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Phoilan / Goodniks

“You Live. You Die. You repeat 'til you're home.” — An ophoilan soldier

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  • Strength-6
  • Intelligence-4
  • Charisma-3
  • Endurance-6
  • Agility-5
  • Luck-2

Common Jobs: Infantry, Scout, Cavalry, Artillerymen, Tank, Guard
Likes: History, Shininess, Sword-fighting, Being organized, Security
Dislikes: Rain, People, Coconuts, Rivers, Getting shot at

Attack Method: Engage enemy in range with a firearm, knife, or fists (in order of preference). Finer tactics vary depending on faction.

Homeplanet: L'Aniam
Lifespan: 25 years
Size: 4.5 ft tall
Diet: Fruit, Vegetables, Fish, Meat, Bones, Silicone (Ground Zrorberium can be, and is, used as a substitute)

Bodytype: Bipedal
Type: Symbotic Mammalian Mechanical
Social Class: High Class
Rarity: Common
Common Traits
[Loyal] Neutral trait
This character is loyal to whoever they are aligned with and it would take a lot to ever drag them away from that.
[Disciplined] Positive trait
This character has a certain behavior or way of working. This behavior is usually helpful to their group and commonly promotes teamwork. This character is less likely to disobey commands, is less likely to lose sanity and will likely follow routine.
[Conscriptable] Negative trait
If a non-military or military emergency is declared nearby by an authority with jurisdiction over an organization this character belongs to, this character will be notified with a call to serve a duty. They can choose to accept or else they may face consequences for failing to serve. The range for emergencies the character can be called to depends upon the severity level of the emergency: for instance, a fire may only trigger reserve-conscripts within an hour's travel time; a rare event like a star forecast to go supernova may call upon all conscripts within two warps.

The ophoilan faith seems to revolve around an meteor impact site, which has several names including, but not limited to: "The Motherlode", "The Source", "The Impact Crater", "Site Alpha", "The Center of Science", "The House of All Records", "The Zrorberium Comet", and exactly ONE ophoilan has referred to it as "The Motherlobe". Every other ophoilan we've mentioned it to has only groaned at the pun.

Gods: The Motherlode

Original Creator: DSPiron

Physical Description

While chassises vary between factions, they tend to stick to a round, wheel-esqe-shaped body, with arms and legs attached to the side. It's neck starts at top, like most, but located more towards the front of the body, unlike most. The head is long, and dome-like, with eyes that "bulge out", giving them a wide range of view. On the front of the face, between the eyes, is a grille. Comprising most of the back is a translucent hatch covering the core holder. The opening mechanism is usually a small handwheel at the lower center, for unaided core insertion.

An ophoilan core is a house-cat-sized marsupial with hexagonal crystals growing out of random points of its body, as well as within what were once eye sockets many generations ago. Depending on who you ask, this creature is either the ophoilan's "soul", their "core", or the ophoilan themselves, respectively. Unsurprisingly, the creature is an essential part of the ophoilan, without which the body itself is inert. However, it can live outside of the ophoilan, and many choose to release it so it can maintain itself, saving room that would've been taken up by things like feeding systems and et cetera.

An ophoilan is explicitly a combination of chassis and core. Putting the core into a different body will result in a new, but similar, ophoilan. However, memory is stored in the core, and thus ophoilan that share a core can recall things the other(s) knew, as well as what things the core itself knows.


Ophoilan are widely known as protectors of the innocent, guardians of worlds, defenders of what's right.

O-6 forgot why he doesn't send a shitton of soldiers as a power move?

Volkrons wonder why they don't do a hostile takeover with more gun?

A vaeri unleashed an army of killer appliances to show everyone they were FOOLS to think it can't be done?

A drattle unleashed an army of killer appliances because they're Evil? (Nyeh!)

A noxis-noverum got so ticked off they forgot why they don't do a weapon test on cities?

Kheirons trying to invade another planet for the god-knows-how-many-ith time?

Random militant group of some species, or multiple species, go on the offense?

Pirates existing?

The universe rests soundly, knowing the stalwart heroes of the Ophoilani Stellar Alliance will be there to stop it.

Their reputation outshines the reality. Ophoilan are merely soldiers, and fight to keep the peace within the Galactic Federation, as per their arrangement. Anywhere else might also see them giving support, whether out of altruism, profit, or both.

Surprisingly for such a group-focused species, individual ophoilans actually aren't fond of other people and would rather be alone. Such privacy is not feasible, so they learn to tolerate their fellow service members/coworkers to some success. An officer is usually present to ensure fights do not result in costly repairs, or an inability to use the participants together. This is helped by the fact that while ophoilans are slow to de-escalate on their own, they will never escalate conflicts above petty arguing without direct order to do so. Many also have an odd lack of self-preservation, with dying being viewed more as an unpleasant annoyance than anything, likely due to the fact that dying isn't viewed as an absolute end; they'll live on, as another ophoilan.


Ophoilan have a long and meticulously detailed record of their history. On Day 4 of Month 9, Galactic Year 53, 20:25:05.601, local time, the crater was formed. Any further information before, during, or shortly after is considered to have happened "within these walls", and thus is as highly classified as anything at Site Alpha.

The earliest declassified info is the expeditions fifteen years later, and even then; unclassified information is sparse. In Year 81, two groups each had split off from the rest for reasons officially classified due to it happening inside the walls. However, this classification doesn't extend beyond the building, thus each group's accounts are available, though biased and contradictory. This would be the start of a series of conflicts spanning millennia which I don't have time to go over. (To be honest, I did this section last; they have, like twenty different books covering the first month. (They recorded everything.))

On Day 8 of Month 7, Galactic Year 4312, 5:00:45.466, local time, first contact was made. Thankfully it was with one of the less belligerent ophoilan factions. However, it did attract the attention of less savory groups, forcing a whole campaign as the ophoilans that made the contact both defended the aliens, and negotiated terms to join galactic society. They were given one and three quarters of the local year to sort out . During the alien's stay, and after, the faction reached out to various allies, neutral parties, and unlikely bedfellows, and together the 11 of them created the Stellar Alliance to deal with matter of the rest of the universe, both keeping hostile ophoilans from threatening it, and/or fighting the aliens, if, and only if, necessary. Site Alpha politely declined to be the twelfth nation, but the union received their blessing, (on the terms of gaining unfettered access to the stars.)

With incredible luck paired with great effort and precision negotiations, the Ophoilan Stellar Alliance secured a role within the Cosmic Federation as a peacekeeping force, sacrificing only the treasured belonging of Assistant Officer [gime name the assistant, pleeaase]. Due to an oversight at the time, ophoilans were considered an organic species. Which was fortuitous, as this was before machine specieship was recognized, and surely would've resulted in the ophoilans declaring war on the whole universe in self defence against the inevitable treatment they'd receive as unclaimed chattel. This mistake would put them in an interesting position during the machine revolution, landing in the middle of the conflict, desperately trying to de-escalate the conflict. Which wasn't their forte.

While they had been able to mend their relationship with organic species, they've had rockier success with the robot species...

Home Planet

There is little to note about L'Aniam; it's a typical wet-temperate habitable world with 60% ocean. Visitors are expected to contact a Alliance customs satellite to confirm which landing spots are authentic, and which are fakes set-up by non-alliance forces to steal a ship to get off-world.

ANY SHIP THAT ATTEMPTS TO LAND ANYWHERE BUT ALLIANCE APPROVED LANDING SPOTS WILL BE SHOT DOWN AND ORBITAL STRIKED. When in doubt; pick the landing site at N40 45 28, W73 58 45. It's to the visitor's center for the impact site. They do not give tours, or allow any unauthorised personnel within 100 yards of the building.


-Chassis Variants-: There are several ophoilan chassis variant models for specialized functions. Usage is mixed between factions, as some opt to just use chassis-operated vehicles in these roles instead of creating a person that will be locked into this until they die (either of gunfire, or being decommissioned.)

Heavybody: Heavily armored chassis, often larger, heavier and slower. Most models stick to a similar shape to common ophoilan, allowing heavybodies to be made (and have lives) outside of combat. Thus, they are the most common variant. There are, however, models that forgo this for greater combat potential.

Aircraft/Watercraft: Chassis made with flight/water-treading capabilities. Most factions' models of this variety are stuck in the air/water, while some factions can also go on land, in trade for some other downside.

Carrier: A troop carrying model, often models are also Aircraft/Watercraft/Heavybody models as well.

Super-heavybody: Giant ophoilan, largely considered a joke or posturing. These over-huge models aren't even considered species, being considered custom models. This is for the best, considering how ineffective models at that time were (and still are at the time of this writing).


Animal Core: Ophoilani are powered by an animal called an Ophoilani Core (Philander Zrorberius), among other names. If an ophoilan takes fatal damage to the chassis, they will automatically eject the core. The core is not sapient, although it does remember things from it's ophoilan. Putting it into a new chassis will create a new ophoilan possessing the old one's memories, and will be similar to, but possibly completely different from the old. The core can be (and often is) manually ejected, and then put into a separate chassis while the old one is in storage. Returning it to the old chassis will revive it, as though they were just sleeping. If even one of the vital parts has been replaced, it's effectively a new chassis, and a new ophoilan will be made.


• The "o" at the beginning of "ophoilan" is silent. This wouldn't be a thing IF the Cosmosdex had a pronuciation guide, I still don't know if it's "rye-chiff" or "rich-efe", or whatever

• Ophoilan hate coconuts. We don't don't know why.

• Ophoilans and armas are often friends. Awkward friends, as ophoilans are so much higher up than arma on the ladder, and most arma still think ophoilans are marsupials controlling person-sized mechs.

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