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“Starlight shines best offworld.” — Eoijali proverb

Art by, Chimerii

  • Strength-4
  • Intelligence-3
  • Charisma-7
  • Endurance-4
  • Agility-4
  • Luck-4

Common Jobs: Literary, Logistics, Trade Sectors
Likes: Bonding, Stimming, Common ground
Dislikes: Greed, Discrimination, Exploitation, Cruelty

Attack Method: Generally they attempt to flee, but will swarm to attack if enough of them are around.

Homeplanet: Eoilia
Lifespan: 350 years
Size: 4 ft tall
Diet: Fish, Insects, Fruits

Bodytype: Finned
Type: Amphibious Mammalian Arthropod
Social Class: Lower Middle Class
Rarity: Common
Common Traits
[Nomadic] Neutral trait
This character is very good at adapting to new environments, but can't stand not moving on. A bit restless by nature.
[Prosperous] Positive trait
Characters with this trait tend to be wealthy and successful. They are good with money and will often find ways to make themselves and their allies richer.
[Sensory Overload] Negative trait
This character is prone to burnout through too much sensory input, be it auditory, tactile, or visual. The reactions may be different, however; shut-downs or aggression in response to overload are common.

Mostly anti-faiths and ancestral veneration, but may have personal positive faith.

Gods: Anti-Sleeper

Original Creator: LoverIan

Physical Description

The diminutive eoijal species walks a fine line between that of being an insect, amphibian, and lagomorph. They possess hard chitin-ridges in the middle of their triangular or wedge-shaped heads. Their heads are topped with swiveling and feathery antennae.

Their bodies are covered in chitinous plating comparable to a smooth-scaled reptile. Its nature being a paradoxical mix of water-repulsion and absorption, and it allows them to dry off quickly after a hydration bath. They have two sets of arms though they often hide the lower pair. Thick leathery wing-like appendages extend from a space around the bottom of the neck, and while they may seem flight-capable this anatomy is more suited to aide swimming or brief gliding. Often the wings are decorated so that it blends into their attire.

Most eoijals look for woven and knit textiles in their outfits, although leather and hide are common fallbacks for travelwear. Hoods, robes, and otherwise loose clothing is preferred.


On first impression an eoijal seems extremely distant, mournful, and even as though they have nothing to say. This tends to be both due to a general worldly outlook, but is also because of a commonly held rule of etiquette that one should not display heavy emotion in a public setting until the conversation deems appropriate. On occasion their modest series of social standard causes those unfamiliar to try and jump in to save what seems like a dead-inside sales clerk when it's just common courtesy to reserve oneself for the sake of others. This goes further in personal settings where emotions are often reciprocated to the partner as a matter of interpersonal care, and as a result conversations with eoijali individuals will often meander back and forth across subject and tone.

Eoijali culture is heavily based on communalism. Social units are almost always what resembles a found family of five or more adults, and young adults may hitchhike alone or in groups until they find their own. Most found families have at least two or more alien family members. In tandem with their communalist-bent culture, personal identities are viewed as something bordering sacred. The importance of respecting yourself, your found kin, and those of your community has led to very low rate of discrimination within eoijali convoys.

Almost all eoijals are born with overly tuned senses that while having been an adaptation during the species' evolution have long since become a vestigial and problematic trait. As a social adaptation most members in eoijali society will not think twice of someone needing to recuse from a conversation suddenly.

On a cultural level individuals are taught to look for a mixture of low risk and moderate to high reward. Communal survival is important, but when thriving is possible it is a necessity to try. In their businesses they're known to prioritize both a fair selection and even fairer prices. The reliability in this has led to the species achieving something like a brand-name, and is a boon considering the normally nomadic lifestyle.


The known history of this species is best phrased as that of a series of groups trying to survive as marginalized persons on the fringes of society when integration and assimilation, as temporary as it ever was, wasn't possible. This lifestyle persisted throughout pre-industrialization all the way to the budding information age of the species, and only ended when the first alien ships landed.

While not much is on record about first contact it is known through a series of myths that the people who met the visitors escaped by joining them, requesting evacuation, or otherwise coordinating exodus after exodus. For a brief period the eoijals on the homeworld were able to live knowing there was an escape from their rock, and it was only rumored on star charts.

Soon enough, after it is believed the eoijals were no longer present on the homeworld, the eoiyali are believed to have proclaimed a dawning golden age. The world was theirs and they were to secure a future among the stars with the help of the first species they made contact with. What is known is that the eoiyali's first truly recorded contact was with notails, and that eoilia was rich in natural resources.

By the time the extinction of the dominant group of the planet reached eoijali society there was nothing worth reclaiming. True species-hood was shortly applied for and the grassroots familiarity with the species the universe had led to an approval and series of investments. Trade caravans that still fly today were formed in that time.

Home Planet

Eoilia is a critically polluted shell of what it once was. Most eoijals make an inevitable pilgrimage to trace their heritage and pay respects to those who were left behind. A common tradition of those visiting is to find and bring back something of ancient eoijals. The unidolencia have official ownership of the world and run several resorts on it.


Eoiyali: An extinct homeworld subspecies. They proclaimed a golden age assured so long as what they called 'the filth of the world' 'knew their place'. Anyone that could not meet the standards for society they set, or lacked worth in subservience were quickly removed from the ranks of the living. While there are decent archives of information it's considered rude by eoijals to ask about this subspecies in any form, ruder to openly research this subspecies' past, and unthinkable to try and recover more on them from the homeworld.




• It's believed that eoijals who reach the homeworld will take a moment to solemnly destroy what they can that remains of the eoiyali in reach.

• Personal shrines dedicated to revering ancestors is a common sight in any eoijali home.

• Eoijals are unlikely to make hybrids as they view it much easier to adopt a child. While they try to work within the species of their found family they will adopt a child from a species with well documented and accessible childcare resources if that is all that is available.

• It is common for eoijali dwellings to have ship-style displays that display domestic or natural vistas. Some incorporate these into their shrines like an interactive tablet.

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