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Salamanders / Lawful Greasebags

“They told us to make the world a better place, so we got rid of them” — Leyler Erdel, president of the queolchrost

Art by, Chimerii

  • Strength-4
  • Intelligence-6
  • Charisma-6
  • Endurance-4
  • Agility-2
  • Luck-4

Common Jobs: Dependant on classification, Wide range of jobs
Likes: Their goal(s), Their "agreements", Solving problems
Dislikes: Abandoning a goal, Breaking "agreements", People who claim a problem is unsolvable

Attack Method: If legal, they will attempt to attack whichever area it seems possible to kill or incapacitate most easily with whatever weaponry is on hand. If it is not legal, they will usually attempt to run.

Homeplanet: Alphim-Queol
Lifespan: 120 years
Size: 7 ft tall
Diet: Meat, Fish, Plants

Bodytype: Bipedal
Type: Amphibious Reptile
Social Class: High Class
Rarity: Rare
Common Traits
[Stone-Faced] Neutral trait
This character shows a lack of expression, or is able to switch from being expressive to having a lack of it. This character can be hard to read for both friends and foe. You may also be unable to see the morale, sanity, and general feelings of this character in the crew logs.
[Diligent] Positive trait
This character is commonly hard-working and is unlikely to fail most of their tasks. This character is also careful with their work and makes less mistakes than most.
[Manipulative] Negative trait
This character will, if given the chance, take advantage of a character for their own gain. This character is likely to tell others to do things that help themselves but not the person being told to do the action. Manipulative highly lowers the morale and may lower the sanity of a character if it happens too much.

A queolchrost tends to follow whatever the local religion is. The queolchrost on Alphim-Queol usually do not worship any religions, but in recent times the notail religion has gained some popularity.

Gods: Helper

Original Creator: Iron

Physical Description

The queolchrost resemble reptiles and amphibians, but are warm blooded organisms. They stand upright and are bipedal. Their features deviate due to imperfections in the process through which they are artificially produced.

Skin colors or rarely scale colors of a queolchrost tend to be between dark red and purple. Recently there has been an increase in more blue and green colored queolchrost. While it is not impossible to find orange, yellow, or purple queolchrost, it is quite a rare occurrence.

The shape of a queolchrost's head tends to resemble that of a crocolisk or salamander. Their teeth consist of sharp canines and a full set regrows each month. They have four eyes, which at first glance appear to be two eyes. On each side of their heads are a set of two eyes behind a protective membrane. The end of their snouts usually have two nostrils, located either directly on the front or slightly to the side. The nostrils can be used for both breathing and smell identification. There are two slits in the side of a queolchrost's head that allow for them to hear.

A queolchrost is born with a hole in its head which is meant to be used for its civilian identification fin. The hole is covered with skin on the inside, although that skin is more fragile than exterior skin. The hole will tighten to a degree around the section of the fin or a similar object that is inside of the hole. If the fin is removed, the hole will loosen to allow for the insertion of a new fin or equivalent material. If a fin is not provided at an early enough age, the hole in their heads will permanently seal. The fins are used to identify queolchrost and most queolchrost possess a fin. While the fin on their head could hypothetically be any material, it tends to be wooden or metallic. However, military and police queolchrost tend to have plastic head fins. Each fin uses specific sets of colors and patterns to denote their job and rank. Normal queolchrost have two legs, each with one foot. Additionally, they have two arms, each with one hand. Their hands and feet end in five fingers and toes respectively. Each finger and toe ends with a claw which is regrown on a monthly cycle that coincides with the replacement of teeth.

The internal structures of a queolchrost tend to be more efficient than necessary for their size because their systems are designed to work on a larger scale. This can result in issues of overheating if precautions are not taken. This makes them more vulnerable to fire and heat sources than many others.

The queolchrost are engineered to avoid genetic diseases and the normal effects of old age, however if by some mutation a queolchrost ends up with a condition which could have adverse effects to them or any offspring created with their genetic samples, they will often be forced into special treatment for that defect. Due to a lack of means to create new samples, some features are leftover that are not needed. This includes a tail, which is cut off at a queolchrost's birth. Some choose to get a mechanical tail in adulthood.


Most queolchrost tend to outwardly seem very polite and calm. This can either be considered how they normally are, or as a facade depending on how one wishes to view it. When a core belief of a queolchrost is questioned, many will have a chance of snapping, sometimes into physical violence.

Additionally, most queolchrost tend to have a core goal or set of goals. These goals tend to be one of the most important parts of the queolchrost's life. Common goals include getting a new position, improving society, modifying the rules, and similar subjects.

Another large influencing factor in queolchrost personality stems from what sets of laws, oaths, promises, and values they hold dear. They will attempt to follow these whenever possible.

Almost all queolchrost will tend to prioritize their core goals over "friends", and the spirit of their laws and commitments. When pursuing such a goal would disagree with the latter of such agreements, laws, etc., then the queolchrost will vary in what they favor and often become irritable more quickly than normal.

A queolchrost will show a degree of loyalty to people they consider to be useful to their goals, but unless they make an oath or agreement, they will often not prioritize such relationships in their lives.

In "normal" queolchrost society, it is considered normal for field changes to occur, because someone may need to attempt multiple professions before finding what they are efficient in.


The history of the queolchrost comes almost exclusively from lengthy official government statements. According to such statements, the history begins with their creation, because they are a synthetic species. They were created to act as custodians and workers,to maintain systems and protect their creators. The creators, having fear of the outside despite never finding proof of radio signals or actual aliens, cloaked the planet. However, they trusted their creations, the queolchrost. According to such statements, the queolchrost were given the overall directive to improve the planet. Official statements say that one the of the first queolchrost made and the leader of the workforce at the time, Leyler Erdel, convinced that the best way to improve the planet included the removal of their creators, whose society and lifestyles was said to be ineffective.

In carrying out Erdel's interpretation of the overall directive, many infrastructure projects were completed, including the fireproofing of all buildings and the inclusion of "heating units". These heating units could be used for the heating of rooms and areas, or to launch bursts of plasma into the building, killing anyone in the area. Additionally, Erdel organized the creation of a defense force. Their creators agreed to the creation of such a force due to fears of something living outside the planet. These fears were not believed by the queolchrost, but provided an excuse to create a moderately size army. Eventually, the queolchrost performed the planned coup to exterminate their creators to achieve the overall directive. Many systems in hospitals and prosthetics suddenly failed on their creators. The creators' heating vents spewed forth jets of plasma, and the defense forces went in to exterminate the few remnants of their creators. After the fall of their creators, the overall directive was abandoned in favor of following the most prominent governmental body, Leyler Erdel. Erdel organized the queolchrost government into a semi-autonomous republic, with Erdel having written powers to override any decisions.

Two main types of government officials were created. The "Tancoats" who work on creating, modifying, and removing government laws and codes acted as a legislative body. The "Cyancoats" were the other type created, who filled in other governmental roles such as working as a part of criminal proceedings and managing government project oversight. The "Cyancoats" acted as the executive and judicial sections of the queolchrost government. The president, which has been Erdel since the revolution, has ultimate power in the government on paper, but has rarely used such power outside of major policy decisions, resolution of large disputes, and the creation of the current government structure.

The newly minted system took a few years to fully implement, but seemed to work fairly well for the queolchrost. Grand infrastructure projects were devised to replace unused, undeveloped, and otherwise undesirable situations regarding land use. Eventually, the whole planet was hooked up to utilities, including the grand heating system. Another project involved the construction of a large underground emergency facility, it's whereabouts are currently unknown as the location is classified. Some years later, a different type of program was initiated. It's goal was to devise a way to pierce the cloaking unit used by their creators, while being able to retrieve information that cannot be found from their side of the cloak. The project involved the construction of launch sites and reusable suborbital unmanned craft. The craft would take various data readings from above the cloak, then land on the planet, allowing for outside information to be gathered without lifting the cloak. As the data was observed and more equipment was added, the queolchrost found a disturbing revelation. They heard echoes of radios from systems that were far away. They heard cries that were not their own. The response to this revelation was one of caution. The queolchrost continued efforts to collect data from outside the cloak with suborbital missions, but decided against sending any broadcasts back. Government officials decided that the senders could already be dead, but continued infrastructure projects with these signals in mind.

The next era of infrastructure has been nicknamed the fortress period. Military bases were built, weapons technology was invented, innovated, and tested in various ways. Natural land became almost non-existent, and was soon replaced with "food factories" that grew plants in masse and created artificial "meat". To prevent fauna from becoming desperate for homes, an eradication program was begun, and later finished when all true fauna that were not lab-grown slabs of meat were eliminated. The methods used to eliminate the fauna have not been shared. As the weapons and artificial meat markets boomed, the military was reformed from the "national guard" that existed into a more complicated organizational system that includes divisions of branch, battle group, squadron, and role. These are notated with a fin that is attached on the military queolchrost's back. In cases where this can impede work, the fin is moved to the shoulders.

The role section signifies what role is performed in the squadron. The squadron is a small division and the squadron section signifies which squadron the queolchrost is a part of. The battle group is a connected group of squadrons and the battle group section notates what battle group the queolchrost is a part of. Two branches were created, the army and navy. The army deals with all terrestrial forces, while the navy consists of aerospace matters. The branch section notates whether a queolchrost in the military deals with the army, navy, or both. The marking for both is usually only for special operatives and high ranking leadership.

The creation of military divisions only created the navy on paper, because the space endeavours had not gone past suborbital data gathering. After some intervention by Erdel to free a deadlock on the issues in the legislature, small manned missions and tests were approved to create actual ships for the navy. A large number of people were skeptical of the need for a navy because the time necessary for another species to move between systems made physical contact seem unlikely and the cloak on the planet would further discourage any travel to the system. However, the navy was one of the few projects that could be worked on at the time, and a nearby planet's moon was a prime candidate for a mining base. After the construction and conversion of infrastructure, the moon of a neighboring planet was turned into a successful military base and mining colony. Additionally, it allowed for data collection to be performed at all times, with a messenger craft flying into the cloaked planet. Some concerns were raised over the safety of having such ships flying in open space, but it was decided that it would be unlikely for anything to have the reason or ability to check for spaceships, because the only plausibly habitable planet, the queolchrost homeworld, was cloaked. From then on, the colony became an important source of minerals for the queolchrost in addition to providing research. Those resources combined with the industrial progress into manned spacecraft allowed for the "paper navy" to gain actual ships. However, they could not practically be used for anything outside the system, as interstellar transit would take many thousands of years. As infrastructure, weaponry, etc., were improved and maintained, a debate arose.

The debate that came was a fierce argument between two sides. One side recommended that the cloak be removed as soon as possible, because it was unnecessary as no species would ever be able to reach them reasonably. The other side spoke of how not only was the cloak a historical artifact, but that caution is always advisable. However, as this debate occurred, the echoes of radio that listening projects received began to take a darker turn and came from more directions. This only intensified the debate, to a point at which there was nearly an all out civil war. President Erdel stepped in with override powers and chose to send out small amounts of radio signals of their own, while remaining cloaked. It was reasoned that the radio signals the queolchrost were receiving had been sent long before they arrived. It was reasoned that their own signals would not reach another inhabited planet for many years. Radio signals were sent in many directions in the hopes they would eventually reach a destination.

After the radio signals were launched, all military outposts were put on high alert and the listening equipment was watched carefully. The following lull in history had little else of note, and has thusly been nicknamed the "Age of Waiting" by the queolchrost. No large projects were undertaken other than maintenance and minor upgrades to various infrastructural systems. The high alert was maintained for many years, until a response came and the cloak was turned off.

Somehow armed conflict was avoided. The contact was made, although it is currently classified as which species came, the results were that they brought a certain technology long thought impossible, FTL travel. With knowledge of a new species popping out of "nowhere", other species came to investigate. Although many of these early meetings are classified, somehow the queolchrost had still managed to avoid any conflict.

After they had been "enlightened" with such tech and somehow remained both a fully independent entity without any sort of war, two main projects occured. The first was the installation of the technology they were gifted with into their existing spacecraft. Second, they created departments to research of the outside world. Additionally, the queolchrost created a way for immigration to be possible. No attempts were made at colonies or interfering in wars. However, the military war maintained at the same size. It is unknown why such a size military is maintained.


None / Unknown.


Living Codex: Most queolchrost can recall any law, oath, promise, contract, or related agreement that they see or overhear with perfect clarity. They will also recall all editions of the agreement that they have seen or heard and know the differences.


• Sometimes, a queolchrost is spotted with strange fin markings on a foreign world. There are no official statements as to who these are.

• If a queolchrost loses a limb, they are more likely to get a mechanical replacement than a biological replacement. Most queolchrost do not see the point in avoiding mechanical prostheses.

• The queolchrost government did not send representatives to oversee the creation of this dex entry nor were any death threats sent.

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