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Snippers / Mod Junkies


Art by, Maggotsboy

  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-2
  • Charisma-8
  • Endurance-2
  • Agility-7
  • Luck-5

Common Jobs: Croupier, Game Show Host, Carnival game runner
Likes: Climbing the social ladder, Winning, High Risk High Reward, Partying
Dislikes: Scammers, Low Energy, Slow Music, Moderators

Attack Method: A cornered parisque will snip at their attacker with their pair of head pincers, which delivers a weak jolt of electricity. If applicable, a parisque will use any number of weapon based body modifications to defend itself.

Homeplanet: Ridotto-21
Lifespan: 13 years
Size: 3.5 ft tall
Diet: Energy, Electricity

Bodytype: Tailed Bipedal
Type: Transformative Mechanical
Social Class: Low Class
Rarity: Common
Common Traits
[Slots Magnet] Neutral trait
This character is a natural born gambler. They will gladly gamble away some of their credits on any game of luck.
[Empowering] Positive trait
This character passively causes other characters to get more excited, awake and emotional when nearby. This may increase the morale of those nearby and make them be more confident. This will only work for organic people, while Empowering will only work for mechanical people. This trait is the opposite of [Calming Presence].
[Thrillseeker] Negative trait
This character actively attempts to do dangerous stunts. When they see a fire, they run into it to try and save people, even though they are totally untrained. They weighed the pros and cons, and are FULLY aware of the danger they're putting themselves through. This puts them in the line of danger far more often.

There is no one unified religion for parisque, however there are some who worship the current species leader, K.E.V.I.N, or the species' late creator.

Gods: The Divided, Radical

Original Creator: Maggotsboy

Physical Description

Parisque are a race of short, scissor headed bipedal robots. Parisque are highly customizable through body modifications, and come in many different shapes and forms, however must retain the standardized parisque Model. There is no feature on the parisque that isn't regulated and modifiable to some degree.

So, what is a parisque? That's you, pal! As of right now, your body is comprised of over a billion individual pieces of nanotechnology, pulled together in exactly your shape. Due to the nature of universal law, the body that you currently inhabit must follow a set of strict rules and regulations concerning the extent of body modifications, replacement parts, and other physical changes that you may undergo during your life. But don't let that get you down! Your body has a near limitless potential for adaptation, and there are a limitless amount of modification options out there for the taking. Before you may go and get them willy nilly though, listen to the next section for all 500 (and counting!) body modification regulations.

The most noteworthy feature of a parisque is it's often scissor, clamp, or pincer shaped head. The end of their head will always point skyward, with a row of metal spike teeth lining the inside. At the base of their head is a single eye, that can see both front and behind the parisque.

...Your head appendage may come in many different forms, including but not limited to; The Beak, The Crooked Snipper, The Working Man's Pliers, The Soft Nubbin's, The Vise Grip, The Garden Shears, and more! Your head appendage may not have more than or less than two blades. Head appendage must be front facing, blades must be pointing skyward. Parisque may have a maximum of three eyes, and no less than one. Eye color, both iris and sclera, may not be solid black or solid green (#000000, #006600). See section 125 for details on Eye Weaponry and sight enhancement modifications.

Parisque are fairly short robots, the average standing at roughly 3'5', only about another foot taller at max height. Parisque have two arms and two legs, and one long, cord-like tail with a plug on the tip. On either their chest, back, or belly, a parisque will have an outlet.

...Your outlet and plug are your Most Important features! All plugs and outlets are standardized to one type and shape, to ensure that all parisque are capable of receiving, and giving body modifications across all models and makes. No body modification may alter the size, shape, or functionality of your outlet and plug (however, modifications to your tail's shape and length are distributed, and highly encouraged.)

While there are thousands, possibly even millions of different mods for parisque, there are plenty of those that will land them outside the species protection laws. It is not entirely uncommon to see a parisque with 'illegal' traits, whether they're quite obvious or even some much more innocuous- such as an incorrect number of toes, an illegal chassis pattern, wings and/or jetpacks, etc.


If you are currently reviewing this informational data packet, or are currently listening to one of our 24 hour introduction seminars, then CONGRATULATIONS! Happy birthday scamp, it's your first day in the great big universe! You are a Parisque, version number 200.1, system model A.130. Your personal identification code is [Insert Identification Code Here]. You and billions of other robots of your kin currently reside within the known universe, our numbers steadily increase year by year. Like all others of your manufacture line, you Must complete reviewing this guide before your release!

Parisque are excitable, thrill seeking robots. They're very often touch and go, living for the moment and chasing emotional highs. It's easy for parisque to be swept up in hype and bandwagoning, as they will feed off of one another's energy when in a crowd. Even as individuals, parisque can come off as somewhat manic, many speak very fast and have little patience to sit around and not do much.

Every parisque is hard coded with the desire to gamble in some form or another, most predominantly for body modifications. Much of parisque culture is built around the idea of building the ideal You, or that you can be (almost) anything you want if you work towards it. Parisque love playing with high risk high reward, betting away even daily income just for the chance of winning something new to boast about. It's a drive so powerful that even parisque that attempt to escape this lifestyle, leave Ridotto-21 and attempt to live a life separate from parisque culture, they will still find it difficult to resist the allure of gambling.

It is worth noting, parisque that live away from Ridotto-21 and other parisque populated planets tend to have far longer life spans than the average parisque, going from 10 - 15 years of age to roughly 40 - 50 years of age, or even longer if their body is given proper upkeep. The drastically short life span of a parisque is due to their impulsive nature, willing to lay everything on the line for the thrill of winning. Parisque are factory made en masse to keep up with the amount of parisque lost, as well as to keep Ridotto's economy afloat.

Woah there, slow down there kiddo! You're not ready for release just yet, so don't get hasty! As standard issue with all newly made parisque, you'll be rewarded exactly 300 tokens to start with! Don't go spending them all at once, or do! The freedom of choice is all yours, and with that you have the power to make yourself into your idealized You! The following are all 1,471 play rules, laws and regulations that you must review and consider when playing any government standardized games of chance...


The parisque were created and developed by a race known as the cleromen, a species that is now long extinct. From what could be parsed from surviving records, the cleromen were a race of transpeciesists, highly advanced to the point that many would have more than half of their internal body structure replaced with robotics. The parisque themselves were created as a toy, something to collect, trade and upgrade. The market for parisque quickly boomed, as the appeal of obtaining the rarest mods for your robot was one hard to resist.

The ultimate demise of the cleromen could be considered underwhelming- ultimately it was a particularly rampant disease that took the once thriving species, leaving behind the parisque to fend for themselves. The dying population of cleromen handed the torch of production lines off to their beloved creation, leaving them to a legacy of technology.

However, as the highly intelligent cleromen would die out and hand over the rights to their planet to the parisque, the fledgling mechanical race would struggle maintaining some of the advanced technology and systems in place meant to control the environment. This would be the first of many Ridottos inevitably destroyed in one fashion or another, the parisque rapidly using up resources, building more and more up on top of the cleromen's once utopian-like societies, polluting multiple planets to a near uninhabitable state (even for robotics such as the parisque.) Ridotto-21 is their latest attempt at holding down a home, and their most successful stronghold thus far. But due to how many times the parisque have packed up and moved planets, very little of the cleromen's existence can be found today. Even the remains of the former race have been exceedingly difficult to come by.

Parisque regard their former parent species' legacy with a debatable level of respect. On one hand, every parisque shows great reverence to their creators, even if they've never actually seen a cleroman once in their entire lives. On the other, cleromen are in some ways commercialized. The very last entirely intact cleroman is a very well preserved mummy, one touted as 'The Creator' himself, as the one who designed and patented the parisque AI line. How true this is is dubious at best, as there's no evidence that supports this claim, nor denies it. This mummified cleroman is displayed on tour around Ridotto-21. Some of the bigger prizes for parisque sweepstakes and lotteries is a chance to see the Creator in person, and to have your picture taken with them, a prize highly sought after.

Home Planet

Ridotto-21 is a densely populated planet, packed with booming industry around every corner. Aliens may find visiting Ridotto to be a sensory overload at first, even if the spots meant for tourism are much more toned down than spaces made entirely for parisque. Parisque adore bright, flashing colors and things that are immediately eye-catching, as such it's a constant bombardment of advertisements while living on Ridotto-21. Anything that has a screen or otherwise flat surface that can display an ad, inevitably will at some point. Within the cities buildings are tall and painted garishly, casinos in particular are on nearly every street corner.

Away from the cacophony of sound and colorful decor is the metaphorical underbelly of Ridotto-21, the place that the dregs of society end up. The broke and the broken, those with illegal mods and the black market all hide away in the depths of cities, avoiding the eye of the government and scraping by. While it's a bit more dangerous than the surface level of Ridotto-21's cities, it's where the free market reins supreme. Although your chances of receiving scam mods is increased while navigating the underbelly, it's lack of regulation allows for easier access to body mods, and less constraints on how one can modify their body.


Moderator: Moderators can only loosely be considered a subspecies of parisque. They are a government made line of parisque, so heavily modded that they only barely resemble the original model. They do not fall under species protection, as moderators normally have no free will, and are considered government property. Moderators are highly varied and many are specifically made for certain environments, but the few traits that they share are large, jagged pincers not unlike a normal parisque's head piece, and one large eye at the base of these pincers, although moderators may have more than one eye located on any given part of their bodies.

Moderators are the main police force on the streets of Ridotto-21. They are meant for flushing out malpractice, such as parisque that make bootlegs or black market modders, and shutting down businesses known for scamming. Moderators can also act as debt collectors, tracking down parisque that owe tokens to the government from excessive gambling. Most infamously though, are the moderators that perform 'street cleaning'. The street cleaners are the moderators that pick up the broken bodies or body parts of parisque, or even those no longer deemed as people by species protection law. They're swept up, and taken back to factories where their nanotech may be recycled and reused to make new parisque.


Let's Make A Trade!: Unique to the parisque species is their ability to trade and receive mods between each other. Every parisque is equipped with a socket and plug tail, the tools with which they can trade with others, or receive new mods from games and phone apps. When two parisque plug their tails into each other, they may choose one mod each to trade with one another. Because parisque are made of nanotech, uploading and downloading mods will immediately physically change them immediately upon receiving or giving. With games of chance, any type of game whether it be slots, pachinko, even card games are set with mod stations for winners. A parisque simply just needs to plug it's tail into the machine, and upon winning a prize it will immediately be uploaded into the parisque.

There are some catches to this, however. Mods are notoriously difficult to rid of once it is uploaded into a parisque. Not in the sense that they cannot be traded, but as an example, removing an extra limb, can be both excruciating and permanently damaging to the parisque's body. In this case, the only way to get rid of a mod is by trade only, even in the case of modifications that leave a parisque no longer a person under law. The practice in which an illegal parisque forces another to trade away their illegal traits with them is considered a crime on Ridotto-21, and unfortunately a crime that happens rather often.


• Parisque are prone to developing 'speech impediments' or verbal tics, especially as they age. The most common form of this is repeating certain words, sounds or phrases in short, rapid fire successions in the middle of their sentences. They also may randomly change pitch, speak backwards, or increase/decrease the speed in which they speak, all outside of their control.

• As an attempt at encouraging tourism on Ridotto-21, the parisque government had once been investing in mutagen as a way for organics to experience the parisque's modification gambling scene. Several lawsuits later, the practice was entirely defunct, but mutagen can still be found and sold on the black market.

Looks like you made it to the end, scamp. Remember, you can't win if you don't spend now! So get out there, keep your pincers sky high, and say: "Look out universe! I'm going to be who I've always wanted to be!" And don't forget to tune in to see your ol' pal K.E.V.I.N, live every Friday night!

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