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Computer Crab

“The future of Bio-Computing is now! In the form of crabs! +u+” — Z-362416

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Part of the Notail collection

Emblem by SirBlizz98
  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-5
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-5
  • Agility-1
  • Luck-2

Danger Level: Low
Likes: Good Vibes, Information, New Experiences, Old Experiences
Dislikes: Being Still, Lack of Curiosity, Gentle cuttlefish, Salt

Attack Method: The brainab emits a low-level psionic noise while hiding in its shell in hopes that whatver is trying to kill it just goes away.

Environment: Eukaryote, Ponds, Beaches
Lifespan: 15 years
Size: 1 ft tall
Diet: Insects, Fruit, Vegetables

Bodytype: Xpod
Type: Mecha Arthropod
Rarity: Common

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

A small crab-like creature about the size and shape of a large jar. Their body is divided into two distinct sections: The lower body, which is more crab-like, and is where most of their limbs are, and their upper section which is a transparent dome containing the creature's proportionally massive brain.

On their lower section, they have a grand total of ten limbs around their body; six crabby legs on the left and right, a pair of pincer-claws on their front, and a pair of smaller legs on their back. Their lower body is covered in a relatively thick carapace that comes in a variety of "bright and friendly" pastel colors, most often in combinations, such as blue and purple. Jutting just above the mandibles of their face, the braiab has a singular largish eye, that comes in a variety of colors usually similar to the colors of their carapace.

The braiab's dome-like upper section is its most defining feature. It's a transparent dome with a texture not unlike glass, but most certainly not made of glass. Inside is the a solution of clear cerebral fluids, and the creature's robust brain. The braiab's brain comes in a variety of strange colors, similar to the ones its carapace comes in, but often more subdued.


Intelligent and curious crabs designed to be starter capture creatures for notails. They are sturdy and resolute creatures capable of enduring much in their task of "caring" for young notails. Braiab's strictly speaking, have very few skills that are actually useful for helping a fledgling notail survive in the woods. This is of course precisely the point, as braiabs are given to K and E-classes to help encourage their inherent curiosity by meandering in situations and forcing their notail to do something about it.

Braiab's are constantly seeking new things, or old things, generally just things in general. They store all these myriads of experience in their overdeveloped noggin, for later access by their notail charge, sometimes without the notail's express consent, as they are very eager to share their experiences with others.

Now while braiab's are not overly useful in helping notails actually survive in the woods per-say, their basic suite of psychic abilities can be helpful in keeping their charge sane, or at least sane-ish. Specifically, they have the ability to direct feelings and sensations into the brains of creatures, usually for defense, to confuse their predators, but also to soothe distressed fellows, such as their notail.


Megabraiab: A much larger variant of braiab, being about as tall as an adult notail, and decidedly wider. Megabraiab's often have frightening psionic abilities, and ornery temperaments, if not properly controlled an unwary trainer can find themselves being commanded by the creature instead of the other way around.

Netwiab: A type of braiab designed to interface with other's of its kind, including normal braiab. They are slightly bigger, and much less mobile than the standard sort, and have far more passive psychic abilities. On the other hand, they can individually store much more data than normal and gain increased abilities when "networked" together with other braiabs, as well as increasing the powers of those braiabs.


Bio-Computer: Braiab's long-term memory abilities are incredibly robust, allowing them to store an impressively large amount of data in their minds for later access. This functionality is designed to function through/with a notail's antenna, but can also be accessed by any species with telepathic abilities. Note though, unlike an actual computer, attempting to store more data than a braiab is capable of processing has *dire* consequences.


• Braiab's consider notails to be big dumb braiabs, mainly due to notail's lack of meaningful psionic ability, and also for the fact that notails do not know "how to crab" whatever that means.

• A braiab's brain fluids, when consumed, encourage intellectual development, and in extremely rare cases, have been shown to encourage the development of minor psychic abilities.

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