while still surviving by ambient emotion, and others end up reaching a breaking point and deciding to gut it. Rarer is when an owner has a sufficiently stable capture creature to become a proxy host for the senspray, but often this results in the senspray thinking the new host is their new owner.

When this animal's host dies they often decide to stay and drain all remaining brainwaves and blood, or find a new host as soon as possible. If a sufficient longterm host cannot be found the senspray is often found parasitizing smaller fauna to death over the course of a day, or eating detritus.


Sweetspray: The sweetspray is known to cultivate positive emotional states only, and has a modified diet allowing it to eat sugarwater or candy. They are often very high priced, and are rarely seen following the same route as their capture creature, or wild, cousins. The sweetspray rarely has the diseased markings, and tends to have a more saturated body color.

Swarmspray: The swarmspray is the wilder variant of senspray, and one that can easily be reverted to. Swarming sensprays are twenty or more in number, and are mobile until they find a victim to drain as a whole, or a very large host to relegate themselves to. They are most often found causing megafauna to attack anything nearby, or on the move. It is not advised to approach a swarm, but it is advised to fire ranged weaponry on it in an attempt to disperse the swarm and isolate the sensprays for capture or extermination.




• Sensprays are seen used by prison systems, pirates, and soldiers for a variety of uses. The most common use is to induce a catatonic state for transportation of prisoners, or to create a berserker rage.

• The senspray reproduces well, and are considered a cheap fodder animal if there is a proper food source.

• Some enjoy the taste of senspray meat, but most consider eating jellyfish preferable to that. Rations rendered from their bodies are always considered a type of generic ration.

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