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The planet known today as Soloasta was first colonized around 2950-3050 by a group seeking to start a place for them to practice their beliefs in peace. They settled down in nice, calm spot between a lake and a hill, and so their new home of Serene Hill.

It remained small and rustic for a couple centuries, until an enterprising young Molc Hani'ye arrived, and turned things around, making the town into a thriving lake-side vacation spot, and eventually growing it out into a small city in as little as two centuries.


The "skeleton war" took place here, and that's all anyone is willing to say on the matter. The bloops who still live on the planet either don't know, don't want to say, or in some cases don't know how to speak. The event caused all common spoopers to leave the planet, leaving behind bloops and no usable skeletons save for some too large for anything but a pumpkin patch, but that's all that is known.


Sumwher was first discovered when it had suddenly replaced another planet seemingly instantly in a well-known area of space. When people were trying to recorded this strange, new planet, it had suddenly disappeared and re-appear elsewhere, orbiting a nearby gas giant. After the strange nature of Sumwher was discovered and the possibility of life was as well, both settlers and businessmen began migrating onto the planet.


There has never been any war on Taialnondemi. The reason is simple; if the mialcsem were to have a war it's very likely they would come back with more mialcsem than they sent out. There would also be too much worrying about which side has to take care of the child - a war on Taialnondemi would slowly become one huge child custody battle.

Thus, with such deterrents keeping the mialcsem from engaging in all-out physical battles, their society became focused more upon verbal warring.


The history of Taiaptor is foggy at best. From fossil records it is clear that at one point the planet was populated by a lot more than birds, in fact it had a high variety of living beings on it, then suddenly, nearly everything died out. From the records, it seems something very strange started growing aggressively across the whole planet, a fungus. It spread everywhere, even in the coldest of places, and at the same time it spread, everything around it would die out.


The planet lacks in any war-useful materials, and so was sold for relatively cheap. A small coven of witches, looking for a safe and neutral place to practice their magic, decided to work together to save up enough money to buy the planet. Once there, they realized the odd calming effect that the planet had on their familiars, and the abundance of otherwise worthless minerals that the planet had hidden beneath its surface. They set up a small colony near the planet's equator, and word quickly spread of the now-named planet.


Tayrada was not always a freezing deathscape. Although it was always cold, millions of years ago it used to be to the point where complex life could still survive on the surface. However, for reasons still unknown, Tayrada's star began cooling rapidly and a mass extinction occurred. Anything that neither adapted nor moved to a volcanic vent perished, including most of the chiraam's evolutionary ancestors.

Tekla V

Ages ago the planetoid was dismissed as being 'an uninhabited eyesore orbiting a worthless fart ball'. At some point a passing ship on a "adventure of wonderment and merriment", experienced an obscure mechanical failure and crashed on the planet. The survivors of this crash quickly discovered, that the planet was not, in fact, uninhabited, as they were promptly captured by the local catlas. Among these survivors, was a young geckrecaun named Vancek Uchins, discovered a "really sweet hat", and then, in an entirely unrelated turn of events, managed to sway the "savage locals" to their side, and used them to establish the foundations of what would become 'Uchins Resort Co. LLC.'.


Tektonne was a booming center of barter and trade in its early days. A regular amount of greenery covered its peaceful surface, and though many stalls and shops lined the walkways, wide areas were left for homes and recreational quarters. After the notail race discovered the dominant species of the planet, the peaceful metaparxi, they ravished the land and made the environment significantly more industrial.


The generics once sought to expand their galactic empire, finding uninhabited worlds with ideal climates to be converted to generic Planets. One such planet was identified in a relatively unknown system, and the generics did as they usually do, sending massive ships full of generic citizens to colonize the planet and make it identical to all of the others.


Thalapria used to be an extremely dangerous place, filled with giant sea monsters. Thanks to the sklams' efforts the planet has since become more urbanized, with the sklams making a deliberate effort to create habitats to preserve the remaining sea monsters in caves and chasms for hunting purposes.


Tlahel was a planet colonized only out of necessity and great amounts of convenience. The only planet remotely close to being able to sustain life along a section of a significant trade route, those in the lawless sector built towns and cities on the planet only to help it serve its purpose as a trade station. However, due to the hostile conditions of the surface, nearly every building kept most of its floor space underground, with the biggest of homes and establishments stretching deep under the surface. Tlahel was a society in anarchy yet relative peace, as far as planets in the lawless sector go.


After Tok's initial discovery, it's strangeness attracted many clockwork specialists, and a debate was held as to whether it should immediately be incinerated. Eventually, it was decided that its research potential outweighed the risk, and a station was set up nearby, but Tok was otherwise ignored by the universe at large. Then, one day, one of the dryads reached out to the researchers and began communicating with them. Their name was Rellgow. Up until that point, all attempts at negotiation had ended with the negotiators' integration, and it had generally been thought to be a lost cause. Unlike their fellows, however, Rellgow saw an outside alliance as a possible edge over their enemies.


The dark and bleak moon of Transylvaar was not always dark or bleak. Once it was bright, warm, and inviting. In those days came a species called the svlanoi, an peaceful agrarian folk who worked hard and honest, and spread across the land. In another world they might've grown to join the universe of the own accord, but it was not meant to be, for from cloaked and shadowed corners of the world came another race, the vampwelf. While few know where the vampwelf came from for certain, one legend states that they came from "The Dark Isle" an island that to this very day is ever cast in concealing fogs and lingering under the shadow of dark clouds.


Besides the parasite epidemic which rocked their early developmental progress, Twerpia has only had one other major early conflict, that of unifying their species. Before they were united, various different tribes of twerps wandered the tundra, consisting of only a handful of female leaders. After several hundred years of occasional conflict, one female by the name of Lian Gonfold gathered several different tribes with the expressed purpose of unification, and settled the early twerpian capital of Morpulous as her base of operations.


Once upon a time the unidolencians crawled from tidepools onto the shores of an edenic tropical world. They learned, laughed, loved, and most of all lost. This led them to search for the best way to live their lives, and through their enduring hope they created utopia. As the desires of their guests changed so too did the planet. From where there were hundred-millions miles of tropical beach came arcologies and megastructure projects to retrofit and terraform the planet from the inside out. Flora, fauna, and even dirt were purchased and transported for the sake of creating the destinations we've come to know as our home, and love sharing with citizens of the universe like yourself.


Not important / Unknown.


Not important / Unknown.


Vacio-Reino was originally discovered by a notail expedition that was promptly lost and never heard from again. When a second expedition was sent and never heard from again, a third and final expedition was sent by a variety of high ranking officials.

They were also never heard from again.


History is written by the winners, as such, Valkan history has been dramatized and embellished every which way, to the point where very little of it lines up with facts anymore. What is fairly obvious is that much of the volkronn's success is owed to them having sold out their planet's abundant resources. Large portions of the planetary crust have been mined out and shipped elsewhere, leaving much of the planet hollow and cavernous beneath the surface. Valkan wasn't always covered in desert, the owners saw to that through generations of polluting and exploiting the environment.