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Mall Land

“The most marketable destination in the universe!” — Tektonne Tourism Guide

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Dominant Residents: Metaparxi
Other Residents: Notail

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Sunny, clear, but cold.

Danger Level: Safe
Purpose: Shopping destination

Original Creator: Taylor

Physical Description

Tektonne is a vast planet full of nothing but various shopping destinations. Massive malls, small boutiques, and plain storefronts are aplenty. There are virtually no free places to reside on Tektonne. There are hotels for travelers in several locations around the planet, but by and large there are no 'free' destinations.

The majority of Tektonne is made up of, surprisingly, tile. It is a beige color with slightly darker grout in between. There are artificial plants and bushes all along the buildings, with wide walkways for many people to walk side-by-side together as they spend their credits. The buildings are unique to their point of sale, but the aesthetics all match beneath, creating a neat but enjoyable atmosphere to browse in.


Tektonne was a booming center of barter and trade in its early days. A regular amount of greenery covered its peaceful surface, and though many stalls and shops lined the walkways, wide areas were left for homes and recreational quarters. After the notail race discovered the dominant species of the planet, the peaceful metaparxi, they ravished the land and made the environment significantly more industrial. The area once used for homes is now a center of creation, where metaparxi are 'manufactured' or bred. Metaparxi now live in spaces above their shops, and notails of appropriate class have been left on Tektonne to continue to manage them.


Apparel District: Tektonne's Apparel District carries a variety of clothing, from full-set outfits to plain bolts of wholesale fabrics to create your own looks from the base up. A variety of accessories can be found here, as well as the raw materials to create just about anything fashionable.

Holiday Square: Year-around, the Tektonne Holiday Square carries a variety of holiday-specific items, from decor to apparel and packaged nonperishable goods. Every major holiday is represented, so you can find your favorite fix even when your favorite day is long out of season.

Metaparxi Manufacturing Labs: The notail center for the breeding and "manufacturing" of metaparxi. This is the bustling area where metaparxi are created. It is under careful watch and highly guarded, a restricted location that only notail and "clearanced" metaparxi are allowed to enter or leave. It is a very plain looking building, approximately forty-five stories high with seven underground levels and a wide, open lot in the back fenced off. It is largely unmarked, and by simply looking at it, one would never know what it contained.




• Haggling on Tektonne is frowned upon, and those who are cheapskates or hard bargainers, while potentially successful, may suffer the social consequences of trying to lower prices on this planet.

• All store owners and managers on Tektonne are notails or notail-approved.

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