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Bountys Peak

Rogues Roost / Moneytown

Bountys Peak
“Five thousand points, final offer! And that's cuttin me own throat that is!"” — Jex "Cut-me-own-throat" Dibber

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Dominant Residents: None
Other Residents: All

Fauna: The death spiders are just a rumour.
Weather: None.

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Trade hub, refuelling station, bazaar

Original Creator: Space Dorf

Physical Description

A squat, wheel-like station, Bounty's Peak is an unlovely black metal hub that sits near an unusual nexus of natural jump breach points, providing berthing for up to two dozen major ships and several hundred smaller ones. Inside, large fuel reserves and repair shops are kept, making it a popular place to patch up after long trips due to the lack of fees involved. There is a thriving and dense market region, where curiosities and novelties from across the universe can be found side by side, with rickety towers of semi-permanent stalls reaching up to the lofty ceilings, vaulted unimaginably long ago.

The inhabited parts of the station however, are not all there is. Large sections are currently unused following what are described as "Technical faults" that resulted in sealing off the affected areas, and some corridors have not been fully explored in centuries, if at all. Who knows what might have slunk in there over the years.


Archaeological work has determined that the original purpose of Bounty's Peak was a grol scientific station, though at a later stage of occupation it was repurposed as a military hold-out. However, unlike many grol facilities it seems to have escaped any real damage, and was swiftly pounced upon by a roving gang of pirates, over fifty million years later.

A long chain of violent clashes and overthrows ensued, until a group of trader captains got together and cleared them out, founding the current stations status quo.


Great Bazaar: The old main hall of the station now hosts this giant market, where crews from the myriad trading vessels docked compete with stationdwelling middlemen to sell goods and services. Free of duties and charges (Not to mention most formal laws), goods of all kinds of eclectic sources can be found at bargain prices - just remember that your wallet isn't infinite, and fuel can be brutally costly here.

The Backrooms: Though the station has been inhabited for a long time now, a lot of sections of it don't really get used. Walled-off corridors during renovations, doors sealed due to a fire alarm that nobody figured out how to lift again, the works. This has led to a sort of warrens, concurrently laid out alongside, behind, and between the useful areas of the station. Travellers here should watch out for criminal activity, other people using it as storage, and stray emotions.

The Captain's Beach: Believed to have once been the master control complex for the station, the Captain's Beach is a sprawling network of bars, hotels, and petty gang headquarters, anchored to the roof of the main hall. Accessible only by ancient lifts (And substantially less ancient ladder towers), this is where the movers and shakers of Bounty's Peak Station (And everyone who fancies themself one) mingle. The station's ageing eponymous Captain also has his quarters on the old bridge, but retreated inside and sealed the bulkhead doors about a year ago, leaving the head of security in charge of the increasingly fractious residents.




• There are persistent rumours that the station's Captain is dead and that the new one refuses to show their face for unknown reasons... but the station's money is still certainly being collected.

• Station Security GUARANTEES the killer spiders that burst through a bulkhead and eviscerated someone a decade or so ago have been FULLY ERADICATED - or your plastipoints back.

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