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War Dogs

ā€œNotail Fact: Did you know? War is a defining trait of our species. Out of all the animals who roam the land before us, only we do war. Is war a product of progress, or is it a product of us?ā€ ā€” =)

Art by, Artem1s

  • Strength-5
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-8
  • Agility-2
  • Luck-0

Job: Yeotail
Ages spent in woods: Ages 10 - 15
Class leader: Y-35
O-class leader: O-6

Class rank: Low Rank
Population: 10% of total notail population
Likes: Fighting, Arguements, Butting heads with others, Protecting others
Dislikes: People who take offense too easily, Cowards
Contributions: The Y-class is the military force that protects the entire notail population. Most of what they do is protect notails from other species, or even protect for other alien races. They also guard other classes on their own missions.


[Realistic] Neutral trait
This character can look at a situation realistically and decide when to give up or back off. This sometimes causes the character to back away from situations that can possibly won with a bit of effort or luck.
[Adaptive] Positive trait
This character is more able to survive in an unfavorable environment, given time. This character is able to handle radical changes without folding under pressure.
[Conscriptable] Negative trait
If a non-military or military emergency is declared nearby by an authority with jurisdiction over an organization this character belongs to, this character will be notified with a call to serve a duty. They can choose to accept or else they may face consequences for failing to serve.

Original Creator: Gimeurcookie

Personality & Traits

Loud and boisterous, the easiest way to explain a Y-class is that they'll headbutt anything. From childhood, Y-classes make sure that everyone knows when they walk into a room. They hoot, holler, and travel in close-knit packs. Teammates are everything for a Y-class. Being the military force young Y-classes are taught to listen to orders without question and train to be at peak performance. While Y-classes get capture creatures these creatures tend to need to be rescued more often than not, apparently having some sort of death wish. For every capture creature that dies within a Y-class pack, their ranking goes down.

Once getting out of the woods Y-classes packs are split up by their ranking and are trained based on that. Lower ranking Y-classes get to be on the front lines in battles. A Y-class' pack and ranking are very important to them. Failing their teammates and lowering the team's rank causes them destructive emotional pain. If they fail too much they may even quit their pack, just to save their pack's ranking. Losing their pack due to having to quit or due to death is rather traumatic. While loose members will form new packs, the bond will rarely be as strong. Some Y-classes become lone fighters, feeling they no longer deserve a pack.

Y-classes are generally upbeat and social notails who like to start fights and then go out drinking with the bloke who punched them in the face. Y-class only hate two people. People who insult their pack and whoever the notail government tells them to shoot. A Y-class can go from happy and loud to silent and aggressive with not a drop of mercy in them the moment they see their target. People not in those two groups have nothing to fear, well, other than the occasional brawl.


Lone Y: These Y-classes only travel alone and are sent on search and destroy missions. They can spend years tracking down and stalking a single person to the end of the universe. These Y-classes are nearly always cold, silent, and aggressive, a harsh contrast to the typical Y-class.


Pack Communication: Y-classes are able to speak to members of their pack from a longer distance than normal. This trait only applies to people in their pack and no one else.


• Y-classes wear masks of pack animals like wolves, and have the same animal for every member of their "pack." If there's a large number of Y-classes in the area this is the best way to figure out which Y-class belongs to which group.

• The skulls of Y-classes are thicker than normal, possibly confirming why they can get away with headbutting everything.

• Rarely a lone Y-class will be invited to join an already established pack. This action is one of utmost respect, basically telling the lone Y-class that they're worth more than what they think they are.

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