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Ashen Pearl

“Back then, they had a saying that some of the best things come from the ashes of something lesser. We sure showed them” — Leyler Erdel

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Dominant Residents: Queolchrost

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Weather on Alphim-Queol tends to be very calm

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Queolchrost Capital, Industry

Original Creator: Iron

Physical Description

Alphim-Queol is a slightly above average sized planet, which is highly militarized and industrialized. The planet is densely covered in buildings. Most serve as utilities, places of work, or housing, with few exceptions. The planet has no natural satellites. Underground topography is mostly classified, with most features on a need to know basis.


The queolchrost's creators lived on Alphim-Queol. It is theorized that they may have provided some of the basic infrastructure, and possibly even some of the basic piping systems. The queolchrost easily overthrew their creators. After the quolchrost took over, they performed many infrastructure projects which transformed the landscape over many years. The exact timeframe is unknown. All fauna were removed, excluding some easily farmed aquatic specimen, and flora were limited to agricultural zones. Various buildings have repurposed, repaired, and rebuilt to accommodate differing needs across the years. It is important to note that the only recorded use of queolchrost military in warfare in queolchrost history has been the overthrowing of their creators, though the military does fulfill other roles such as escorting government owned ships, policing, and anti-piracy.


Main Trade Depot: The main trade depot is a mixture of a bazaar and shipping area and consists of a few subdivisions. There is an entry zone, in which ships land and customs/security searches are performed. Nearby, pre-arranged shipping contracts are organized and fulfilled. From the entry zone, a short path leads to the bazaar area in which some local and foreign merchants have paid for a stand. Additionally, on the path between the entry zone and bazaar there is a gas station which sells moderately priced fuel.

Visitor Temporary Rest Stop: This is a government facility to temporarily house any visitors who need repairs, medical attention, or other similar things. While there are other areas which can fix ships and help heal the injured in the case of an emergency, it is highly encouraged to use this facility. While fuel, rooms and rations can be purchased even if there are no repairs or medicinal help needed, the rations, rooms, and fuel are discounted based on the cost of repairs and medicinal help that have been purchased. The tourism center is near this facility.

Tourism Center: A very small section of the planet has designated for tourism purposes. It has smaller customs, parking, medicinal, and repair facilities because it is not a popular destination. It includes some museums about public knowledge Queolchrost activities, an information building about immigration, a few tours about how a worker's day might go, and a couple gift shops.


Integrated: The planet is heavily surveilled and interconnected. It is known that many systems can be remotely accessed from classified locations. While it is unknown the full extent of these systems, the existence of remote controls has been confirmed. Police patrols are common. This makes it difficult for criminal activity on the planet to safely occur compared to many other worlds.


• People occasionally go missing on Alphim-Queol despite the high surveillance.

• The queolchrost offer free digital and paperback copies of their lawbooks. The most commonly broken laws by visitors are near the front of those copies. Punishments for visitors breaking the law on Alphim-Queol are increased for crimes at the beginning of the lawbook, because it is literally given for free when one arrives through official channels. However, punishments for visitors due tend to be softer overall than those of longtime residents.

• The queolchrost have a large variety of broadcasts that come out of Alphim-Queol. They range from educational shows to a planetary news outlets to garbled audio signals.

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