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The planetdex hosts all the info needed on not only planets, but also celestial bodies, important places, and other things such as space bases.



This planet was originally colonized to raise a large amount of meg on a suitable and otherwise uninhabited planet. Operations were set up by the Meg Farmer's Council, and at least half the planet was covered in meg farms, leading to a rather profitable source of income for the company. A small town was also built to support the farmhands living there, and to serve as a friendly refueling point to anyone who stopped there. Eventually, the agnivyr who led the efforts to build the farmland was named head of operations of the planet, and earned a large profit margin from the products sold.


Demioti was once a lush planet, full of life and the homeworld of the now extinct quotillics. It is believed to have been the center of their command and military operations, given how extensively it was destroyed. It is unknown exactly how or why, but at some point in time a species that was hostile towards the quotillics invaded the planet and fired some sort of WMD at it, which completely obliterated a large chunk of it.


Discord was once a beautiful, mountainous planet, as the records the melodico have given access to have shown. The precursor species that ruled Discord built vast temples and towers along the mountain ranges, working the planet itself to suit their needs. Many fauna that live on the planet, and were not wiped out, show this in spades.


Originally founded to be a rich benefactors private home planet, doulea quickly became a trade and barter location as the rich benefactor died before construction could begin on their home. Unfortunately their will did not leave the planet to any one specific person or group, so the planet was auctioned off to the highest bidder: The KORN group. KORN, or as they are more commonly known, The Keres Organized Racketeers' Network, bought the planet under the false name of KARN, or Keres Associative Rest-Stop Network.


Drakellar has the distinction of being one of the first vampwelf colonies to be established, and as with most things vampwelf such an occasion cannot simply go by without some tale of debatable accuracy. While the Velsteins, a minor family affiliated with the Von Elzensteins, were the primary sponsors of the colonization, they were accompanied by the Count Vladdas Drakalar. Vladdas was once a member of a notable branch family of house von Drakken, but had been exiled for practices considered too abominable even for the vampwelf.


Once, a very long time ago, Eciton was the jewel of it's solar system; large, temperate, covered in large, fertile grasslands and forests with rolling hills and mountains, inhabited by a highly intelligent species of peaceful, bug-like aliens. These aliens lived in giant, underground communes, and relied on each other to survive. Every day, they thanked their god for gifting them their friends and family, and for the lovely lands they lived under.

One day, their god answered them.


Nobody knows how The Door got there, and it is unlikely anyone will ever figure out who put it there, if it was even put there by someone.


Originally a no-name backwater, similarly colonized by a bunch of hard-nosed no-name colonists who just wanted to get away from people. At some point, an esteemed, and mildly eccentric musician and business owner moved onto the planet, and was inspired by the electrical atmosphere, to build a club on the planet. He invited some of the most famous musicians of the day to his club, which attracted fans of their music, and things quickly snowballed from there. In but a few short centuries, the planet became the booming, glowing urb it is today.


Rumours of the origins of this mysterious space-station range from an abandoned notail experimental facility built for the purpose of experimenting with prunus DNA, to a former athonae colony meant to defend against the abominations unleashed by the notail on the universe. The few extremely resourceful hackers and spies have over time gleamed valuable tidbits of data which seem to indicate the station and it's inhabitants have been engineered from the ground up with a very precise purpose: to counter and cleanse any and all outbreaks of the clockwork virus.


Enys was first discovered in the early spacefaring days of the soledade. A wholly unoccupied and beautiful world easily suitable for farming, Enys soon became home to a number of isolated soledades that fell in love with the untouched paradise.

Of course, it was not to last. Opportunistic outsiders, seeing tremendous potential for residential development in a mostly uninhabited and mild world, soon began construction of many communities all over the planet.


The unknown ancient species who built it did not let the fact that they had not invented faster-than light travel prevent them from strip-mining the surrounding fifty planetary systems and bringing all their metals to its construction, which is estimated to have taken several million years. Where they went when they were done is anyone's guess. They were probably tired.


Little is known about the planet itself, other then before the notails appeared, a species known as the tailed ones lived on it. They were wiped out, as legends go, by the notails. Fossil records show that there does not appear to be any sort of ancestor to the notail, but due to how quickly and strangely things evolve on the planet, many species have missing links.

The notails quickly took claim to the planet, and were able to set up many safe spots, including a forest filled with deadly creatures for their young to test their skills in.


Originally founded by one, Z0KBG, F4-C3BK was created to essentially become a "secondary homeworld" for the tweeps. A planet that fit the ideals for tweeps to live in, plenty of access to coffee, cute animals, peaceful areas for rest, a corruption free non government system, and most importantly one of the fastest free internet in all the known universe.

The creation of this "secondary homeworld" was originally met with concern from various parties.


Fleedora's history is death.

Fleedora was first explored by groups of tourists from nearby Puerto. This resulted in many of them dying, but not in the good way that tourists sometimes die, and the planet being advertised as "a wash, really" and "worth skipping."

Flesh Factory

It was assumed that the Revolving Flesh Factory didn’t exist, but after many statements from former hospital patients, it can be assumed that the RFF is a planet in a part of unexplored space. While every tell tale of encountering this planet is different, it all seems that the survivors of the planet went through the same process.


The toreka had not moved beyond simple tool use, or for that matter beyond the shelter of their little cluster of lagoons, until the early AI era when a fleet of downed spacecraft caught their imaginations.

The technology on board, including a Selene unit who was sufficiently undamaged by the crash to be eventually reactivated, accelerated the toreka's cultural advancement.


Freco-ofit initially began as a conceptual project between a group of prunus scientists wondering if it was possible to create a communally geared planet out of a barren one. At the start, a single, self-sustaining colony pod was landed. It was then operated until a second pod was landed, and the two connected. Anyone was welcome to join, regardless of their grouping, as long as they could supply their own atmosphere, and connect to the primary colony pod.


Many had assumed that as soon as sarax had technology, they had begun working on cities and its advertisements stemmed from the market that came of it. However, this assumption was disproven during an interview with a sarax who was a part of the advertisement ring on the planet. As was revealed, the beginnings of the species-tailored industry was one that starkly contrasted the impression of innocence that many had.

Ghoulog Fleet

Nobody knows when it was first truly discovered as the farther back one goes in the timeline the more vague and difficult to track down the rumors get. The name "ghoulog" was established as an idea that those who died in shipwrecks crewed the fleet, and while it inevitably became a matter of fact the name has stuck.


Ages ago the planet, still at this point a temperate, verdant, paradise of a planet, was settled by the quelan. This colony went quite well for a number of years, before an industrial cosmetics company who's name has been forgotten by history, set up shop on the planet. This company was, to put it delicately, inconsiderate, of the native wildlife, and allowed their factories to spew torrents of polluting, corrosive chemicals into the environment.