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“Wow! A profile!” — A person who is still trying to figure out how this works

Art by, Chimerii

  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-1
  • Luck-99

8-Ball Outcome: Signs point to yes.
Pronouns: It is certain.
Flight Rising Dragons: Cannot predict now.
Tomorrow‘s Weather?: Without a doubt.
Total Sugar Packets Collected: As I see it, yes.
Motivation: My sources say no.

[Lurker] Neutral trait
I don‘t talk a lot but I try to keep up with things!
[Artist] Neutral trait
Whoops, drew the thumbs on the wrong side again.
[Cyborg] Neutral trait
Glasses count, right?
[Optimistic] Positive trait
I‘m putting this here so I can make myself feel better.
[Organized] Positive trait
Everything has a place, and everything is in its place.
[Disorganized] Negative trait
I forgot I was supposed to put something here.
[Corvus] Negative trait
You know, the clockwork?
[Spooky] Mystery trait
One sec I gotta go wake someone up.


For a while this bio was 2 whole sentences and that doesn‘t really leave an impression. Yo, I‘m Chime, I draw, and sometimes I write entries, too! Clockworks are my favorite but talk to me about my necromancy lore I could just go off

I draw on my phone and at this point I‘m refusing to get a tablet or stylus out of pride. I have two phones (don‘t know why) and it‘s double the mini handheld tablets! Except I only use one of them for drawing now.

I got sugar packets banned from my middle school and that‘s my legacy. I‘m the economy now baybee

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Creator / Writer of:
Enyalios |

Palonava | Ageinolus | Venserra | Ibellut | Pylvet | Yersinia |

Saffaver | Alinzona | Tlahel |

Crovick | Fluskal |

Reidhall | Ghep |

Myrmeke | Crocotta | Corvus | Sha | Ceramici |

Artist of:
Enyalios |

Queolchrost | Lunidae | Eoijal | Ephemyrma | Ignalisk | Ignivis | Novan | Palonava | Marsich | Craheii | Cerveth | Ageinolus | Sirrhingi | Urolind | Venserra | Loqam | Fleetomine | Ibellut | Sneese | Dretherne | Melodico | Dobro | Yersinia |

Crovick | Fluskal | Blark |

Reidhall | Hally |

Myrmeke | Crocotta | Corvus | Sha |


• Talk to me about video game music, I like it a lot.

• Someday I‘ll get a whole stack of Wildclaw Scrolls on Flight Rising, just you wait.

• I think I had around 250 sugar packets saved up before the ban. Rookie numbers.

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