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Lauzurek was once an industrial world, one of the greatest centers of production in the galaxy. Virtually the entire surface was given over to vast factory complexes, with mines to fuel them tunneling deep beneath the surface and covering the seafloor. Even the planet's tiny, solitary moon was hollowed out for resources and turned into a massive space station. Despite the incredible scale, only a few tens of millions of organic people called Lauzurek home. It was almost entirely automated, a virtual skeleton crew of supervisors overseeing vast arrays of robots and AI outnumbering them close to a thousand to one.

Limbo Lode

In the aftermath of the AI rebellions, as the galaxy began to rebuild, great resources were poured into the development of sub- sapient robotics to try and fill some of the gaps. Among the results of these efforts was the development of drone freighters capable of plying the spaceways without either biological or AI crew, as long as they stuck to the most well charted routes and had the support of ground control during takeoff or landing.


The oblein were first to discover Mare, and performed assorted experiments on its marine fauna which led to the creation of the selachim as a species. The selachim were granted independence on request, and entered several centuries of isolation until broadcasting a request for assistance and resources to build themselves kicking rad new robot bodies.


Putley history is shrouded in mystery but what is known is that their moons and their star were worshiped as gods. When thoughts on who god, or the gods were the putley were happy to accept each others beliefs, or at least respect it. The putley home world has been in a state of constant peace for its entire history.


Unknown, there are no archived histories of the planet.


The arma homeworld wasn't always ruled by the armas. Long ago there lived a species called the brodskul, large crow like birds whose head was a covered in a hard skull. From the very moment the brodskuls could pick up a stick and swing it around, they have been in an endless war. The brodskuls adopted the armas as holy animals, possibly one of the few things the brodskuls could agree on.

The planet of Merciaa was littered with abandon towns and cities before the event known as World Peace happened.


Moirseme was discovered by a weary captain and an even more exhausted crew of 2 when their ship broke down and they went in search of rations and fuel on the closest planet to them. The three disembarked and found that the ponds were not of normal water, and the captain became entranced with the pond's ability to reflect his memories. She was able to relive her happiest moments from youth, and after sending a distress signal, the captain invited their saviors to look into the Moirseme ponds. The distress signal respondents found themselves also highly entertained by the pond's abilities, and left Moirseme only to bring back their families and friends to witness the delights of nostalgia and revisitation.


Long long ago the Heredoggo roamed the ocean floors and the surface of the world. Then they got hungry. Because of their rare but massive hunger they had to adapt how they gathered resources quickly, and after many periods of famine they had found perfected methods to farm the life on their planet enmasse, along with the life they found elsewhere in their system, and that of the neighboring systems they made colonies on, and any life that comes into contact with them, or the livestock traded to them.


When tweeps first made their rise, they came together to agree that they should be split for their own good. The tweeps got in clans, and then soon built walls that covered the whole planet. Ages would go by until the great Social Wars would happen, and parts of those walls would fall. Clans broke apart, and soon the tweep had left their planet for the stars. Only one clan remained, the spacers.


Due to each species living on naturis spending the majority of their lives confined to their own biome, be it out of choice or necessity or even lack of interest toward the rest of the world, each species spent a large amount of time disconnected from one another.

The first encounter between species is a topic of conflicting stories, the malventus believe that they were the first species to discover other life on naturis in the form of the nautalids. The first meeting between malventus and nautalid was tense to say the least.


Not important / Unknown.

Nethoth V

Throughout the history of the galaxy there have been many diseases which defeated the medical science of the moment. Whether it's a plague which takes only months for a cure to be synthesized, or a subtle genetic disorder which takes decades or centuries to be fully unraveled; in the interim millions or in some cases even billions could die. One solution, practiced for thousands of years since the development of effective cryonics, was to cryogenically freeze the afflicted; preserving them in stasis for however long it took for a cure to be developed before reviving them and administering it.


One of the first groups of planets discovered by the notails, the first explorers didn't find this world exciting nor valuable enough to attempt setting up more bases. They left, leaving only a handful of colonists to study the still mostly unknown origins of life. Apart from that, the history is entirely unremarkable, except for the discovery of a grass that can be converted to biofuel but can only survive on NP-572893, and some disappearances in the field.


The earliest records of Nukotii go back to the medieval era of illusorii civilization. Most writings around this time revolved around the hardships of illusorii around that era as well as their leaders and the animals that roamed the planet. However, later records had many references and tales of illusorii going mad and obsessing over unknown entities before winding up missing or turning into ugly truths.


The history of O'Clair prior to the opening of the lockbox is largely unknown. What little is known, illustrates that neither O'Clair nor the oomn were pitiable little balls of sorrow they are today, though how and when that changed isn't know to anyone, least of all the oomn. The establishment of the lockbox itself is also a mystery, who built it, and why, though it is theorized that those two mysterious events may be connected, though nothing definitive is known.


Prior to the vaeri, Oerson was idyllic, if rather out of touch with reality, as most creatures were less than predatory, most creatures lived peacefully alongside each-other. Then the vaeri came and screwed up the place real good, it would be some centuries before the coming of the "Great Unifier", Ugeniux, forced the psychotic weirdos to get their act together and not completely destroy their planet, this period was known as "The Age of Dark Science".

Afterwards things became relatively quiet, by vaeri standards, with the most notable thing to come after being "The Great Moon Crusade" where vaeri, who had fled to the moon during the troubled times before the Unification, invaded the planet.


Once the piscipleus evolved beyond water, clans began to develop. The largest clan was under the rule of the regal pleu, Ranger Finnley. She believed that after establishing presence in the air, it was only right for pleus to progress by fraternizing with the ground. Ranger developed a system of mining that extracted rare ores for her followers to use, causing her popularity to boom.

Eventually, her numbers had grown too large to maintain on her own. Ranger assigned related representatives hundreds of pleus to colonize the land for her.


Unknown. The poppets old enough to remember refuse to co-operate and share information.

P-A-C Alpha-2

The history of the Alpha-2 craft is shockingly well documented, unlike almost all other quotillic history. The craft was a prototype vessel that was built by the qoutillics in order to assist in "piercing through the Veil." It was in development for 5 years before a functioning prototype was constructed, which was a vessel known as the Alpha-1. This earlier vessel, however, was rendered completely inoperable during its first combat operation. The Alpha-2 vessel followed this first craft, though it was far superior in almost every way. It successfully destroyed the first colony it was matched against, however on the way to its next target it was abandoned for unknown reasons.


Once a dangerous and overgrown landscape filled with treacherous terrain and deadly fauna, Pacoficus has been completely reformed thanks to a spectacular industrial revolution hosted by the pagepohs. Culture developed faster than machinery, and demanded that cities rise and entertainment be provided on such a planet, and so it was. In a very short time, pagepohs adapted the landscape to suit their growing commercialism, and have turned the planet into a staple of commerce, where both luxury and thrills are never more than a stone's throw away.