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The planetdex hosts all the info needed on not only planets, but also celestial bodies, important places, and other things such as space bases.


Plush Factory

Before its takeover one could send a picture of themselves and money, and would receive their plush in a matter of weeks. There was nothing overly abnormal about the factory, no major safety issues, no crime past the occasional petty thief, not one thing that would raise alarms. The old owner loved everyone and was a kind person. That is until Lime came in and took over. It was apparently due to the anger over how the woop in his aftik plush sounded nothing like his.


Polaber was quite warm and was covered in a deep tropical ocean, flourishing with sea-life. The wactite with their biological terraforming created huge clusters of shell-spikes upon shell-spikes in towering spires and gigantic reefs. This had the inadvertent effect of building up an incredibly thick atmosphere with the gasses created as a byproduct of wactite decay, which quickly led to a global ice age, killing the entirety of the species and freezing many alive.


Polika was originally discovered by the kaikians shortly after the First War, and was thoroughly explored shortly after. The scouting team, unfortunately, landed during the winter on the planet, and assumed that it was a safe world for a colony. The planet was marked for a civilian colony and a few months later one was constructed. This colony, named Trelik, did not last long.

When spring came, so did the pollen. The colony was gravely unprepared for such an event and the majority of its citizens perished during the first pollen bloom.


Tourist history is nearly non existent. When asking a tourist what their home planet and history are they commonly say it is boring, or that it's not worth talking about because it's nowhere near as exciting as the history of the place they're about to visit. What little is known about the history of the tourist comes from looking at their home planet. The home planet of the tourists is covered in ruins of a large civilization.


Pyrite was originally discovered by a group of explorers who landed, took a look around, noted its existence, and then left. For many years it lay in obscurity, as it was deemed too inhospitable to settle, had nothing interesting to attract visitors, and wasn't located on the way to anywhere significant. This changed when a ship of outlaws landed on the planet, its crew hoping to use the place as a base of operations.


The planet of Rangohl was an unassuming rock in space up until it was discovered to contain a windfall of valuable metals. It rapidly became a prosperous mining colony, attracting prospectors far and wide. But as is often the case with these things, eventually the boom went bust, coupled with the rather hostile fauna of the planet, encouraged a rather rapid cessation of mining activities on the planet.

Real Yermo

Ask one of its inhabitants and one will get one of a million different stories of that place's history. Each story contains a grain of truth to it for the book's greater truth.


L-485, a notail landlord and an avid historian, sought to find a location to build a planet-wide museum, as she had the desire for it and far too much money to spend. She found a small dwarf planet for sale, Saffaver, and immediately started her work on developing the planet into a museum as soon as the purchase was made. The process was extremely intensive, but was quickly completed due to L-485's large amounts of wealth. L-485 opened Saffaver's doors with two massive exhibits to explore, No-Land and Limbo Park.


While much of Scchllrvrth's history may never be recovered, this much is known: it has always been a fiery hellscape. Many theorize that, within the next couple thousand years, the planet's core may become so hot that even the fireproof kheiron may no longer be able to live on it. With this in mind, the kheiron population on their home planet has steadily declined as more would leave to find a hopefully suitably heated replacement home.


Before the advent of space travel, the world was rather quiet and unassuming. The didaskaloi had long developed a peaceful, enlightened society that scorned the violence that so often leads to turmoil in other societies. Then the world was visited by a delegation of travelers from beyond the stars. Many didaskaloi decided to join these travelers to see the stars for themselves. When they returned, they brought tales of the wonders, and horrors, from beyond their world.

Sepsim Zeta

"It is believed that at the start of the universe the great progenitors and precursors, the isments, lived on this world in an endemic paradise alongside their floating pyramid headed pets. A great tragedy occurred on this planet, and the eden and it's bounty began to fade, and the people of the world were sent into famine. Tragedy upon tragedy continued to happen, but the people remained steadfast and built massive necropolises and grain silos to adapt to the changing world. Eventually they went extinct, and for some reason their pets float in an orbital cloud around the planet. Our precursors, the creators of this universe, may be extinct, but their knowledge will save us." - The Thesis Statement of some archaeology student.


The history of the planet can be summed up in to one sentence. Just a whole lot of feuding sheep. No one on the planet bothers attempting to record history, as much of it will be twisted, rewritten, and sometimes chained to a block of concrete and tossed in to the waters.


Smoltek has little history itself, but is notable for being the site of one of the biggest scams in navigational history, when the discoverer managed to sell the planetary rights to a "Unique and diverse bio-ecological wonderland" to a viedafo conservationist group, before vanishing with the very large amount of money they gave her. Now only stubborn employees of that group and people who don't want to be found by the police live here.


The surface of Snowdown was once a rocky, frigid and barren wasteland. Over the years, various species have worked together to crash large ice comets into the planet in order mine them for the precious metals.


The planet of Soil was a very unassuming planet discovered by E-4000, known to his friends as Billy. After some initial scans, Billy concluded that the planet was uninhabited and began colonization procedures, aiming to claim the planet for the notail. After several weeks of this, the colonists noticed that trees seemed rather strange, alive even. And then people started vanishing.

Only a few at first, but then several, and then many.


The planet known today as Soloasta was first colonized around 2950-3050 by a group seeking to start a place for them to practice their beliefs in peace. They settled down in nice, calm spot between a lake and a hill, and so their new home of Serene Hill.

It remained small and rustic for a couple centuries, until an enterprising young Molc Hani'ye arrived, and turned things around, making the town into a thriving lake-side vacation spot, and eventually growing it out into a small city in as little as two centuries.


The "skeleton war" took place here, and that's all anyone is willing to say on the matter. The bloops who still live on the planet either don't know, don't want to say, or in some cases don't know how to speak. The event caused all common spoopers to leave the planet, leaving behind bloops and no usable skeletons save for some too large for anything but a pumpkin patch, but that's all that is known.


Sumwher was first discovered when it had suddenly replaced another planet seemingly instantly in a well-known area of space. When people were trying to recorded this strange, new planet, it had suddenly disappeared and re-appear elsewhere, orbiting a nearby gas giant. After the strange nature of Sumwher was discovered and the possibility of life was as well, both settlers and businessmen began migrating onto the planet.


There has never been any war on Taialnondemi. The reason is simple; if the mialcsem were to have a war it's very likely they would come back with more mialcsem than they sent out. There would also be too much worrying about which side has to take care of the child - a war on Taialnondemi would slowly become one huge child custody battle.

Thus, with such deterrents keeping the mialcsem from engaging in all-out physical battles, their society became focused more upon verbal warring.


The history of Taiaptor is foggy at best. From fossil records it is clear that at one point the planet was populated by a lot more than birds, in fact it had a high variety of living beings on it, then suddenly, nearly everything died out. From the records, it seems something very strange started growing aggressively across the whole planet, a fungus. It spread everywhere, even in the coldest of places, and at the same time it spread, everything around it would die out.