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The Shattered Sapphire

“When the Crash occurred, the sapphire was shattered...our homeworld was lost...” — Kriade, Kaikian Philosopher

Art by, CmdrCade

Dominant Residents: Kaikian

Fauna: Blood Mantis, other high danger fauna
Weather: Calm, with the ooccasional storm.

Danger Level: High
Purpose: Since the Crash, the planet has no purpose other than research.

Original Creator: CmdrCade

Physical Description

From space, the planet looks incredibly blue, almost like a sapphire. It is mostly overrun by forests and fauna, limiting possible landing locations. The surface is divided into six continents by a large ocean, often called the Sapphire Ocean. Kaikian cities dot the surface, however all but one are abandoned and overgrown.


Inteligo is the home world of the kaikians, however in an event known as the Crash, all technology on the planet failed for unknown reasons. This lead to most of the cities being overrun by the aggressive fauna on the planet, leaving the planet almost entirely deserted. It holds little strategic value because of this, and was mostly left unscathed by the First War and Muikian Revolt. A few attempts have been made to reclaim the planet, though all have failed for a variety of reasons.

In one of these colonization attempts, the would-be colonists brought a male and female blood mantis with them for use as guards. The blood mantises unsurprisingly slaughtered their masters, and without anything left on the planet to stop them, they reproduced rapidly, quickly creating a nearly unstoppable force of blood mantises on the planet.


The Holdout: The only operation city left on the planet, The Holdout is considerably safer than the rest of the planet. It is home to a plethora of shops, and more than a few tourist destinations. There are many research stations scattered throughout the city, each with their own projects. About once a week, the city is assaulted by the surrounding fauna, keeping the city from developing too far outside their walls.

The Capital: Once the kaikian's crown jewel, The Capital was lost in an event known as the Crash, when all the technology on Inteligo failed. Now, the city is abandoned and overgrown. Fauna roam the streets with no opposition, and while there is no shops or amenities there is plenty of items to be looted from the shell of a city.

The Crater: Once a major city, all that is left is a gaping crater that surprisingly hasn't been overgrown. Many theorize that whatever caused the Crash was in the city, and when it activated it exploded, leaving the crater. This theory hasn't been confirmed or debunked because of the kaikians' unwillingness to go back to the crater to investigate. Signs of activity have been reported in the area, however the cause of such movement is unknown.




• The water has a slight glow to it.

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