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Xik's history is mostly unknown, as it was constructed before the Crash, most of the data regarding the colony has been lost. What is known is that it was originally colonized by the kaikians as a defensive post on the fringes of their territory.

At some point in time, however, the planet swapped ownership to the quotillic for reasons unknown.


Yeehaw was colonized by a group of overexcited apidees and aftiks with a love of westerns, and a vaguely defined disrespect for conventional law enforcement. Mostly they thought it would be fun to build a wild west styled town somewhere that nobody could stop them from going all-out.

Eventually some more civic-minded individuals joined them to help them build actual infrastructure. It did turn out that the idea was popular. The law-light cowboy lightstyle was appealing to many.


Zerxon is a planet deep within lawless space, having been mostly untouched due to its size and danger. Even the most fearless pirates knew the beasts within would not be worth attempting to hide among the dense forests, so the planet stayed untouched. Eventually, though, the lucevians found their way to the planet, saying they were lead to it in their dreams.


Like many life-bearing planets with molten interiors, Zygote's history has been tumultous. Near-constant seismic and volcanic activity and a volatile climate cycle have both shaped and culled the life on its surface until quite recently on an evolutionary scale. Although some speculations suggest that life only began to spread on land less than a billion years ago, it is also possible that a number of mass extinctions is responsible for the relative lack of biodiversity among the planet's terrestrial organisms at present--particularly the lack of large land animals.